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  • [Event] Substream [The Bitter End], Event Missions, and Event Shop Unlocked!
  • [Event] [Pure Possibilities] Added to the Nanahara Family Alliance – Ethereal Moon Splitter Substream Shop.
  • [New] New Units Added to the Alternium Reactor System. (Yoo Mina: Fenrir Type, Lee Yumi & Jaina)
  • [Attendance] Company Reinforcement Season Punch In! (2023-09-12 – 2023-09-26 04:00)
  • [CASE] Crossroads Counter Cases Unlocked. (Karin Wong & Joo Shiyoung)
  • [Recruit] New Classified Recruitment – Minerva Karin Wong Probability UP! Contract Mission Unlocked!
  • [Recruit] 100 Free Recruit Event Unlocked! 10 Free Recruits recharged daily. Up to Recruits during the event! Up to 100 Free Recruits during the event!
  • [Recruit] Classified Recruitment – Garguantia Maria Antonov & Stormbringer Jake Walker Probability UP!
  • [Gauntlet] Arcade Unlocked! (September 12 – September 25)
  • [Shop] Awakened Employee Update Special Classified Recruitment Package I & II, Special Fusion Core Package, Assorted Binary Special Package & Daily Special Training Package 1/2/3 Added to Shop.
  • [Login Gift] Log in to the game to claim rewards via mail:
    • On September 16: Info x3000, Special Ship Schematics x10, Prime Ship Material x75
    • On September 17: Info x3000, Black Box Fragment x30, Prime Ship Material x75
  • [BUFF] Gear Crafting Credit Discount -20% (September 12 – September 18)
  • Special Operator Support Buff (September 12 -September 18)

New Awakened Employee – Minerva Karin Wong

Minerva Karin Wong is a well-balanced and versatile Awakened Ranger who can perform both in PVP and harder PVE content. As a fury type employee, she requires relic gears to bring her skill downtime as low as possible.

Her strength lies within her laser attacks that triggers after every 8 attacks in PvP, with the laser attacks able to reach the whole map (except the Ship) and inflict barrier reflux with constant knockback on all enemies. The attacks itself might not do a lot of DMG but she can activate it through a lot of conditions like Passive backstep and Ultimate which makes it annoying to deal with.

Her Passive backstep has a guarantee that she will always dodge back in the right direction that can activate twice, along with her special skill granting herself a barrier makes her pretty hard to kill.

Her special skill drops a barrier behind the target, which can be used to redirect skills at the right timing. The barrier drop itself is a guaranteed Crit but it does not inherit her DMG Bonus or Crit DMG from gears since its a separate summon. The barrier can deliver rapid hits through the bombardment attacks and also has self-heals to hold off enemy attacks.

In PvE, her high hit count can be useful against bosses with Hit count check mechanics such as Tyrant Armor, Tyrant Gigas, since her laser attacks and barrier bombardment attacks can hit for a lot of times, although low DMG.


  • PVE – SS
  • PVP (KR) – SS
  • PVP (SEA) – SS
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