Reverse: 1999 – Global Launch Roadmap

Main Content

First and foremost, a short and sweet list of the main content available at launch:

  • Main Story: Prologue, and Chapters 1 up to 4;
  • Wilderness: Design your own island, and farm passive resources through it.
  • Artificial Somnambulism: The first challenge mode. Unlocked after clearing stage 3-2, while the “Surface” levels only need to be cleared once, the “Limbo” levels reset twice a month, being a good source of extra gacha income. The reset time is at 5:00 AM (UTC-5).
  • Beginner Missions: As you progress through the game, several tasks will teach up the basics and reward you with precious resources, including Sonetto’s exclusive skin “Parade Anthem”.

    To learn more and get ready for launch, check out some of our guides below:


  • Beginner Banner “The First Drop of Rain”: This banner is limited to 30 summons, and disappears after the player gets one of the three available 6✦ characters: Regulus, Eternity or Lilya. All three of them are equally good, but if you’re unsure about whom to go for, we recommend clicking their names to check out their pages as well as our Reroll guide.
  • Pick-Up Banner “One Gram of Curiosity”: From October 26 to November 9. Featured characters: Sotheby (6✦), X (5✦), Charlie (5✦).
  • Pick-Up Banner “Clang of Sword and Armor”: From October 26 to November 9. Featured characters: A Knight (6✦), Tennant (5✦), Bknornblume (5✦).
  • Event Banner, Melania (New 6✦!) From November 9 to November 23.
  • Event Banner, Pickles (New 6✦!) and Diggers (New 5✦!) From November 23 to December 7.

    Note: It’s very likely that we will get another Pick-up banner between the event banners, one featuring Voyager and another featuring Druvis III, but since that hasn’t been confirmed by official sources, we’re not including them on the list or giving precise dates.


  • Roar Jukebox: Reverse:1999’s Battle Pass. The first edition will run from October 26 to December 4, with the paid version featuring Charlie’s skin “Through Curtains and Mirrors”.
  • The Satellite: From November 2 to November 9, a mini-event that will reward players with even more Clear Drops and progression materials, among other rewards.
  • The Theft of the Rimet Cup: Now we get to the first big one! With a start date of November 9, Reverse:1999’s first Side-Story event will feature a story inspired by the real life story of the theft of the Jules Rimet Trophy, taking place just before the 1966 FIFA World Cup in London. The dog Pickles found the trophy a few days later.

    We also recommend checking the official post on Reverse:1999’s social media!
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