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[Operation Eden Alliance]

  • Operation Eden Alliance Solrey Episode will be added.
    • Period:  October 12  after maintenance—October 25, 23:59 UTC
    • The progression of Operation Eden Alliance is the same as that of Gaon, and for details, please refer to the update notice on August 31 here.


Daily Operation

  • The selected Disadvantages can be found in [Eden Alliance Operation → Daily Operation → Selected Disadvantages] after update.

② Infinite Operation

  • During the event, [Claire, Chloe, Catherine, Daphne, and Linzy] will appear as enemies (use the Default Formation).
  • Some of the concepts and skills of the enemy Souls will change.

[New Area]

  • Battlefront Area 24 will be added.
    • Update Schedule: October 12 after maintenance

[Main Story]

  • Main Story Chapter 6 Part 1 will be added
    • Update Schedule: October 12 after maintenance

[New Story]

  • A Love Story for Souls Haru will be added.
    • Update Schedule: October 12 after maintenance


[Gate Breakthrough]

  • Soul battle formation will be able to be changed in the middle of 2nd or 3rd battles in the Gate Breakthrough. 

[Arena / Champs Arena]

  • If you enter the top 50, there is a 24-hour wait time to change your defense formation.


  • The Artifact Shop will sell Artifacts that are tiered Eternal or higher, even if you have a certain number of Artifact shards of that Artifact.
  • The number of Level Synchronization slots will be expanded from 40 → 50.
    • The number of Soul parties that can participate in the Evil Soul Subjugation will not increase.
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