Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 reveal stream summary!

Have you missed the recent stream? No worries! We’ve got a summary for you!


Here’s the official trailer for the upcoming patch:


You can rewatch the whole stream here:


  • New character – Huohuo
  • New character – Argenti
  • New character – Hanya
  • Banners
  • New Light Cone
  • New Relics
  • New Main Story
  • New events
  • Other updates
  • Codes

New character – Huohuo

Huohuo is a 5-star Wind element character who follows the path of Abundance.


A pitiable and helpless Foxian girl who is also a Ten-Lords Commission Judge-in-training, who fears ghosts but must catch them. Due to having a heliobus named Tail sealed in her tail by the judges of the Ten-Lords Commission, she became a “cursed one” who attracts inhuman beings. She fears demons and heliobi, but contrarily is tasked with their capture and entrusted with the heavy task of eradicating vile spirits. Though she believes herself lacking in ability, she is unable to muster the courage to resign and continues onward despite walking in a valley of her own fear.

Combat Role

Huohuo is a healer character who can regenerate Energy and boost ATK for multiple allies, and restore HP to all members of the team.


Here are her skills revealed during the stream:

BasicTalisman: StormcallerDeals Wind damage to a single target.
SkillTalisman: ProtectionRestores HP to the target ally and allies adjacent to him.
UltimateTail: Spiritual DominationRegenerates Energy for all allies and increases their ATK for a certain number of turns.
TalentPossessed: Ethereal MetaflowAfter using her Skill, Huohuo gains Sacrificed Life. If Huohuo has Sacrificed Life when an ally’s turn starts or when an ally uses their Ultimate, restores HP for that ally.
TechniqueFiend: Impeachment of EvilHuohuo inflicts Horror-Struck on nearby enemies and they will flee away from Huohuo. When entering battle with enemies in Horror-Struck, their ATK will be reduced.

New character – Argenti

Argenti is a 5-star Physical element character who follows the path of Erudition.


A classic knight of the Knights of Beauty. Forthright and candid, this noble and admirable man wanders the cosmos alone, resolutely following the Path of Beauty. Upholding the good name of Beauty is Argenti’s duty. To fulfill this responsibility, one’s must be pious when one initiates battle, and one must make their opponent yield willingly when one strikes with one’s spear.

Combat Role

Argenti is an AoE DPS who can use a more powerful Ultimate by using more Energy. The more targets Argenti hits, the more his CRIT Rate increases, and the more his Energy regenerates.


Here are her skills revealed during the stream:

BasicFleeting FragranceDeals Physical damage to a single enemy.
SkillJustice, Hereby BloomsDeals Physical damage to all enemies.
UltimateFor In This Garden Supreme Beauty BestowsDeals Physical damage to all enemies. Consumes a small amount of energy.
Ultimate (alternate)Merit Bestowed in “My” GardenDeals more Physical damage to all enemies and then deals additional damage to a random enemy. Consumes a massive amount of energy.
TalentSublime ObjectFor every enemy hit by Argenti, he regenerates Energy, and grants himself a stack Self-Cultivation, increasing his CRIT Rate.
TechniqueManifesto of Purest VirtueAttacks an enemy, dealing Physical Damage and inflicts Daze.

New character – Hanya

Hanya is a 4-star Physical element character who follows the path of Harmony.


One of the judges of the Ten-Lords Commission. Of the four duties of a judge (detention, imprisonment, punishment, and interrogation), Hanya is charged with the last task. She specializes in reading the karma and sins of criminals, and records their crimes and punishments with the Oracle Brush. As she spends her days using dreams to predict karmic offenses and has to endure the torrential flood of information regarding the mara-strucks’ actions, she has long become dull to all things in the world. Only when she operates with her sister and fellow judge, Xueyi, will Hanya momentarily reveal her true nature.

Combat Role

Hanya is a support character who can recover Skill Points for the team, as well as boost an ally’s SPD and ATK.


Here are her skills revealed during the stream:

BasicOracle BrushDeals Physical DMG to a single target.
SkillSamsara, LockedDeals Physical DMG to a single enemy and inflicts them with Burden. Alles will recover a Skill Point after launching a set amount of attacks against the enemy with Burden.
UltimateTen-Lords’ Decree, All Shall ObeyIncreases the SPD and ATK of a target ally for a certain number of turns.
TalentSanctionAllies will deal more damage to enemies inflicted with Burden.
TechniqueNetherworld JudgmentImmediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, applies Burden to a random enemy.


New character banners:

New Light Cone banners:

Rerun banners:

New Light Cone

A new Light Cone – Hey, Over Here! – will be added to the game with the 1.5 patch. It will be obtainable from the main event of the patch and it features Guinaifen and HuoHuo:

Sadly no information about the Cone has been revealed beside the fact that it will belong to the Abundance Path.

New Relics

Four new Relic Sets will be added to the game in patch 1.5 – two will be farmable from the new Simulated Universe World 8 and two from the newly added Cavern of Corrosion – Path of Darkness.

Sadly, the stream didn’t reveal any information about the effects on the Relic Sets.

New events

A Foxian Tale of the Haunted event will be the main event of the 1.5 patch.

The Boulder Town Tournament event will be rerun – that’s the first event rerun that will happen in Honkai: Star Rail.

Other updates

  • 1 new companion mission will be added:
    • Argenti (Night of Universal Hallucinations)
  • A new Stagnant Shadow – Shape of Perdition – will be added where you can farm Hanya and Argenti ascendance materials.
  • One new area will be added in Xianzhou Luofu:
    • Fyxestroll Garden
  • New Voice Lines will be added to the game that appears when you ascend characters
  • Guest Book – shows who visited your Train.
  • The Forgotten Hall rechallenge feature will be added – if you restart in the second half, no need to do the first one again.
  • Your team will be saved in Forgotten Hall and you don’t need to pick them for every stage.


Here are three codes revealed with the stream:

  • JB9BE7K5RQY3
  • HT8BX7JL89Z7
  • 6B9BFPK58Q3T

Each gives 100 Stellar Jades and some other goodies!

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  1. Finago

    On Huo Huo stream showcase you can see when she uses her skill and receives Sacrificed Life, and when Dan Heng’s turn starts, he isn’t just heals a bit but also cleanse a debuff from him. I assume it also triggers when ally uses an ult

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