• Administrator’s Blessing System will be added. After reaching a certain number of ‘Retry’ attempts, the Regular can receive the ‘Floor Administrator’s Blessing’. The blessing will directly help to clear the stage by providing a powerful buff. The Administrator’s Blessing can be received once (1 time) every week and it will help with progressing through the Tower faster.
  • ‘The Guardian’s Test’ content added. It’s a new progression mode separate from the Tower.
  • 5 Free Summon will be granted everyday permanently, and like in the regular Summon, a mileage system will be applied.
  • SSR+ Wishlist will be added that will affect the 200 pity,
  • New character – [Honey Bee] Vespa will be released on 13/09 – a Yellow element Warrior.
  • Fall Festival event that revolves around the Khunn family will be held soon,
  • Floors 28 and 29 will be added in September.

Administrator’s Blessing System (Tentative Name) (To be added on the 09/20 Update)

There are situations where you meet a powerful enemy in Adventure and you can’t clear the stage easily even after trying several different ways, and you have to wait a long time for Loot to accumulate and to be able to advance. 

One option is to either wait longer and collect Loot to try again or borrow a Friend’s Teammate to help. However, we received various suggestions mentioning how this takes way too much time, or that they already reached the Friend Support limits, leaving our Regulars stuck in certain stages.

To help our Regulars advance in Adventure, an Administrator’s Blessing System will be added.

The Administrator’s Blessing is a system where after reaching a certain number of ‘Retry’ attempts, the Regular can receive the ‘Floor Administrator’s Blessing’.

The blessing will directly help to clear the stage by providing a powerful buff. 

The Administrator’s Blessing can become your hidden card to break through stages since you can start the battle with a powerful buff on the desired stage.

The Administrator’s Blessing can be received once (1 time) every week. The count will reset every Monday 00:00 (UTC+9).

We hope the blessing helps our Regulars reach higher floors in the Tower.

Guardian’s Test Content (Tentative Name) (To be added on the 09/20 Update)

The webtoon’s Season 1 Story was completed, and Season 2 will start soon.

Regulars who also read the webtoon may remember the main arc in Season 2, named ‘Hell Train’,

where a ‘Revolution’ was about to take place. (It was also often referred to as ‘Rice Pot’)

Borrowing the webtoon’s concept of training before walking on the Revolution road, we introduce a new content: ‘The Guardian’s Test’

Challenge the stages that open daily to earn rewards in this new content, set apart from the main Adventure Mode.

[Guardian’s Test Content]

Training Location ‘Revolution’ Background

In the Guardian’s Test, 3 stages open daily, and each stage has 3 mission requirements, including “Clear Stage”. Complete all 3 missions to receive various rewards.

Additionally, when it comes to balance, the difficulty is set automatically based on the Regular’s current Growth to make sure everyone gets to experience an adequate level of difficulty.

To make sure our Regulars get to enjoy the new content at their own pace, whether it is playing when they have time or based on their usual play style, we set the completion time on a weekly basis.

Other than the Adventure and Story Modes, we hope our Regulars enjoy the Guardian’s Test,

and take this chance to obtain various Growth materials to train their Teammates and get stronger.

Summon System Improvements (To be added on the 09/20 Update)

In Tower of God: New World, the goal is to have fun summoning Teammates, setting up your Team (deck) and clearing stages by creating your own strategy.

With that in mind, we will improve the system to help our Regulars to collect the Teammates they want, and obtain Soul Crystals more easily to Grow them. The following 2 measures will be applied:

(1) Free Daily Summon Feature (To be added on the 09/20 Update)

A new Daily Summon feature will be added to give our Regulars a chance to summon a Teammate everyday. 5 Free Summon will be granted everyday, and like in the regular Summon, a mileage system will be applied.

We hope that with this new feature our Regulars get to collect more Teammates and Soul Crystals.

(2) 200th Summon: SSR+ Rate Up List (To be added on the 09/20 Update)

Tower of God: New World is a game where collecting Teammates is crucial. Taking that into consideration and the fact that every time an SSR+ Teammate is added, it gets harder and harder to obtain the Teammate you want, we came to the conclusion that improvements are needed.

After carefully reviewing various suggestions from our Regulars, we were able to set a direction to apply improvements on this topic.  

To help our Regulars obtain the SSR+ Teammate they want, even when new SSR+ Teammates are added, a SSR+ Rate Up List, to be applied once the 200th Summon mark is reached, will be added.

You can choose 5 Teammates to add to the SSR+ Rate Up List, and once you reach the 200th Summon mark, you will obtain 1 out of the 5 Teammates you selected.

Each one of the Teammates chosen for Rate Up have the same rates, and Teammates who finalized their Limit Break can not be added to the list.

We will keep actively listening and reviewing various suggestions on the Teammate collection system into consideration for future improvements.

So far, we have discussed the main points suggested by many Regulars through the Hotline.

Now we will introduce the upcoming September update.

The First Other Story: ‘Same Goal, Different Purpose’ (To be added on the 9/13 Update)

Other Story is a new content that can be found in Story Mode.

It is an original spin-off story of Tower of God: New World, created by imagining stories that were not revealed in the webtoon story but could have been.

The ‘Same Goal, Different Purpose’ story shows Rachel’s side of the early journey, starting after Bam goes up to the next floor first.

Find out how Rachel climbs the Tower differently from Bam, and how she met her teammates, Ghost and Endorsi in the upcoming Other Story.

Trial of Origin Expansion to No. 250 (To be added on the 9/13 Update)

To keep up with the speed Regulars are clearing the Trial of Origin, it will be extended to No. 250.

Related Mission Achievements and Ranking Boards will also be updated, and we will continue to update to provide a sufficient volume of content to our Regulars who are quickly climb up the Tower.

New Teammate: “[Honey Bee] Vespa” (To be added on the 9/13 Update)

Meet an adorable bee, Yellow Element SSR Teammate, ‘[Honey Bee] Vespa’ on 9/13 Update.


Vespa, an SSR Teammate that can fit the Warrior and Scout roles, is a cute bee who self-proclaimed the fastest Regular in E-Rank.

However, contrary to the cute appearance, Vespa has a Paralyze skill that interrupts the enemy’s attacks, having a powerful ability to mark the enemy in 1:1.

Placing the Vespa in the rear when the opponent has assassins, or in the front when there are powerful warriors, can play a role in disrupting the opponent’s strategy/tactics.

In addition, if you form a team using only Yellow Element teammates, Vespa will be an attractive teammate with the ‘DEF Increase’ passive that can be used as a tank, so please look forward to it.

Khun Family’s “Fall Festival” Update (September)

In September, the Khun Family Fall Festival will be held.

Fall Festival is an original story campaign event of Tower of God: New World, which begins when ‘Khun Edahn’, the head of the Khun family, sends a family invitation to the entire Khun family.

We have prepared diligently to ensure that there are no shortcomings, taking into account the opinions we received in the previous Vacation Campaign, so stay tuned for the event.

More details will be provided later.

Prior to this, we are preparing various rewards such as Normal Summon Tickets through Fall Festival Countdown Check-in, we hope you look forward to this as well.

Additionally, the Trials of the Tower will continue in September with the expansion of new Adventure Mode floors 28-29F.

Be prepared for a new challenge.

<28 Floor: ‘The Hand of Arlene’ Background><29 Floor: ‘March Battle Testing Site’ Background>

Other Convenience Features Improvements (October)

Lastly, we would like to introduce convenience features that are currently in preparation related to team formation.

We are developing a formation import function so that our Regulars can easily refer to and use the same formations as friends who successfully cleared the stage.

Our plan is to develop this feature by October, to allow you to import and use formations while checking your friends’ records in the ‘Recommendation’ menu of the dispatch screen before the battle.

We are continuously reviewing the various improvements proposed by our Regulars, and we will share any confirmed content through future Dev. Notes.

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