Jingliu release, character profile revamp, and tier list update!

Patch 1.4 of Honkai: Star Rail just dropped and with it, we’ve released our Jingliu review and tier list update, but also a lot has changed on the website itself!


Jingliu is here! Check our review and a detailed guide for her here. She’s definitely one of the strongest damage dealers released thus far and a great addition to your account (if you’re lacking good damage dealers that is).

You can also watch Grim’s video that gives you even more information about Jingliu:

Character profile revamp

We have decided to abandon the idea of creating a dedicated should you pull guide like we did in the past and instead reworked the character profile to include all the information there.

Here’s the list of improvements we have made:

  • Redesigned the profile from scratch to improve readability – the old profile took ages to scroll and instead, we introduced a Tab layout that will make it easier to find what you’re looking for:
    • Profile tab: contains information about the skills, traces, Eidolons and VA,
    • Review tab: contains the review, pros & cons and ratings,
    • Build & teams tab: contains full build guide, including best Relics, Light Cones, Stats, teams and synergy information,
    • MoC statistics tab: contains the most recent information about the performance of the character in Memory of Chaos, including usage rates, most popular Light Cones, Relics and stats,
    • Calculations tab: contains a variety of calcs done by us, including Damage output for the damage dealers.
  • Added a slider to each skill that allows you to check the values for each level quickly,
  • Added more sections for additional information like detailed descriptions for Relic choices and stat targets,
  • Fully integrated the profile with MoC Analytics. Whenever we update the Analytics page, the profile of each character will automatically show the latest information.

And more!

If you have any feedback about the new profile, please let us know – here in the comments or on our discord.

Character list revamp

On top of revamping the character profile, we decided to refresh the character list page. We made the art of the characters bigger and improved the quality of the images – also we’ve added some fancy on-hover effects.

Tier list update

First of all, we have added [Jingliu] to the tier list. Check her review to learn more about her and her placement.

We also created a new character category – Debuffers. Characters that help the team by debuffing enemies have been moved there (but they also can act as sub-dps on top of bringing the juicy debuffs to the battle). Silver Wolf, Pela, Luka, Sampo, and Welt have been placed in this category.

Rating changes:

  • [Clara] A > S (Blast) – Clara is getting both stronger and more popular with every patch. Her damage against multiple targets is top-tier but similar to QQ, she relies on luck – she needs to be hit, a lot, to perform well. Also, she’s very flexible and you can play her both as main and sub-dps, further cementing her raise in the ranks,
  • [Clara] S > S+ (AoE) – AoE is the scenario where Clara truly shines. More enemies translate to more counters as Clara will be hit more often and she can easily decimate the entire wave in a single cycle – as long as she will get hit that is. Only Imbibitor Lunae and Jingliu can match the sheer destruction Clara can unleash in this scenario,
  • [Clara] A > B (Single) – while Clara shines in AoE and Blast scenarios, the Single Target scenario is her weakness and she has been pushed down,
  • [Blade] S+> S (AoE) – while his AoE damage output is still good (and it will become better with Jingliu), he can’t match the current King and two Queens of AoE,
  • [Kafka] S+ > S (AoE) – same as above,
  • [Qingque] S > A (AoE) – well, QQ is another victim of Jingliu (and Clara). While the Gamba Gremlin really shines in ST and Blast scenarios, AoE is her weakness – don’t get me wrong, she can still ‘one shot’ 4-5 enemies wave, but it requires both proper setup and luck,
  • [Himeko] A > B (AoE) – and another victim of the cascading effect,
  • [Dan Heng], [Serval], [Hook] – all three lost ranks in all categories due to the adjustments that happened this patch to the tier list,
  • [Pela] A > S+ (Blast and AoE) – that’s a long overdue upgrade. Pela is simply an outstanding character that can drastically amplify the team’s damage and unlike Silver Wolf, she can do it in both Blast and AoE scenario without any issues. Def Shred is one of the highest damage multipliers in the game that scales super well the more you bring it to the battle,
  • [Tingyun] S > S+ (everywhere) – another long overdue upgrade. Tingyun and Bronya are both top tier and who is better is decided based on the DPS of your choice – they both are outstanding characters that have no match,
  • [Asta] A > S (everywhere) – yeap, it’s the day where supports are raised to their proper place. While not as good as Tingyun and Bronya, Asta shines in breaking any speed limits and allowing her allies to run laps around the enemies,
  • [Bailu] S >  A (all categories) – well, it seems our small Lynx doesn’t have mercy. The lack of cleanse is what really hurts Bailu and was the cause of her losing a rating – with each patch, more and more enemies are added that spam nasty debuffs and without Cleanse, you’re really a sitting duck. Even the revive and reactive healing Bailu brings to the table isn’t enough to counter the lack of the ability to remove debuffs from her allies,
  • [March 7th], [Natasha], [Fire MC] – victims of Lynx. Sadly, there’s a wide gap between her and them.

A special mention goes to [Jing Yuan]. He was able to resist the pushback that came with Jingliu release. Despite the fact that he has some limitations in his kit that make him a bit annoying to play, Fu Xuan’s release fixed the biggest flaw in his kit by providing him with CC resistance – and this translated to increased popularity in both CN and Global. Also, the current MoC buff allowed him to truly shine, making him one of the fastest cyclers in this patch. If he will continue to improve like that, he may as well climb up the ranks soon.

What’s your Reaction?

10 Comment

  1. Rizzy

    I agree with jingliu and imbibitor being in S+ tier in all categories. However, what decides where a DPS character is placed? Is it the calculations or how well they are able to perform or both? Also, how do you decided who goes into S+ and who stays in S tier? For example, Jingliu and Imbibitor Lunae both do great single target damage. Seele also does great single target damage but it’s a little lower. Also, is there a way to calculate AoE because I would like to see how characters like Jing yuan do in those situations because blade and kafka are way better (although it is blast) in 3 targets and there numbers would be higher in 4-5 scenarios. Would Jing yuan be moved down or is he good where he is? Where is the bar set for this? Another question is why does Jingliu use S1 Fall of an Aeon but imbibtor lunae and Clara use S5? Why does Blade use only S1 secret vow but Jing yuan uses S5 SoB? I appreciate the effort you guys put in all of your tier list, calculations, MoC, and events coming up. Thank you very much!

  2. Anon

    The fact that the 4 star rating changes (at least for Tingyun, Asta, and Pela) are for E6 only should be indicated in the changelog. It reduces confusion. As it is, it felt misleading.

    1. Rizzy

      FR, I agree with that.

  3. Roger

    yall really moved a standard character up before moving jing yuan… could you try harder to now show your bias? its getting silly at this point

    1. Shinsoo

      A Mid Yuan main, I see.

    2. Lance

      i play both and clara is just stronger especially with lynx

  4. Poe

    Ngl i use Bailu with kafka team and i solo moc up to 9 with that combo easily then i do moc 9 and 10 manual with the same team … Bailu in my opinion is still a top tier healer just like any char u gotta invest …

    Jing liu tho … The unit is just broken i tried her with 4* LC i hit 120k in moc 10 with lvl7 traces aoe dmg with frost set … Then i put her LC on and deff shred quantum set and i hit 290k aoe dmg 😂

    1. Alryuu

      They gave him a callout and everything, man.

  5. Yohan

    can you make calculations with their signs S1?

  6. burbur

    why mid yuan AoE tier list not down to A?, pretty sure all the other character on the S tier list are above him at this point. Don’t be shy at put him where he’s belong

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