• Khun Ran to be released on 04.10
  • Halloween event to be released on 18.10 – Endorsi will get a skin here most likely, since she’s the start of the even (and 2 new characters are to be released with the event)
  • Baby Rak to be released in November
  • Ignition System will be released in November – this is the mysterious Carrier slot we have on the character screen,
  • New game-type events,
  • Formation import feature.

1. New Teammate Arrival: The Storm-calling Hope, SSR ‘[Lightning Pill] Khun Ran’ (To be added on the 10/4 Update)

The first highlight of the October Update is the arrival of a new Teammate, the unpredictable kid from the Khun Family, [Lightning Pill] Khun Ran.

Prideful and intelligent, Ran can easily fool someone with his small appearance as in reality he has a very strong character and immense power.


Blue Element Khun Ran can create a Thunderstorm, launching a powerful attack on the opponent with a high Critical Hit Rate. He is also capable of destroying barriers and breaking down the opponent’s formation, making him essential to counter opponents with strong barriers.

We hope you look forward to meeting Khun Ran in the upcoming Update, as well as the unveiled new Khun Family traditional costume we prepared for the Fall Festival!

Look forward to the youngster ‘Khun Ran’, who swallows a Lightning Pill and transforms!

2. New Other Stories ‘Ran’s Secret Training’ Episode (To be added on the 10/4 Update)

In the previously released Fall Festival story, Khun Ran encountered a bitter defeat when facing Khun Aguero Agnes in battle.

His self-esteem took a hit, and he made the decision to get stronger. That decision leads to only one path: receiving training from Khun Mascheny Zahard in secret.

Are you curious about what kind of training Khun Ran’s big sis, Khun Mascheny, had in store for him?

Stay tuned for the new Other Story, where you’ll get a glimpse of the aftermath of the Fall Festival!

3. Unofficial Practice Area Boss ‘Amigocharz’ Arrival (To be added on the 10/4 Update)

The doors of the Unofficial Practice Area opened for the first time with Edahn in the Fall Festival Update. The practice area hosted incredible battles between our Regulars and [Data] Edahn.

This time, Amigocharz is reborn as data, and [Data] Amigocharz becomes the next Boss our Regulars must face!

[Data] Amigocharz is a copy data from Amigocharz, who participated in the Unofficial Practice.

The data skills may be slightly different from the real one.

Gather your strength and challenge [Data] Amigocharz in the Unofficial Practice Area!

We hope you look forward to the upcoming Data Bosses that will be added in the future.

4. ‘Endorsi and the October Illusion’ Campaign (To be added on the 10/18 Update)

Do you remember Endorsi’s unfortunate childhood, living on a piece of bread and undergoing rigorous training to become the Princess of Zahard?

If you are a fan of Tower of God, you will be familiar with the story of Endorsi, who went through the tough training to become the Princess of Zahard.

‘Endorsi and the October Illusion’ is an original story created by our Dev Team.

In this story, we get a glimpse of Endorsi’s new goal, which helped her endure the vicious environment in which she grew up with all kinds of harassment from her sisters, and her sweet and bloody romance(?).

In this update, two very powerful new Teammates will also appear, so stay tuned.

In addition, the current known issue where damage does not accumulate occasionally during battle in Underground Laboratory will be fixed on the 10/4 Update.

[Known Issues]

Also, we will continue to review the criteria for handling tied scores related to the Underground Laboratory so that they can be further improved.

From now on, I would like to introduce the direction of the Tower of God: New World this year through the 2023 Second Half Roadmap.

In the second half of the year, we plan to prepare events centered on one story campaign per month, just like now.

The goal of future development is to maintain the total amount of playtime but increase the density of fun so that our Regulars can have fun without feeling burdened, rather than making the game feel like homework by increasing the required playtime.

Among these, I would like to explain a little more about the ‘Ignition Weapon’ System that Regulars may be interested in.

1) Ignition Weapon System (November)

<Ignition Weapon Farming Dungeon – The Secret Floor: Island of Requirement (Tentative Name) Background>

In Tower of God, the Ignition Weapon is a weapon that has a personality like a living creature, like the ‘Black March’ used by Bam, and a representative example is the 13th Month Series. 

Through a future update, the Ignition Weapon can be equipped in the ‘Carrier’ slot of the equipment screen, and the Ignition Weapon can be acquired through dungeons.

The Ignition Weapon Farming Dungeon is designed so that you can have fun finding and destroying strategic points, so please look forward to it.

2) Formation Selection Arena Event (November)

The next content is the Formation Selection Arena Event.

<(Tentative Name) Shibisu’s Formation Strategy Lesson>

In Tower of God: New World, the battle basically proceeds with the W-formation as the basic formation.

In the Formation Selection Arena that will be updated in the second half of 2023, you can set up your team by selecting various formations when attacking your opponent.

Through this, you can enjoy more strategic PVP battles.

If you change your formation and win in the Arena, you can earn tokens for each type of formation you use.

We are planning to exchange tokens for various rewards, so we hope that you will be able to receive rewards with the joy of strategic victory according to your choice of formation.

In addition, missions based on formation changes are prepared, so don’t miss the Formation Selection Arena that will be coming soon.

3) Element Training Arena Event (Tentative Name) (November)

In Tower of God: New World, a battle that takes into account the elements of your teammates can be said to be a key strategic factor.

The Element Training Arena Event, where you can acquire Elemental Orbs (Tentative Name) according to the elements of your teammates participating in battle and exchange them for various items, is also being prepared.

We hope that you will be able to enjoy the fun of building up by using elements to obtain the desired rewards, and we would appreciate it if you could look forward to it with the Formation Selection Arena that will be updated together.

Lastly, Alliance Expedition is currently being held once a month as Alliance cooperative content.

As Regulars continue to send suggestions for Alliance content, additional Alliance competitive content is also being continuously developed.

We will continue to check all of Regulars’ suggestions and strive to provide an enjoyable playing experience.

So far, we have provided information about the 2023 Second Half Roadmap.

Next, we will tell you about convenience features that will be added in October.

1. Formation Import Function (To be added on the 10/18 Update)

The Formation Import Function, to import the same Team used by other player’s to clear a stage, mentioned in the September Dev. Note, will be updated in October.

[Dev. Note #3]

This is a convenience feature added for Regulars who wanted to see and use the clear records of other Regulars during battles such as adventures.

In the ‘Auto’ menu of the Combat Preparation Screen, you can check your friend’s record and immediately load your friend’s clear formation through the ‘Use’ button.

We hope this will help you clear your adventure.

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