Mainstream EP.10 Qliphoth Game Part 2

Origin System

As previously mentioned in the July developer note, the [Origin System] is scheduled for an update. 

As explained before, the [Origin System] is designed to provide a more intuitive advantage in increasingly complex battle situations as the service progresses.

[Origin] is a new system found exclusively in the PVE missions. If the Origin type between the PVE opponent and the employee match, our employees will deal more damage and take less damage. For employees without matching [Origin], there will be no penalties given.

Employees who will receive the [Origin] type will be as follows. 

SRKim Sobin
SRLin Xien
SSRNanahara Chifuyu
SSRFrederick Doma
SSRSeo Yoon
SSRSky Layfield
SSRYang Harim
Awakened SSRType: Siegfried Hilde
Awakened SSRMinistra
Awakened SSRFinal Phase Sigma

The increased damage and reduced negative effects will vary depending on the employee’s grade, and the applied effect will range from 10 to 40%.

Below is the example of the [Origin] stats.
1. Type of Origin buff name

2. Origin buff stats

  • (Above) Attack Stat 
  • (Below) Defence Stat 

※ The stats on the image may change.  

More detailed information will be given through the Patch Notes on the week of the [Origin] update.

Alternium Reactors

The fourth set of employees for Alternium Reactors has been selected. 

The employees selected this time are [Lee Jisoo], [Yen Xing Lanchester], and [Replacer Knight].

Please note that the specifications for each employee’s Alternium Reactor are not finalized and are subject to change. 

Detailed information on the Alternium Reactor abilities for these three for now are listed below. 

Alternium Reactor Level 1 – Lee Jisoo

Level Effect Details
▷ ATK +10%, ASPD +10%, HP Recovery +0.5% per sec, and Status Effect RES +10% per ally and enemy unit. (All buffs cap at 6 Stacks)

Alternium Reactor Level 1 – Yen Xing Lanchester

Level Effect Details
▷ Passive buff also increases Ranged DMG RES by 6%. Becomes immune to damage for 1 second at 5 buff stacks

Alternium Reactor Level 1 – Replacer Knight

Level Effect Details
▷ Condition for Passive attack changes to after every 2nd basic attack. When using Passive attack, gains Immunity to Hitstun from Special or lower skills and Barrier worth 30% of Max HP for 10 seconds.

Return and Birthday Cutscenes

First, accounts that have not logged in for 15 days from the latest logout will now be greeted with a [return-user exclusive cutscene] when they log back into the game.

However, we believe there won’t be any CEOs who will choose not to log in just to watch the return cutscene.

Second, CEOs who log in on their birthdays will be treated to a special birthday cutscene along with small gifts and a birthday card. You can set your birthday in your profile (Menu > Partners > My Profile). Please note that after the initial setup, you won’t be able to change your birthday again, so please choose carefully.

Danger Close Daily Rewards

In the 6.0 update, some changes were made to the Danger Close, including the addition of daily rewards. However, we’ve determined that the Danger Close Daily Rewards system is functioning as an unnecessary chore and doesn’t align with the initial design intent. Furthermore, the sense of loss when failing to obtain daily rewards isn’t in line with our vision.

As a result, we will be removing the Danger Close Daily Rewards system and allowing players to earn Danger Close Points directly through annihilations, just like before the 6.0 update. The total amount of Danger Close Points you obtain won’t change with the removal of the daily rewards.

Employee “Unbind All” Function

To make tactical updates or dismiss employees in a squad, dormitory, or lobby, CEOs currently need to unbind employees from these formations manually before proceeding.

To address this inconvenience, we plan to add a feature that allows the CEO to confirm the formation status of each employee and unbind them directly. 

In the  Management > Select a target unit > Details screen, a “Formation Status” button will be newly added. Through this feature, you can check where an employee is currently deployed and unbind them if needed. Additionally, we plan to add options for single unbinding, shortcuts, and bulk unbinding based on the employee’s deployment status.

Gauntlet BGM Setting Feature

Currently, only designated BGM is played during Gauntlet gameplay. This means CEOs hear the same BGM every time they play Gauntlet, which can make the gameplay less exciting and more monotonous. 

To address this, we are working on a feature that allows CEOs to set their preferred BGM for Gauntlet, similar to the lobby background music settings. The Gauntlet BGM setting will be available through a separate button in the Gauntlet lobby, and when selecting your desired BGM through the jukebox, that selected BGM will play during Gauntlet matches. We hope this feature will enhance the excitement for Gauntlet enthusiasts.

Gauntlet Revamp

 From the September 20 update in the KR server, damage increase combat environment setting is applied in the Arcade Mode.

As mentioned in the August developer note, we have been observing that the average duration of Gauntlet battles has been becoming excessively long. 

To address this, we are planning to introduce a buff which increases damage based on the remaining Gauntlet time in both the results of the Arcade mode with this feature and in the Gauntlet data statistics from actual Ranked battles. 

The application of the damage increase buff is based on Gauntlet’s remaining time, and is scheduled to be introduced as early as the September 27 update.

Profile Screen Integration]

Currently, CounterSide features two separate profiles — one in the lobby and another in the Partners menu. To eliminate the inconvenience of managing these separate profiles and to avoid any confusion caused by different profile information, we are planning to consolidate these profiles into a single lobby profile. 

The unified profile can be accessed by pressing an icon located in the main lobby screen, and it will include the profile settings from the existing [Partners] menu profile. 

We plan to integrate this feature live as soon as possible, and will let you know in detail through Patch Notes. 


In CounterSide, there are various trophies, frames, and other customization elements that allow CEOs to express their individuality. In addition to these existing customization elements, we are planning to introduce a new [Title] system that enables CEOs to express their uniqueness. 

When you achieve specific conditions, you can acquire [Titles]. When you set a Title on the profile screen, it will be displayed in various places where your company name is displayed, such as Gauntlet matchmaking, detailed profiles, consortium chats, etc. 

Titles can be obtained through various means, including achievements, rewards from various content, and missions. We hope that these new Titles, which will be introduced soon, will allow CEOs to proudly showcase their individuality.

Awakened Employee Skill Cut-in Trophies

Currently, you can only place the basic live illustrations of employees in the lobby. However, we are developing a feature that will allow you to place the skill cut-in illustrations, which are shown when employees use their skills, in the lobby to showcase the employees’ various appearances. 

Skill cut-in illustrations will be provided in the form of trophies that can be placed in the lobby, and you will be able to obtain them as achievement rewards when you reach Tactical Upgrade Level 6. 

The skill cut-in trophies will be provided in the same way as the existing employees, featuring live illustrations. Additionally, these trophies will include the ability to stop the live illustrations. 

Please note that this feature of skill cut-in trophies will be limited to Awakened employees. 

For Soldier and Mech employees, there may be cases where skill cut-ins do not exist, and it may not be possible to include all live illustrations due to production constraints. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding the difficulty of providing skill cut-in trophies for non-awakened employees.

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