Limbus Company Season 3 patch notes

Season 3: Bon Voyage will commence on November 16th, at 12:00 PM (KST)

You can read the full notice here

This notice will provide information on Season 3 <Bon Voyage> and its new or adjusted systems.


Season 2 Egoshard Carryover

Guide on Season Changes – Egoshards
– When a new Season begins, half of the previous Season’s Egoshards will be carried over (and rounded up).
– The Carryover rates for unconverted Egoshards from multiple seasons past will be halved for each following season.
– The remaining Egoshards are converted into Thread.
– Egoshard Crates (both random and nominable) will be carried over in the same way.

As per the information above, half of the currencies listed below will be converted to Season 3’s
-Season 2 [Sinner]’s Egoshards
-Season 2 Egoshard Crate
-Season 2 Nominable Egoshard Crate

The Carryover of currencies to Season 3 will automatically occur the first time you log into the game during Season 3. A popup will show how much season 2 Egoshard relevant currency you owned, and how they have been converted.

*Season 2 Identity Egoshard currencies that are still in the Mailbox or in the Lost & Found will be carried over when are claimed*

Carryover to Season 3 currency will occur as soon as they are claimed, and currencies that were not carried over will be converted to Threads.

Gradual Main Story & Battle pass Updates

Chapter 5 of the main story and the season 3 Pass will be updated in 3 parts.

-Main Story Ch.5 (Part 1)
-Season Pass Rewards (Lv.1 ~ Lv.20)

-Main Story Ch.5 (Part 2)
-Season Pass Rewards (Lv.21 ~ Lv.40)

-Main Story Ch.5 (Part 2)
-Season Pass Rewards (Lv.41 ~ Lv.60(Max Pass Level+))

Accumulated Pass Levels are tracked regardless of the gradual updates. When the subsequent updates unlock the rewards for higher levels, you can immediately claim them up to your tracked Pass Level.

Max Pass Level rewards earned for leveling up the pass past max Pass level are also kept track of even when they aren’t unlocked, and you can claim the accumulated rewards of Season 3 Nominable Egoshard Crates immediately once they are made available

Identity Level Cap Increase

With the Season 3 update, the max level of Identities will be increased from 35 to 40. With this increased Level Cap, a new item will be added to the game.
-Level Boost Ticket IV: Raises an Identity’s level up to 40

EXP Luxcavation #4, Thread Luxcavation #3 Added

Season 3 Extractions

As show in the image above, the following identities and E.G.O will be removed from all Extractable item lists with the start of Season 3 (Excluding [Season 2] – Assured Extraction: 3* Identity Banners)

[Season 2 Event] Identities & E.G.O
-[TETH] Soda Hong Lu
-[3*] Molar Boatworks Fixer Ishmael, Molar Office Fixer Outis
-[2*] Molar Office Fixer Yi Sang

Season 3 Dispenser

As shown in the image above, the following Identities and E.G.O will be removed from the Dispenser catalogue with the start of Season 3.

>[Season 2 Event] Identities & E.G.O
-[TETH] Soda Hong Lu
-[3*] Molar Boatworks Fixer Ishmael, Molar Office Fixer Outis
-[2*] Molar Office Fixer Yi Sang

Also, the following Identities & E.G.O will be added to the catalogue.

>[Season 1 Event] Identities & E.G.O
-3* : R.B. Chef de Cuisine Ryoshu
-E.G.O [TETH] : Lifetime Stew Sinclair

Dispenser – Purchaseable E.G.O and Announcers from Past Season Passes

E.G.O and Battle Announcers from previous season Passes are now purchaseable at the Dispenser with paid Lunancy.

New Packages Added & Package Adjustments

This update will add 3 new packages and adjust one of the existing packages. Previous Monthly Training Packs contained various currencies such as Lunancy or Extraction Tickets, but newly added packages will contain items more focused on powering up your Identities and E.G.O.

>New Packages
-Monthly Experience Pack
-Weekly Experience Pack
-Monthly Thread Pack

>Packages to be adjusted
-Weekly Thread Pack

Mirror Dungeon #3 Preview

Mirror Dungeon #3 will be added during Season 3.

With the Mirror Dungeon #3 update, all Mirror Dungeons will be combined into one. With that, the Mirror of the Beginning and the Mirror of Mirrors will no longer be accessible. The combined Mirror Dungeon will be classified by difficulties, such as NORMAL or HARD.
Season Pass EXP rewards may be partially adjusted in this process.

>Starter Buffs
Mirror Dungeon #3 Starter Buffs will be much more varied compared to Mirror Dungeon #2’s.
An option to turn certain starter buff effects ON/OFF will be added to the game.

With every new season, the Mirror Dungeon will be renewed to fit the themes of the new Season.
The Starter Buffs will also be renewed, with last Season’s Starter Buffs expiring and new Season’s Starter Buffs being introduced to be filled out again.

*Starlight accumulated from Mirror Dungeon #2 cannot be used for Mirror Dungeon #3*

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