New Soul – Eileen

  • The Humanlike Soul Eileen will be added.
    • Eileen will be available from November 9 after maintenance.
  •  Details of the skill specs (such as percentage and/or duration) can be found in-game. Skill specs may change through a future skill balance patch.

Upcoming Soul Pick-up

  • Eileen’s Pick-Up Summon event will start. There’s a higher chance of getting Eileen through the event.
    • Pick-up Period: November 9 after maintenance—November 29, 23:59 UTC

Practice Room

  • The Practice Room will be added where Saviors can practice Battlefront, Gate Breakthrough, Guild Raid, and Evil Soul Subjugation.
    • Update Schedule: November 9 after maintenance
    • Practice Room UI will be added in the upper-right corner of the Lobby.
    • There will be no reward for the Practice Room.


  • A Savior is free to set the level of each placement slot within the maximum level the Savior can have.
    • The maximum level a Savior can set is the maximum the Savior can level up to based on the highest tier Soul owned
  • If a Savior changes the deployed Soul, the Soul will still be leveled according to the level set for the slot.
  • For Guild Raid and Evil Soul Subjugation that use multiple party formations, Saviors need to set a level for each party formation.
  • If a Savior does not use the maximum level setting feature, the Savior will use the level of the Soul the Savior has.

Practice Room: Battlefront

  • The progress will be open up to Areas and Stages you have cleared.
  • Battle formation in the Practice Room: Battlefront will remain the same as normal Battlefront, but the winning formation will not be displayed. 

Practice Room: Gate Breakthrough

  • The progress will be opened up to the Stages you have cleared.
  • Battle formation in the Practice Room: Gate Breakthrough will remain the same as normal Gate Breakthrough, but the winning formation will not be displayed. 

Practice Room: Guild Raid

  • All Guild Raid Bosses added up to date will be available.
  •  Saviors do not have to join a guild to do Practice. 

Practice Room: Evil Soul Subjugation

  • All Evil Soul Subjugation Bosses added up to date will be available.

Practice Formation Sorted by Boss

  • With the addition of the Practice Room, Practice Formations for Guild Raid and Evil Soul Subjugation have been separated for each boss.
  • These separate Practice Rooms will retain your previously saved Practice Formation for Guild Raid and Evil Soul Subjugation.

Intermediate Release

  • Intermediate Release feature will be added, which allows Saviors to unleash rare Souls from birth and earn rewards.
    • Update Schedule: November 9 after maintenance 
  • Intermediate Release can be found at [Ark → Release Soul → Intermediate Release].
  • Only Rare Souls that have been upgraded to Legendary+ tier are eligible for Intermediate Release.
  • You can set the range of tiers to be automatically selected in the Auto Select menu at the bottom.
  • Please refer to the table for rewards.
TierMana CrystalMemory Shard

Guild Raid

  • The Guild Raid boss Charite will make an appearance.
    • Guild Raid Period: November 9 after maintenance—November 29, 23:59 UTC
    • When you press the Skip button, the Skip confirmation window will pop up. You can choose to skip the current battle, skip all battles, or cancel the skip.
    • You can check the information of the treasure cards used in the battle record.
    • The banner in the upper right corner of the lobby will display the information of the 1st place guild in the Guild Raid.
    • You will be able to see the amount of damage dealt by the guild members of the guilds in the guild rankings (The information of the Souls used in the battle will not be disclosed).
  • Guild Raid Another Missions will be added
  • Event Period: November 9 after maintenance—November 15, 23:59 UTC
  • Reward Claimable Period: November 16, 00:00—November 22, 23:59 UTC
  • Rewards are identical to previous occasions so please refer to a previous Patch Note here.

Tower of Origin

  • Tower of Origin
    • Period: added after November 9 maintenance.
    • The Souls to be introduced in this Tower of Origin Souls are Nicole and Violette.
    • As before, a hidden story of the Soul will be revealed after clearing every 10 stages.
    • Tower of Origin is a permanent addition without a set period of progress time, and more Souls will be added sequentially to the Tower of Origin.
    • Tower of Origin will become available only after clearing the Battlefront stage 8-35.
    • Please check the details here.



  • The difficulty of some stages in battlefront will be rebalanced.
    • Monster formation changed: Stages 9, 10, 15, 17 in Area 7, Stage 35 in Area 8
    • Monster Tier lowered: Stage 35 in Area 8, Stages 1-4, 6-9, 11-14, 16-19, 21-24, 26-29, 31-34, 36-39 in Area 9
      • Legendary → Epic+


  • Mephistopheles and Erika will appear in their currently equipped costumes when they appear in the summoning.
  • The visual effects will be improved when Alchemy Ticket items are obtained from Erika’s Alchemy Summon.
    • ex) If it’s a special item, it will change from the existing potion shape to the Dr. Bear icon.
  • A rating filter will be added to the wish list of Artifact summons.


  • Part-time jobs and rest will be done in the lobby without entering into the Town.
  • You can now filter part-time jobs by tier in the part-time job list.

Cash Shop

  • Paid and free Everstone will be displayed separately in the Cash Shop / Summon / Currency Information / Everstone item tooltip.
    • Paid and free Everstone have always been stored separately, and this will be the first time they have been labeled separately.
    • When using Everstone, free Everstone will be consumed before paid Everstone.
      • The same rule has been applied in place.
  • Daily Paid Summons will be added.
    • Daily Paid Summons will be added to Normal Summon and Artifact Summon.
    • You will  be able to spend Paid Everestones to access a Normal Summon for 80 Everestone and an Artifact Summon for 40 Everestones once per day at a 66% discount.


  • The Archives button in the Lobby has been moved to the top-right menu.
  • Improved the schedule for Evil Soul Subjugation, Guild Raid, and Eden Alliance Operation to show the next schedule when they are not in progress.
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