Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 reveal stream summary!

Have you missed the recent stream? No worries! We’ve got a summary for you!


The 1.4 patch will only last for 5 weeks, instead of the usual 6 weeks and it will end on the 15th of November.


Here’s the official trailer for the upcoming patch:


You can rewatch the whole stream here:


  • New character – Jingliu
  • New character duo – Topaz & Numby
  • New character – Guinaifen
  • Banners
  • New Main Story
  • New events
  • PlayStation 5 release
  • Other updates
  • Codes

New character – Jingliu

Jingliu is a 5-star Ice element character who follows the path of Destruction.


One of the legendary heroes making up the High-Cloud Quintet, and bestowed with the title “Transcendent Flash.”

Having ascended beyond mortal concepts of victory, she chose to walk a different path to obtain the power capable of slaying gods.

Thereafter, one Sword Champion of the Luofu was removed from the Xianzhou’s records, and Thereafter, one Sword Champion of the Luofu was removed from the Xianzhou’s records, and one nameless traitor was added. was added.

Combat Role

Jingliu is a DPS character that enhances her own attacks by entering a special state. In battle, she utilizes the special state to strengthen herself, have her Action Advanced, and use powerful abilities.


Here are her skills revealed during the stream:

BasicLucent MoonglowDeals Ice damage to a single target.
SkillTranscendent FlashDeals Ice damage to a single target and obtains a stack of Syzygy.
Skill (enhanced)Moon On Glacial RiverDeals Ice damage to a single target and adjacent targets. Consumes a stack of Syzygy instead of consuming a Skill Point.
UltimateFlorephemeral DreamfluxDeals Ice damage to a single target and adjacent targets. Obtains a stack of Syzygy.
TalentCrescent TransmigrationWhen Syzygy stacks up to a set amount (seems to be 2 stacks based on the gameplay and the little orbs visible below her icon), she enters the Spectral Transmigration state.

In the state, every attack of hers will consume her allies’ HP, but her ATK will be increased based on the amount of HP she consumed. On top of that, in the state, her Skill will become enhanced and she won’t be able to use her Basic Attack.

When Syzygy stacks reach 0, she will leave the Spectral Transmigration state.
TechniqueShine of TruthFreezes enemies on entering the battle and gains a stack of Syzygy.

New character duo – Topaz & Numby

Topaz & Numby are a 5-star Fire element duo who follow the path of The Hunt.


Topaz, Senior Manager of the Strategic Investment Department in the Interastral Peace Corporation, and leader of the Special Debts Picket Team.

Already a member of the “Ten Stonehearts” at a young age, Topaz’s core stone is the “topaz of debt retrieval.”

Her partner, the Warp Trotter “Numby,” is also capable of acutely perceiving where riches are located. It can even perform jobs involving security, debt collection, and actuarial sciences.

Presently they are traversing the cosmos together, chasing down various debts and liabilities that negatively influence the IPC’s commercial ventures.

Combat Role

Topaz operates with her work partner, Numby. In battle, Numby will automatically attack enemies, while Topaz can enhance Numby’s DMG. In exploration, Numby will move with Topaz and can discover unobtained treasure.


Here are their skills revealed during the stream:

BasicDeficit…Deals Fire damage to a single target.
SkillDifficulty Paying?Causes a single enemy to enter the Proof of Debt state and increases the target’s DMG received from follow-up attacks (25% in the stream). After that, Numby deals Fire damage to a single target, which counts as a Follow-up attack.

At the start of an ally’s turn, if there are no enemies with Proof of Debt on the field, Topaz will cause a random enemy to enter Proof of Debt.
UltimateTurn a Profit!Numby enters the Windfall Bonanza! state and its DMG and CRIT DMG increase. When enemies with Proof of Debt receive attacks from allies, Numby action is Advanced Forward. After Numby launches a set number of attacks, the Windfall Bonanza! state will be removed.
TalentTrotter Market!?Summons Numby at the start of battle – Numby has its own Speed and acts autonomously. When taking action, Numby launches an attack on a target with Proof of Debt, dealing Fire damage.

When enemies afflicted with Proof of Debt receive an ally’s follow-up attacks, Numby’s action is Advanced Forward – but this effect can’t be activated on Numby’s turn.
TechniqueExplicit SubsidySummons Numby when Topaz enters the overworld. Numby will automatically search for Basic Treasures and Trotters in a set radius. Trotters also won’t escape when they notice Numby.

After entering battle, Topaz will receive a set of energy after Numby attacks an enemy for the first time.

After using her Technique, if Topaz is still in the team when enemies in the overworld are defeated, additionally receive a small amount of credits when obtaining credits. This has a daily limit.

After using her Technique and defeating enemies in Simulated Universe, additionally receive a small amount of Cosmic Fragments with a small chance to obtain a random Curio.

New character – Guinaifen

Guinaifen is a 4-star Fire element character who follows the path of Nihility.


An outworlder who ended up residing on the Xianzhou by accident. She is now a passionate and vivacious street performer.

With her real name being Guinevere, Guinaifen is the Xianzhou name given to her by her good friend Sushang.

Faced with a whole new life on the Luofu and relying on her adoration of Xianzhou culture, Guinaifen quickly learned skills that would keep her clothed and fed — such as slurping noodles in a handstand, smashing slabs without harming the people it was placed upon,catching bullets with bare hands, and so on.

Combat Role

Guinaifen is a support character who can inflict Burn on enemy targets, as well as increase the damage taken by enemies suffering from Burn.


Here are her skills revealed during the stream:

BasicStanding OvationDeals Fire damage to a single target.

(With a Trace, the Basic will also have a chance to inflict Burn).
SkillBlazing WelcomeDeals Fire damage to a single target and adjacent targets. The skill has a chance to inflict Burn on them.
UltimateWatch This ShowstopperDeals Fire damage to all enemies. If the target is inflicted with Burn, then their Burn will be triggered and deal DMG based on the original damage.
TalentPatrAeon BenefitsWhen Guinaifen is on the battlefield, there is a chance to inflict Firekiss on an enemy who sustains Fire DMG. While inflicted with Firekiss, the enemy receives increased DMG from all sources.

A stack of the debuff was equal to 7% increased damage and it could be stacked up to 3 times in the stream – but we have no idea what was the level of the Talent.
TechniqueSkill ShowcaseAfter entering battle, deals Fire damage to random enemies.


New character banners:

Jingliu will be the first phase, while Topaz will be the second phase banner.

New Light Cones banners:

We don’t know what the Light Cones do yet.

We will also receive our first rerun banner with Seele (and her Light Cone) – the rerun will happen during the second phase, together with Topaz:

New Main Story

We will receive a new main story mission in patch 1.4Future Market! It will revolve around Topaz and her arrival in Belobog. This means that we will have to wait for the next planet till 1.5 or even further.

On the eve of Belobog’s Solwarm Festival, a messenger from the Interastral Peace Corporation arrives at Belobog…

New events

Aetherium Wars

The most influential online gaming brand in the universe, Aetherium Wars, is holding an offline Interastral Tournament Festival for fans on Jarilo-VI — Compete for the championship with your Aether Spirit companions.

Well, this event looks basically like Pokemon in Honkai: Star Rail – you collect Spirits that belong to one of three types and challenge other Spirit Holders.

A selector will be one of the rewards in the event (it has Hook, Pela, Luke, and Serval).

Here’s a short video showcasing the event:

Playstation 5 release

The game will be released on PS5 with the start of the 1.4 patch – so on 11th October.

Here’s a video dedicated to the PS5 version:

Other updates

  • 1 new companion mission will be added:
    • Jingliu (“Clouds Leave no Trace”)
  • A new Stagnant Shadow – Shape of Scorch – will be added where you can farm Topaz and Guinaifen ascendance materials.
  • Two new areas will be added in Belobog:
    • Pillars of Creation
    • Old Weapon Testing Ground


Here are three codes revealed with the stream:

  • JSPRZ272S9JB

Each gives 100 Stellar Jades and some other goodies!

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  1. Gabriel

    Missing some of the smaller events:
    Planar Infinity – Simulated Universe event
    Gift of Odyssey – Check-in event (10x special pass)
    Planar Fissure – double planar set event
    Realm of the Strange – double cavern event

    Smaller updates:
    Story recap function
    Strategic Training (new combat mechanics tutorial, with first clear rewards)

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