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Maintenance Schedule – September 6, 2023, 14:00 ~ 16:30 (UTC+9)


  • New Substream – Frozen Corridors
  • Challenge Stage – Forbidden Knowledge
  • Gauntlet – Sincere Season – The Second Half (Amy Skin)
  • Co-op Battle – Demolition Worm Floating Island Season
  • Capital Point Event
  • New Awakened Employee – Tenured President Regina MacCready
  • New Characters – Acolyte and Luna
  • New Counter Pass – Agnes Abigail
  • New Rearmament Employee – Outlander Rivet
  • Spring Bunny Lounge Skins – Ella, Agnes and Raphaela
  • Returning Characters – Edel Meitner, Serapel , Elizabeth Pendragon, Raphaela and Ella

New Substream – Frozen Corridors

A new substream, Frozen Corridors, will begin after the update on Sept. 6, 2023. 

Find out how Regina faces the ESPR society to end its atrocious acts.

For a limited time, [Frozen Corridors]’s event currency, [Will’o the Wisps] will drop more than usual!

  • [Frozen Corridors] Substream Schedule – September 6, After the update ~ Until further notice (UTC+9 & UTC-5)
  • [Frozen Corridors Event Shop] Schedule – September 6, After the update ~ Until further notice (UTC+9 & UTC-5)
  • [Frozen Corridors Event Mission] Schedule – September 6, After the update ~ September 20, 2023, 12:00 (UTC+9)
  • [Frozen Corridors] Bonus Currency Drop Event Schedule -September 6, After the update ~ September 13, 2023, 12:00 (UTC+9)

Method of Acolyte Acquisition

  • 1. By spending 10,000 [Will’o the Wisps] 
    • You can get [Will’o the Wisps] by clearing the [Frozen Corridors] stages.
  • 2. Unit Data from the [Frozen Corridors Event Shop]

New Awakened Employee – Tenured President Regina MacCready

Awakened Regina is the second 7-cost character in the game. And similar to another 7-cost character, Maestra Nequitia, she also has a pretty interesting gimmick. When you first deploy A. Regina, she will be covered in an ice barrier that doubles her HP and gives immunity to a lot of status effects. In this phase, she’s really hard to kill but barely deals any damage herself as she can’t use her skills.

As the barrier state loses strength, A. Regina’s ATK will slowly increase and the moment the barrier breaks, she will enter phase 2 and become a machine of pure destruction. Her damage output and utility is scary and justifies her deployment cost, but two things make her borderline overpowered: the range on her special and ultimate is very large, with the special skill grouping up enemies, locking their buffs, and resetting its own CD. Also the ultimate allows Regina to easily hit and kill the backline while freezing the entire map.

A. Regina has some downsides though. Her movement speed is very slow and also once she enters phase 2, she loses the HP% buff allowing her to be assassinated. Due to her high cost you need to build a team around to protect her.


  • PVE – S
  • PVP (SEA) – SS
  • PVP (GBL) – SS

New Character – Acolyte

Acolyte is the first C.O. healer that sacrifices his own HP to heal his allies and increase their max HP. His healing is unconventional as he heals allies by shooting through them. His issue is that he constantly loses his own HP and he can’t be healed by others, so he won’t last long on the battlefield. Still, the moment he dies a tentacle will attack the enemy backline, dealing damage and stunning the enemies hiding there. This makes him really good in PVP as there aren’t many units that can attack and CC the backline consistently.

Also in PVE, some people started using Nequitia and her friends from the Elysium Philharmonic faction as a single team – as with Luna’s and Acolyte’s release, the team has now someone for every role.


  • PVE – A
  • PVP (SEA) – SS
  • PVP (GBL) – SS

New Character – Luna

Luna is the first Air Defender added to the game that redefined how tanking works in Counter Side. Normally, tanks sit in the frontline and take the brute of the damage coming from the enemy team, but Luna is different. She’s hovering in the air while playing on her trumpet and supporting allies by receiving 30% of the damage they take and giving them barriers.

This means that any unit that can’t target air will simply walk past her and go straight for your ship – so you need to actually use other Defenders or Strikers to hold the line and Luna will support them. Also, keep in mind that the more ally units are around her, the faster Luna will die – as the 30% damage taken will quickly kill her. This means she’s not a good tank for teams that use Soldiers or Summoners or modes where there are a lot of characters present like Raids.

Also, keep in mind that she’s part of the Elysium Philharmonic faction, so she works best when paired with Maestra Nequita and her ‘violin people’ – other C.O. characters from that faction. Actually, now that Luna and Acolyte were released, Elysium decks are a real nightmare in PVP as they are super hard to kill.


  • PVE – B
  • PVP (SEA) – S
  • PVP (GBL) – S

New Counter Pass – Agnes Abigail

Agnes is one of the strongest PVE units in any DPS focused content, as her kit is centered around dealing lots of damage – 20% DEF Shred, 114% ASPD boost, +100% Crit DMG, +20% DMG, and Guaranteed CRITS. Overall just alot of useful stats in big amounts. She however does have a bit of a ramp up time which mainly affects her in PVP, since you cannot use her to quickly take down an enemy. Instead, she is more preferred on a Tank ASPD set in PVP for the 25% HP Reduction, 3% HP DMG per hit and also sometimes also chipping down on the enemy ship and backlines with Ultimate, although the ultimate cannot CRIT.


  • PVE – SSS
  • PVP (SEA) – S
  • PVP (GBL) – S

New Rearmament Employee – Outlander Rivet

Outlander Rivet takes what her base was good at and amplifies it. Since her cost wasn’t increased compared to the base version (2 cost), she instantly became a very strong ranger/nuker that works in any team.

But her biggest strength lies in the special skill that deals tons of damage and can even one-shot characters like Spira – mainly because Outlander Rivet gets bonus damage against both Counter and C.O.s enemies. Other C.O. hybrids like Morse, Nequtia, and Shena also have a hard time surviving against Outlander Rivet because of that.

In PVE, her performance is also really good as the anti-C.O passive comes in handy there.


  • PVE – S
  • PVP (SEA) – SSS
  • PVP (GBL) – SSS

New Skin – Amy Firstwing (Gauntlet)

New Skin – Sweet Bunny Hunter (Agnes)

New Skin – Medical Rabbit (Ella)

New Skin – The Spotlight’s Mine! (Raphaela)


The Gear Grade and Tier will change.

  • Gears with Tier 5 and below will undergo the following gear grade changes
    • SSR → R
    • SR → N
      • Only the gear grade mark will change. Their stats will remain as it is before the changes.
  • Stage rewards will no longer drop gears with N or R grades.
  • Ultraprecise T6 Spectral Universal Mold will now only create SSR-grade spectral gears.
  • T6 Spectral Universal Mold will now only create SSR & SR-grade spectral gears. 

Challenge Act 3’s description will change in accordance with Yegor’s gimmick.

  • Before
    • Yegor: Casts a stackable ATK buff on all his allies within range on the attack.
  • After
    • Yegor: Casts an ATK buff on himself upon attacking.

The location of the [Enter Coupon] will change.

Bug Fix

  1. A fix where [Code Geass] Event story’s tab to go directly to the event shop was not displaying correctly. 
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