Lenore joins the fray!

New Counter Pass Character – Lenore

  • Type: Counter
  • Role: Striker
  • Deployment cost: 4
  • Attack type: Ground
  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack – 2 Valid Hits

  • Swipes her mechanical arm, dealing AoE damage in front. When receiving an attack while casting Basic attack or while moving, consumes 1 [Deceive] stack to perform a barrier removing counter attack, and inflicting knockback.

Passive: – 2 Valid Hits

  • Lenore can detect Stealth units. After receiving 15 hits, obtain 1 stack of [Deceive] which increases EVA by 50% (Max 4 stacks, Uncancelable). All of Lenore’s attacks inflicts 1 stack of [Sentence]. At 4 [Sentence] stacks, enforces [Execution] on enemies (excluding Bosses), dealing 15% of current HP as damage. Enemies with [Execution] does not accumulate [Sentence].
    • [Sentence]: DEF reduced by 5% for 6s
    • [Execution]: DEF reduced by 20% for 12s.
  • Lv5: Recovers 1 Deployment Resource if there are no other units present on the field.

Special skill: – 2 Valid Hits – 20s CD

  • Negates damage upon receiving hitstun from Special skills and stabs the mechanical arm, dealing AoE damage in front and knocking enemies down.
    • Lv5: Obtains 2 stacks of [Deceive] after casting skill.

Ultimate: – 4 Valid Hits – 48s CD

  • Scratches forward while invincible and knocks enemies back on the final hit. Removes barriers on damaged enemies and grants Lenore Sure Fire for 15s after casting
    • Lv5: Obtains 4 stacks of [Deceive] after casting skill.

Here is her skill cut-in!

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