Rearm Joo Shiyoung joins the fray!

New Rearm Character – Joo Shiyoung

  • Type: Counter
  • Role: Striker
  • Deployment cost: 3
  • Attack type: Ground
  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack – 1 Valid Hit

  • Swings her longsword, inflicting AoE damage on enemies in front.

Passive: Gratuitous – 2 Valid Hits

  • Ranged attack DMG Taken -30% After every 4th Basic attack, she takes the counterattack stance and responds to incoming Basic damage with AoE damage. Increases her EVA by 50% for 6s after counterattacking, her attack counter does not increase for the duration.
    • Lv5: Counterattack buff also increases her ASPD by 30%
    • Lv10: +30% Counterattack DMG

Special skill: Bite – 2 Valid Hits – 20s CD

  • Swings her longsword and levitates nearby enemies. She then follows and cuts at them with a dagger, inflicting AoE damage. Blinds the targets for 4 seconds.
    • Lv5: HP+10%
    • Valid Hit+1

Ultimate: Spacetime Samsara – 4 Valid Hits – 48s CD

  • Forcefully stabs with her longsword, inflicting AoE damage on enemies in front. Afterward, increases ATK and DMG RES by 20% for 12 seconds, and Stuns the enemies for 3 seconds.
    • Lv5: CD-8s
    • Lv10: Gain Perfect Eva for 3s after casting

Leader: Sura’s Path

Enters the counter stance for 5s after 20 attacks evaded, becoming Immune to hitstun from Ultimate Skills or lower, and reflecting 40% of DMG received as True damage. Unable to cast Special Skill in counter stance.

  • Lv5: Reflected DMG is increased to 80% of received DMG.

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  1. Helix

    her info is not in the prydwen database site?

  2. solai

    They needed the passive lmao redown

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