Lately, the streets have been witnessing some subtle changes…

Before most people even realized it, a newly opened sandwich shop and its talented Bangboo chef have captured the hearts of the neighborhood residents and become the buzz of the town.

“There must be some mysterious story behind the chef’s electronic screen…” speculate the shop’s newfound fans.

After all, nothing piques people’s curiosity more than secrets hidden in the aroma of mouthwatering sandwiches.

Participate Now

“A Sandwich-Scented Dream” limited-time browser game event now open! Participate in the event for a chance to win Equalizing Test Qualification, amazing game merchandise, and other prizes!

Event Duration

2023/11/4 14:00 – 2023/11/16 13:59 (UTC+8)

Event Intro

In this event, Proxies will step into the shoes of a Bangboo chef and run their own sandwich shop. As you manage your small business, you’ll encounter a diverse range of customers, including Agents, and prepare sandwiches tailored to their preferences. This is your chance to earn Dennies and make your most precious dream come true!

Meanwhile, Proxies can also complete Daily Tasks and Achievements in the event to win Carrots, which can be later used in prize draws to win various prizes including Test Qualification and physical merchandise.

Event Rewards

Proxies who collect Carrots during the event have the chance to win the following rewards~

  • [Test Qualification]
    • Zenless Zone Zero Test Qualification ×400
  • [Physical Merchandise]
    • Mouse Mat ×300
    • Wrist Protector Mouse Pad – Bangboo Edition ×200
    • 24-Slot Switch Game Cartridge Holder ×100
  • [Virtual Rewards]
    • Browser Game Event Currency – Dennies

How to Accept Orders and Make Sandwiches

1. After listening to the customers’ requirements, you must click the ingredients to build sandwiches based on the Order Log in the top-left corner.

2. If you make a mistake, you can simply drag the stacked ingredients to the bin to discard them. This will not cost any Dennies.

3. Please note that some orders may consist of multiple sandwiches. In such cases, after you finish making one sandwich, the Order Log on the top-left corner of the page will display the recipe for the next sandwich in the order.

4. You have three chances to build each sandwich (excluding orders from delivery agents). The first two failed attempts won’t impact your Denny payment, but will lower customer satisfaction. Fail all three attempts, however, and some Dennies will be deducted from the final payment.

5. In Sandbox Mode, you will have unlimited attempts until you decide to leave. When you successfully complete orders on time and without errors, there’s a chance for exclusive delivery agents to appear as a special bonus.

How to Obtain Dennies

Proxies can obtain earned browser game currency (Dennies) by the following ways to unlock subsequent chapters when the relevant requirements are met:

1. Play Story Mode,

2. Play Sandbox Mode,

3. Go to the “Collect Carrots” section in the browser game for a chance to win a random amount of Dennies.

How to Obtain Carrots

Proxies can obtain the prize draw item “Carrots” in the following ways:

1. Complete all tasks in the browser game’s Daily Tasks to earn Carrot ×1,

2. Complete Achievements in the browser game to win the corresponding amount of Carrots.

*Daily Tasks refresh at 14:00 (UTC+8) every day while Achievements do not refresh.

Info Registration for Certain Prizes

Proxies who have won Test Qualification or physical merchandise must go to the Collect Carrots page in the browser game to complete pre-registration and the sign-up survey. We are not responsible for prizes unsent, sent incorrectly, or other consequences due to failure to register on time or incomplete/incorrect information. Thank you for your understanding.

Registrations End: 2023/11/16 13:59 (UTC+8)

Additional Notes

1. The web event is for entertainment purposes only and does not reflect actual in-game scenarios. The “Dennies” obtained during this web event are not interchangeable with the in-game currency.

2. If you win Test Qualification and are considered a minor according to the applicable laws and regulations regarding personal data protection in your country or region of residence, you must obtain approval from a parent or legal guardian to participate in this beta. By participating, it will be assumed that you have obtained such consent in advance.

3. Each HoYoverse account is entitled to receive only one Equalizing Test Qualification. Please refrain from transferring Test Qualification to others, as the event organizer reserves the right to revoke Test Qualification in such cases.

4. As per local regulations, users are responsible for completing any necessary customs or tax procedures. Failure to do so may result in the user not receiving the reward, and any associated loss will be the user’s responsibility. The event organizers will not provide compensation in such instances. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

5. Due to the shipping limitations, the rewards in this web event may vary in different regions. We appreciate your understanding.

6. During the event, any personal information collected will only be used to log in through HoYoverse and to participate in the event and will not be used for any other purposes. The event organizer will act in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of personal data protection, and will use and manage the above-mentioned personal information appropriately and securely. Users can visit the official website for more information. All personal data will be collected and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

7. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service email: zz******@ho*******.com

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