[Practice Room]

It was announced in the Q4 Roadmap that this content will be introduced within October. However, the content has been delayed due to development progress until November. Please understand the update schedule and thank you for your patience.  

[Guild Raid]

  • The Guild Raid boss Ruthra will make an appearance.
  • Guild Raid Period: October 26 after maintenance — November 1, 23:59 UTC
  • When you press the Skip button, the Skip confirmation window will pop up. You can choose to skip the current battle, skip all battles, or cancel the skip.
  • You can check the information of the treasure cards used in the battle record.
  • The banner in the upper right corner of the lobby will display the information of the 1st place guild in the Guild Raid.
  • You will be able to see the amount of damage dealt by the guild members of the guilds in the guild rankings
    • The information of the Souls used in the battle will not be disclosed.
  • Guild Raid Another Missions will be added
  • Event Period: October 26 after maintenance—November 1, 23:59 UTC
  • Reward Claimable Period: November 2 00:00—November 18, 23:59 UTC
  • Rewards are identical as previous occasions so please refer to a previous Patch Note here.

[Gate Breakthrough]

  • Depth Stages 51—100 for Unlimited Gate will be added.
    • Scheduled On: October 26 after maintenance

[Battlefront Challenger Mode]

  • Area 10 for the Challenger Mode will be added.
    • Scheduled On: October 26 after maintenance

[Love Story]

  • The Love Story for Flynn will be added.

[Upcoming Soul Pick-up]

  • Erika’s Pick-Up Summon event will start. There’s a higher chance of getting Erika through the event.
    • Pick-up Period: October 26 after maintenance—November 15, 23:59 UTC
  • Velanna’s Pick-Up Summon event will start. There’s a higher chance of getting Velanna through the event.
    • Pick-up Period: October 26 after maintenance—November 15, 23:59 UTC
  • Lizelotte’s Pick-Up Summon event will start. There’s a higher chance of getting Lizelotte through the event.
    • Pick-up Period: October 26 after maintenance—November 15, 23:59 UTC


[Halloween Event – Red Riding Hood and the Bad Wolf]


  • Event Schedule: October 26 after maintenance—November 15, 23:59 UTC.
  • <Lizelotte’s Special Halloween Gift> event will be effective during the event period. 
  • Attendance rewards will be given daily for 14 days by logging in Eversoul during the event period.
    • Attendance Rewards in Total: 2,400 Everstones + 20 Normal Summon Tickets
  • The event story will be released.
    • You will receive rewards for clearing the event story.
      • Total Rewards: 9 Normal Summon Tickets + 2 Lobby Backgrounds
    • You must clear the event story to participate in the event stage <Dances With Wolves> and the event raid <Red Moon Nightmare>.

Lizelotte’s Special Halloween Gift

  • Special Login Bonus Event will come along
    • Total rewards for 14 days: 2,400 Everstones + 20 Normal Summon Tickets
  • Event Schedule: October 26 after maintenance—November 15, 23:59 UTC
  • During the event, we prepared an attendance event for day 14 of 21 days of access to Eversoul.
  • Full Moon Attendance Board with Soonie will reward you at 00:00 UTC every day.
  • If 14 days have passed since the event was activated, you can use Everstone to purchase Attendance.
  • Rewards for the Full Moon Attendance Board with Soonie will be given immediately upon acquisition.
  • Please note that rewards will be given based on the cumulative daily access during the event period.
    • Ex) Day 1 rewards for login on October. 26 / no login on October. 27 / Day 2 rewards for login on October. 28
  • Even if you have not earned the reward by the 14th day, the event will end.
Day 1Everstone x200
Day 2Everstone x200
Day 3Everstone x200
Day 4Everstone x200
Day 5Everstone x200
Day 6Everstone x200
Day 7Normal Summon Ticket x10
Day 8Everstone x200
Day 9Everstone x200
Day 10Everstone x200
Day 11Everstone x200
Day 12Everstone x200
Day 13Everstone x200
Day 14Normal Summon Ticket x10

Event Story

  • The special Event Stories will be available.
    • Rewards will be followed after clearing the event stories
      • Rewards: 7 Normal Summon Tickets + 2 Lobby Backgrounds
  • The event stage <Dances With Wolves> and event raid <Red Moon Nightmare> will be available after clearing the event story Episode 8 and Episode 9 respectively.

Event Stage – Dances With Wolves

  • The event stage is available at [Event Banner] > [Dances With Wolves] on the top right of the main screen.
  • During the event, you can choose from two event stages.
    • <Help Red Riding Hood>
    • <Help Bad Wolf>.
  • Each stage consists of a total of 15 stages, starting with Stage 1 when you first enter.
  • After using all the daily challenges, you can also consume Everstones to gain up to 5 additional tries. The costs for additional challenges vary depending on purchase times.
    • The number of free entries is reset every day at 00:00 UTC.
  • Event Stages grant buffs for using Erika or Velanna depending on the type of stage.
    • Buffs are changed at every 00:00 UTC
  • Sweep feature will become available after clearing a stage of the Event Stage once and hiring Souls from friends will not be allowed for the Event Stage. 
  • Clear both stages up to Stage 10 and you will receive 2,600 Everstone as a first-time clear reward (One-time). 
  • 6,000 Mana Crystals will be given as a first-time clear reward for clearing levels 11-15 of both stages (One-time).
  • Each time you clear an event stage, you will receive an event item according to the stage. From Stage 10 onward, the amount of Event Items given remains the same, but with additional Golds.
First Clear Reward
  • For each stage, you can claim rewards for first-time clear.
  • The rewards are given only one time.
Clear Reward
Stage 1Everstone x40
Stage 2Everstone x60
Stage 3Everstone x80
Stage 4Everstone x100
Stage 5Everstone x120
Stage 6Everstone x140
Stage 7Everstone x160
Stage 8Everstone x180
Stage 9Everstone x200
Stage 10Everstone x220
Stage 11Mana Crystal x300
Stage 12Mana Crystal x450
Stage 13Mana Crystal x600
Stage 14Mana Crystal x750
Stage 15Mana Crystal x900
Stage Clear Reward
  • The rewards are given when each stage is cleared.
  • Event items are given according to which type of Event Stage you cleared.
    • <Help Red Riding Hood> → Red Riding Hood Coupon
    • <Help Bad Wolf> → Bad Wolf Coupon
  • You can use your rewarded event items to purchase various items in the [Halloween Coupon Shop].
Clear Reward
Stage 1Event item x90
Stage 2Event item x100
Stage 3Event item x110
Stage 4Event item x120
Stage 5Event item x130
Stage 6Event item x140
Stage 7Event item x150
Stage 8Event item x160
Stage 9Event item x170
Stage 10Event item x180
Stage 11Event item x180 + Gold x100,000
Stage 12Event item x180 + Gold x125,000
Stage 13Event item x180 + Gold x150,000
Stage 14Event item x180 + Gold x175,000
Stage 15Event item x180 + Gold x200,000

Event Shop – <Halloween Coupon Shop>

  • Saviors can exchange items from the Event Exchange Shop by using the event items.

ItemQuantityPrice (Red Riding Hood Coupon)Purchase Limit
Mischievous Red Riding Hood (Erika’s Costume) 11,0001
Witch’s Alchemy Pot
(Gold loot +15/min)
Spooky Table 11004
Spooky Chair 10504
Spooky Street Lamp 1504
Soul’s Memory: Erika6020001
Expert Artifact Stone Chest110015
Advanced Artifact Stone37020
Artifact Stone54020
Bad Wolf Coupon (Velanna’s Event Item)23

ItemQuantityPrice (Bad Wolf Coupon)Purchase Limit
Revenger of the Full Moon (Velanna’s Costume) 11,0001
Wolf Cage With Roses (Gold loot +15/min) 15001
Iron Fence 101010
Iron Gates 11004
Strange Tree 1503
Black Lily Flowerpot 1503
Grave Keeper Ghost 1504
Soul’s Memory: Velanna6020001
2 Hours of Idle Mana Crystal15030
2 Hours of Idle Mana Dust13050
2 Hours of Idle Gold11050
Red Riding Hood Coupon (Erika’s Event Item)23


Event Raid – Red Moon Nightmare

  • During the event, you can participate in the Event Raid <Red Moon Nightmare> and confront the Raid Boss.
  • Event Raid Bosses can be challenged at any level between 100 and 400, and use a single formation to fight.
  • Challenge
    • You can challenge 3 times per day, and the number of challenges will be deducted when you win.
    • The number of challenges will not be deducted if you lose.
    • You can purchase additional challenges up to 5 times a day.
  • Sweep feature is available only after the first participation.
    • If you do not beat the existing highest record or clear the event raid using the Sweep feature, you will be given rewards based on the currently highest record.
  • Max damage rewards will give in total 3,000 Everstones (One-time).
  • You can use Yuria, Erika, and/or Velanna as hired Souls.
    • Yuria, Erika, and/or Velanna do not have to participate in battles.
    • Special buffs will be applied when Yuria, Erika, Velanna, and/or Lizelotte are participating in battles.
  • The event items <Halloween Prize Medal> and Gold / Mana Dust / Mana Crystals will be given as victory rewards for each battle.

Event Boss – Halloween Lizelotte

  • The boss will fall into groggy status when Stun, Sleep, Silence or Charm is hit to the boss.
  • The Boss will take more damages during groggy status, and is subject to take various effects.
Skill Info
  MainJudgement of DarknessLv. 1Lizelotte judges all enemies, dealing 250% ATK damage.
Lv. 200Damage changes to 400%.
Lv. 300Damage changes to 550%.
Lv. 400Damage changes to 700%, and deals Shock damage equal to 60% of ATK for 10 seconds.
SubForce EraseLv. 1Lizelotte sends rain that destroys everything by force, dealing 150% ATK damage to enemies in a 5.5m wide and 11m long area. When enemies are without a shield, additionally decreases Mana by 1000.
Lv. 120Damage changes to 200%, Mana decrease changes to 1250.
Lv. 220Damage changes to 250%, Mana decrease changes to 1500.
Lv. 320Damage changes to 300%, Mana decrease changes to 2000.
SubEternal ParadoxLv. 1Lizelotte throws a reversing spear, dealing 100% ATK damage to enemies 3m within the nearest enemy and decreasing their ATK by 25% for 10 seconds.
Lv. 140Damage changes to 150%.
Lv. 240Damage changes to 200%.
Lv. 340Damage changes to 250%, ATK decrease duration permanently changes and can stack up to 3 times.
SubEyes of KarmaLv. 1Lizelotte releases the power that was sealed in her eyes, dealing 100% ATK damage to enemies in a 4m wide and 666m long area and curse damage that equals to 50% of ATK every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
Lv. 160Damage changes to 125%, curse damage changes to 55%.
Lv. 260Damage changes to 150%, curse damage changes to 60%.
Lv. 360Deals damage equal to 44% of the enemy’s max HP if the curse is not removed in 10 seconds.
PassiveTwilight of DeathLv. 1Lizelotte hastens the death for all. Enemies immediately become incapacitated when their HP falls below 15%.
Lv. 180Lizelotte’s normal attacks deal additional 100% ATK damage.
Lv. 280Enemies become incapacitated when their HP falls below 20%.
Lv. 380Enemies become incapacitated when their HP falls below 25%.


Event Prize Shop

  • During the event, you will be able to use the event item <Halloween Prize Medal> to claim various rewards randomly.
  • Each draw costs 100 Halloween Prize Medals.
  • You will receive the Event Season Pass points for the event item you redeem at the Event Exchange Shop.
  • You can adjust the number of exchanges via [Exchange Settings] in the upper right corner of the shop screen. (10 / 30 / 50)
  • If you win the Prize Reward for an exchange round, you can move on to the next round.
    • After the 7th round of the Halloween Prize Shop, the shop will renew to the 8th round (even numbered repeats) and 9th round (odd numbered repeats).
    • After 7th, 8, 10, 12…even numbered rounds are the same as 8th shop
    • After the 7th round, 9, 11, 13… odd numbered rounds are the same as the 9th round.
  • Please note the Summon Probability Tables here.
    • Reward Items: Forest Shadow Theater (Mana Dust loot +20/min) (Purchase Limit: 1), Soul’s Memory: Erika x60 (Purchase Limit: 2), Soul’s Memory: Velanna x60 (Purchase Limit: 2), Soul’s Memory (Epic) x60 (Purchase Limit: 1), Expert Artifact Stone Chest x8 (Purchase Limit: 1), Epic Soul Type Selection Chest x1 (No Purchase Limit), Artifact Summon Ticket x40 (No Purchase Limit)
  • <Halloween Season Pass Points> will be given by spending <Halloween Prize Medals> in the <Halloween Prize Shop>.

Halloween Season Pass

  • You will receive Halloween Season Pass Points for the <Halloween Prize Medal> you redeem at the <Halloween Prize Shop>.
  • The Event Season Pass comprise Silver Pass (Free) and Gold Pass (In-App Purchase).
    • Each pass contains a different set of rewards so please check them in the game after maintenance is completed on October 26.
    • Please check the rewards in the game.
  • If you do not have enough Halloween Season Pass Points to claim a reward, you can use Everstone to purchase the points (200 Everstones = 500 points).

Gold Ticket Reward: Spooky Theater Box Office

  • You can claim Epic Soul Selection Chest, Spooky Theater Box Office, Lizelotte’s Black Lily Garden, and more after purchasing the Gold Ticket.
  • You can get <Spooky Theater Box Office> as an intermediate reward for the Event Gold Ticket.
  • Placing a <Spooky Theater Box Office> in your Town will give you 1,000 Town EXP points (no other special features included).

Gold Ticket Reward: Lizelotte’s Black Lily Garden

  • You can get <Lizelotte’s Black Lily Garden> as the final reward of the Event Gold Ticket.
  • Placing <Lizelotte’s Black Lily Garden> in your Town will give you 2,500 Town EXP points. 
  • allows you to place Souls as a residential object. However, only Lizelotte can be placed there, and Lizelotte’s ATK is increased by 10% when placed there.
    • Once Lizelotte is placed in <Lizelotte’s Black Lily Garden>, Lizelotte cannot be placed in other Objects at the same time.
  • When you place Lizelotte in <Lizelotte’s Black Lily Garden>, she rests in the garden unless she is working, resting, or visiting a commercial district.
  • If you place <Lizelotte’s Black Lily Garden> in your Town, you can perform a new special part-time job <Decorating Black Lily Garden>.


[Soul Balance Patch]

  • Some Souls / Artifacts will be rebalanced.
    • Please check the details here (link).
  • The following has been added to what was previously shared.
    • Xiaoliam’s Artifact Skill: Golden Eyes
Epic (Basic)Crit Rate increases by 10% for 20 seconds when using “Ruyi Jingu Bang Strike!” Provides additional 200 Mana every time Xiaolian attacks an enemyCrit Rate increases by 10% for 20 seconds when using “Ruyi Jingu Bang Strike!” Provides additional 200 Mana every time Xiaolian attacks an enemy and using “Eating Dumplings!” recovers 1500 Mana.

[Arena / Champs Arena]

  • Groups in Arena/Champions Arena will be rearranged.
  • When rearranging defense formations, the existing defense formations will remain.


  • Souls placed in residential Objects will now roam the Private Land.
    • They will not roam if they are visiting the Commercial District, working a Part-Time Job, or resting.
    • Souls placed at landmarks (ex. Vivian’s Cocktail Bar) will not roam.
  • Souls that roam the Private Land can perform various behaviors, such as using the Objects they are placed in or meeting players/Souls to talk to them.
  • You can see the Souls on your Private Land by view feature.

[Cash Shop]

  • Some of the existing In-app purchase categories and products will be renamed and reordered.
    • Limited Pack → New User Pack
    • Growth Pack → Achievement Pack
    • Welcome Back Pack → Returner’s Pack
    • Pick-Up Pack → Yuria Pick-Up
  • The “New” mark will be displayed on the Cash Shop icon when a new product is added.
    • The “New” mark disappears after viewing once, but may reappear if the device changes or the app is reinstalled.
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