Limbus Company Tier List Update!

We updated our Limbus Company tier list to include the new characters and also some of the older ones have been updated! Limbus Tierlist from now on will consider more things when evaluating units and be more consistent with placing certain units. It has been brought to our attention that the Tierlist has some glaring issues and in some cases, is not consistent which we will try to improve in the future. 

Here’s the list of changes:

[R.B. Chef de Cuisine] Ryoshu – Current Tier S – New Tier A

While R.B. Ryoshu can still do decent damage with her Skill 3, her slashing potential has been overshadowed by [W Corp. L3 Cleanup Agent] Ryoshu who not only has better Skill 3, but also arguably the best Skill 2 in the game. While she does not need Uptie 4 like W Ryoshu, this is the only thing R.B. Ryoshu has surpassed her competition. With Uptie 4 and upgrades to certain E.G.O.s, I’m looking at you Fluid Sac, R.B. Ryoshu’s healing value diminished drastically. R.B. Ryoshu is still good and usable, especially if you do not have W Ryoshu, but W Ryoshu is just R.B.’s upgrade.

[R Corp. 4th Pack Rhino] Meursault – Current Tier S – New Tier A

[R Corp. 4th Pack Rhino] Meursault – Unfortunately, Project Moon with Railway 2 has shown that tank IDs need to either have great kit utility, synergies with E.G.O. or be immortal (Yes, I’m talking about K Corp Hong Lu). That is on top of putting a cap on status effects in railway and introducing bosses that remove status effects from themselves, putting statuses that are not called Sinking in awkward spot. While not given, future enemies might share similar gimmicks from railway, making status effects that can’t be bursted for massive damage (Sinking Deluge) a bad choice to build around.

[Seven Association South Section 6] Ryoshu – Current Tier S – New Tier A

[Seven Association South Section 6] Ryoshu shines when it comes to clashing and utility, but when it comes to damage, when compared to other Ryoshu IDs, Seven Ryoshu falls behind, especially when it comes to fuelling its own E.G.O.s. After Uptie 4, all of Ryoshu E.G.Os received a significant boost. For example, Forest of Flames can inflict 2 Fragile next turn which is amazing for burst turns. All of Ryoshu’s E.G.Os are fantastic and have IDs that can barely provide sins for those for faster usage, especially in Railway where farming sins is not easy considering “turn limit”. 7 Ryoshu is still good, do not get me wrong, but R.B. Ryoshu and especially W Ryoshu can offer more.

[Zwei Association South Section 4] Gregor – Current Tier S – Bonus explanation

Zwei Gregor’s position in S tier has been questioned a lot. Which is why this bonus explanation is being made. As Railway has shown us, tanks need to have utility worth using them, damage, or be in a way immortal. Zwei Gregor is fast, can be himself tanky and boost the defensive capability of the team but more importantly, Zwei Gregor utilises Legerdemain E.G.O. wonderfully. 4 Paralyze is not a joke and can turn difficult clashes into a joke. Quite a bit of enemies in Railway have big coin values where Paralyze shines. It is on top of being AoE. While Meursault has also good E.G.Os which usually put tax on his IDs, especially Chains of Others, Legerdemain is a no drawback skill that makes clashing and outputting damage by team easier. And while not on Legerdemain duty, Zwei Gregor can do decent damage as far as tank IDs are concerned, not dragging overall team dps. Flexible ID.

[W Corp. L3 Cleanup Agent] Ryoshu – Previous Tier A – New Tier S

I won’t be lying by saying that putting W Ryoshu in A was a mistake on my part. Various points have been made in different shapes and forms, and flaws of previous evaluation have been pointed out. She is one of, if not the, main reason for the Tier list update. W Ryoshu damage output far outclasses W Don and beats even R Heath. Both Leap and D.D.E.D.R. are fantastic clash and damage skills, and the previous flaw of needing 15+ charge, has been wrongly exaggerated. Same goes with her reliance on Uptie 4. Uptie 3 W Ryoshu is fine, but additional Coin Powers from Uptie 4, paired with +% damage bonuses on every single of her skills just simply makes her better at slashing through enemies.

[Lobotomy E.G.O::Red Sheet] Sinclair – Current Tier B – New Tier A

With the release of [Seven South Section 4] Faust and [Seven South Section 4] Heathcliff, Rupture has been a point of discussion. Rupture even now has potential to work and output the same damage as Sinking Deluge, but unlike Sinking Deluge, which just lets 1 ID output ridiculous amounts of damage in one go, Rupture can turn everybody into a monster of a dps. Value of Rupture as a status, have been, well, evaluated again, and with proper setup and tools that we have access to right now, like said Red Sheet Sinclair, AEDD E.G.O of Gregor, Ebony Stem Outis and LCCB Ishmael, rupture can be brutal for the enemy and even lets us bypass certain mechanics of certain fights, like My Form Emptiness. While Railway 2 has fights and bosses that just remove statuses from themselves or have caps on those, not every enemy has those and those who do not have such mechanics, can be Ruptured. Red Sheet Sinclair gets a spot in A due to his ability to assist with way more potent Rupture application.

[N Corp. Groẞhammer] Meursault – Current Tier A – New Tier B

Only really shines in N Corp Team as other tanks are just way better at not only tanking but also doing damage. N Corp Meursault debuffs require a specific team which includes IDs that are far from being the strongest, and just not using better options that are available for some debuffs is not a worthy trade. 

[N Corp. Mittelhammer] Rodion – Current Tier A – New Tier B

In a similar way as N Corp Meursault, N Rodion just does not offer anything that is worth using in the non N Corp team, especially considering other options currently available. 

[LCB Sinner] Ryoshu, [LCB Sinner] Sinclair, [LCB Sinner] Gregor, [LCB Hong Lu] – Current Tier B – New Tier C

All of those IDs are being moved a tier down. Previous evaluation focused way too much on their ability to help new players who do not have that many IDs yet to help in story and farming content, however those sinners have way better 00 and 000 Identities can can work at Uptie 3, and cost of raising 00 to U3 is not that high. 

[N Corp. Mittelhammer] Don Quixote – Current Tier B – New Tier C

Reasons similar to why other N Corp. IDs are getting moved down. Their viability as a whole is not that good in comparison to IDs available currently in game, and that drags especially N Corp. Don down too. 

[LCB Sinner] Heathcliff – Current Tier A – New Tier B

Heathcliff being in the same Tier as Outis was not seen as correct in the feedback provided to the tier list. While he was compared to Outis and how both boast great S3 that can help with clashing against certain dangerous enemy skills, Heathcliff’s damage does not compare to that of Outis, whose every skill has some sort of damage boost while Heathcliff has… Tremor. Their comparison purely on clash was not a fair one which is why Heathcliff gets moved tier down.

[Seven South Section 4] Faust – Current Tier N/A – New Tier A

[Seven South Section 4] Faust is a Rupture ID that can really shine when Rupture gets a bit more, correct, love that will let 7 Faust utilise her kit fully. She has potential to reach decently high damage numbers both from skill and Rupture but the final piece to that is yet to be added. Currently, 7 Faust is just decent.

[Seven South Section 4] Heathcliff – Current Tier N/A – New Tier A

[Seven South Section 4] Heathcliff faces a similar issue as released alongside him, 7 Faust ID. Rupture just needs something more that will properly tie the Rupture together into status that can be properly utilised without need to dedicate so much resources to make it work. However, if the count issue is fixed, Heathcliff with proper setup can inflict quite a bit of Rupture by himself already. If only Heathcliff had a Gloom skill (For synergy with Gregor’s AEDD).

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