Although content updates are scheduled on September 28 and October 5, no individual maintenance will be followed on the said dates.

Please stay tuned with us for more details on the upcoming content, and get ready for a chain of content releases!

We would like to inform you that Chapter 6 Part 1 of Main story, which was initially scheduled for release on September 21, has been postponed to October.

We sincerely ask for your patience and understanding as we work to deliver a quality story,

and hope you enjoy the upcoming Chapter 6 Part 1. 

Thank you.


[Tower of Origin]

  • Update Period: after September 21 maintenance.
    • The Souls to be introduced in this Tower of Origin Souls are Linzy and Ayame.
    • As before, a hidden story of the Soul will be revealed after clearing every 10 stages.
    • Tower of Origin is a permanent addition without a set period of progress time, and more Souls will be added sequentially to the Tower of Origin.
    • The current content is available only after clearing Battlefront 8-35.
      • Please check the details of the content here.
  • There is a change in formation with required Souls for Tower of Origin.
    • AS IS: All stages will prioritize the higher combat power of your owned and borrowed Souls in the Formation screen.
    • TO BE: Only the first stage will prioritize combat power, and the following stages will prioritize the Souls used in the previous stage.
      • Auto Placement feature will not change your hired/owned Souls).

[Arena / Champs Arena Revamp]

  • Update Period: after September 21 maintenance.

Expanded Champions Arena attack match range 

  • There will be a change in where Champions Arena attack Matches are selected to provide a wider range than before.
    • ex. Saviors ranked 49th or lower will be able to be matched with the 1st place Savior. 

Channel Reorganization 

  • The Arena/Champions Arena channel will be reorganized.
  • Current Arena/Champions Arena scores/rankings will be reset.
  • Arena Daily Rewards: will be given based on your ranking before the 09/21 maintenance.
  • Arena Weekly Rewards: will be given on September 18 at 00:00 UTC.
    • You must log in to Eversoul before September 25 at 00:00 UTC to be eligible for the rewards.
  • Champions Arena Accumulated Rewards: Rewards accumulated till maintenance on September 21 will be sent to Mailbox after the maintenance ends.
    • You must be online before the next channel reorganization to claim the rewards.

Arena Reward Revamp

  • AS IS: Victory Rewards: Arena Coin x170~200 / Defeat Rewards: none
  • TO BE: Victory Rewards: Arena Coin x200 / Defeat Rewards: Arena Coin x100

[Double Reward Boosts]

[Dimensional Labyrinth Double Rewards]

  • Dimensional Labyrinth Double Rewards
    • Event Period: September 20 00:00 UTC—September 26, 23:59 UTC
    • During the event period, you will obtain double the rewards in Dimensional Labyrinth. 
    • The “Dimensional Labyrinth Double Reward Event” does not apply to additional entries to the Dimensional Labyrinth using a Labyrinth Ticket.

[New Soul]

  • The Beast Soul Lute with a good heart who lives peacefully among sheeps in Arkenine will be added.
    • Lute will be available from September 28, 00:00 UTC.
  • Her skill descriptions will be followed in a future notice.

[Upcoming Soul Pick-up]

  • Lute’s Pick-Up Summon event will start. There’s a higher chance of getting Lute through the event.
    • Pick-up Period: September 28, 00:00 UTC—October 18, 23:59 UTC

[Double Reward Boosts]

[Champs Arena Double Rewards]

  • Champs Arena Double Rewards
  • Event Period: October 4 00:00 UTC—October 10, 23:59 UTC
  • During the event period, you will obtain double the rewards for keeping your current ranking for a certain period of time.

[New content]

[Evil Soul Subjugation]

Event Period:  September 28, 00:00 UTC—October 13 23:59 UTC

  • Evil Soul Subjugation 
    • You can challenge Evil Soul Subjugation once a day during the event period.
    • You can set the level of the boss to fight before the challenge begins, and when you defeat the boss, the challenge count is deducted and you will receive rewards.
    • If you fail to defeat a boss or quit the battle, your challenge count will not be deducted.
    • Please check details of the current Evil Soul Subjugation event here.

Evil Soul Subjugation Changes and Improvements

  • Evil Soul Vivienne’s maximum level changes from 400 → 425.
  • Evil Soul Vivienne’s balance patch will be followed.
    • The details will be followed in a future notice.

[Mini Game: Waving Forest of Monsters]

Event Period: October 5, 00:00—October 11, 23:59 UTC

  • The list of Helper Souls in the Mini Game will be updated to date (incl. Lute).
  • Please check details of the Mini Game event here.

[Guild Raid: Gaia]

Event Period:  October 5, 00:00 UTC—October 11, 23:59 UTC

  • Another Guild Raid Missions will be followed as well 
  • Event Period: October 5, 00:00 UTC—October 11, 23:59 UTC
  • Reward Claimable Period: October 12, 00:00 UTC—October 18, 23:59 UTC
  • Rewards are identical to previous events. Please check the details here.
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