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Maintenance Schedule : September 20, 2023, 14:00 ~ 18:00 (UTC+9)


  • Returning Awakened Employee  – Solar Codex Yuna Springfield
  • Returning Employees – Karin Wong, Rita Arsenico and Horizon.
  • Challenge Stage – Payment Ledger

Alternium Reactor Update

【 Alternium Reactor Level 1 – Solar Codex Yuna Springfield

Eleanor StaffLevel Effect Details
▷ On top of the existing passive effect, it inflicts the target enemy unit with a debuff that decreases their HP per sec (cannot be canceled, Bosses excluded). This debuff is 3% when there is one enemy unit within range and is decreased by 1% for every additional enemy unit within range (Min 1%).

【 Alternium Reactor Level 1 – Karin Wong 】

Prototype Special Firearm – Anti-air PlasmaLevel Effect Details
▷ ASPD buff of Passive Skill lv. 5 changes to 20% (up to 60%), Passive Skill’s first attack always crits.

【Alternium Reactor Level 1 – Jane Doe 】

Perfect CrimeLevel Effect Details
▷ Becomes Immune to damage during the enhanced attack and casts an extra enhanced attack upon 10 evasions.


1) With every ban level, the unit’s incoming healing effect will be reduced by 40%.

2) On the [Recent Battle Record], detailed information on the opponent’s unit will be displayed.

Improvements & Changes

1) Auto Enhancement Function is added.

  • The enhancement will now have an option to directly select for +2, +5, +7, and MAX. 
  • Upon selection, it will use the highest enhancement module tier you have first. 

2) A confirmation pop-up window is added upon entering the Co-op battle.  

3) Upon selecting the back option after the raid [Support Request], it will remain at the [Support Request] window, not going back to the [World Map] screen. 

4) [Exchange Center – Today’s Deals]’ purchase confirmation popup will now indicate the total price at the bottom right corner. 

5) The “Alternium Reactor” filter will be added at the [Management] filter option.

6) For every thousand, a comma will be added to the total amount of credit required.

7) An option to select for crafting 10 / 100 at once is added.

8) The infinite sign on the crafting molds will be deleted.   

9) A total of 8 interactive voices between awakened employees are added.

– When certain awakened employees are deployed to the battlefield, they will use a different dialogue under certain conditions.  

10) The button for Danger Close is added to the main lobby screen. 

11) Daily Danger Close reward will be removed..  

13) On the [Management Guide – Unit – Stats], [Incoming Healing -] context will be changed to [ Incoming Healing + ].

※ Getting to the Management Guide

[Options >> Manage Account >> Management Guide]   

14) A change where after reading the interlude, it will now automatically lead you to the next stage.   

15) Some of the information displayed on [Trophy] units will be deleted.

16) Dive depth 7, coordinates from 56 to 60 is added.

17) The description for [Freeze] has been modified. 

– Before: Actions including Knockback and Airborne become unavailable for 5 seconds. Chill cannot be stacked when affected by Freeze. Bosses excluded.

After: For 5 seconds, cannot take any actions and become immune to Knockback and Airborne. Chill cannot be stacked when affected by Freeze. Bosses excluded.

18) Company Establishment Punch-In Reward’s 15th-day check-in reward has been modified.

– Before: T5 Enhance Module

– After: Precision Enhancement Module  

21) Initial loading speed has been improved.  

22) The network synchronization function has been improved.

23) A more direct graphical improvement to display the gear lock & gear dismantle process.   

24) Alternium Reactor tutorial has been added.

25) Some of the effects have been simplified.

  • Bind
  • Area of Effect 

26)  The name [Healing Enhancement] in the secondary gear ability slot has been changed to [Incoming Healing +/-] and [Outgoing Healing +/-] to be more intuitive. 


1) A fix in the Workshop where if you turn on the crafting list and adjust the client’s size, the crafting list would disappear.  

2) A fix on a few unis where their attacks would sporadically fire backward when they are facing forward.

– Curian, Evolved One, Ifrit, Biblide, Rearmed Titan  

3) A fix where if a unit has both [Counterattack] included in the basic attack and [Counterattack to Hitstun from Special or lower skills] included in the Special Skill is simultaneously hit by both basic attack and Special Skill from the opponent, the [Counterattack] in basic attack could block the [Counterattack to Hitstun from Special or lower skills] included in the Special Skill.

4) A fix where allied units could also proc the [Levia Thanis]’ Passive Skill, [Friendly Hairdresser]. 

5) In the substream, Ethereal Moon Splitter, fixed an issue where Lenore’s masked illustration would not display.

6) A fix where some units and ships are removing the sleep status effect even though the sleep release effect is not indicated in their unit and ship skill tooltips.

7) A fix where a unit with a [Counterattack] skill is affected with a skill with [Stun], [Freeze], or CC skill of sort from the opponent, a special gauge bar would be depleted without a [Counterattack] motion.

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