Summary for the KR Livestream for Eversoul celebrating Savior Day!

0901 Savior’s Day Special Coupon

  • Period: September 1 —September 15, 00:00 UTC
  • Coupon Code: saviors0901
  • Coupon Reward: 2,100 Everstone 

How to Claim

  1. Go to the Eversoul official website.
  2. Click the menu button (3 lines) at the upper right corner of the website.
  3. Click the Coupon tab.
  4. Insert your user information as well as coupon code.
  5. Redeem the coupon rewards.

If you have an issue finding the Coupon web link, then click this link, please.


  • Please enter the coupon code in the coupon field without spaces.
  • You will receive a coupon gift if you enter the coupon name correctly.
  • You can check your coupon gift in your account mailbox.
  • Each coupon can only be redeemed once per account.

Game Changes

  • Change multiple decks of wires (to be updated on September 14)
    • 19/20 Regional Organization Change to 3 decks -> 2 decks
  • Miracle Gimic Improved (Updated on September 14)
  • Arena Channel Reorganization (scheduled for 09/21)
    • Mitigating inequality in the fighting power gap between old and new channels
    • Exchange members of each channel with each other
  • Improved battle direction skips
  • Consolidation of day/night part-time jobs
    • Updated at 0:00 UTC (9:00), 8:00 UTC (17:00), and 16:00 UTC (1:00 UTC).
    • It can be done 3 times a day based on reality
    • Time fatigue compensation doubles
    • Part-time job progress conditions remain the same
  • Season Pass Object Part-time Job
    • Consolidation of day/night part-time jobs
    • 0:00 UTC (9:00) renewal

Catherine ESS

Catherine ESS has been revealed

Here are the 2 skin variants for her! (Gold Themed with Veil is 301 clear reward) (Slide to view next image!)

When you are meant to be Holy but your body is made for Sin”

Chuseok Event

We get brand new Aki, Jiho and Soonie skins! (Aki Skin and Jiho Render is posted below)

(Slide to view next image!)

New Character – Bryce

(Slide to view next image!)

New Character – Lute

Best 5 OST (PD Choice)

Prim Color Schema Change

New Guild Raid Boss – Black Knight

Celebration Items

Mephi Cake and Jiho Keychain!

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