New Skins – Luna and Draco (KR)

Welcome Master Skin – Draco

Welcome Master Skin – Luna

Alternium Reactor

The third set of candidates for the Alterium Reactor has been selected. 

The chosen candidates this time are [Solar Codex Yuna Springfield], [Karin Wong], and [Jane Doe]. 

Please note that the Alternium Reactor abilities of each candidate are not finalized and may be changed on the update. The finalized version will be informed through the Patch Notes.

You can find detailed information about the Alternium Reactor stats for these three candidates below.

Alternium Reactor Level 1 – Solar Codex Yuna Springfield

Level Effect Details
▷ Decreases enemy HP per sec within Passive Skill range (Cannot be canceled, bosses excluded). 3% decreases if 1 enemy unit, decreases by 1% for each additional unit (Min 1%).

Alternium Reactor Level 1 – Karin Wong

Level Effect Details
▷ ASPD buff of Passive lv.5 changes to 20% (up to 60%). Gains Immunity to Hitstun from Special or lower skills for 10 seconds upon max stack (8-second cooldown).

Alternium Reactor Level 1 – Jane Doe

Level Effect Details
▷ Immune to damage during the enhanced attack. After dodging 10 attacks, delivers an additional enhanced attack.

Maximum Dive Depth Expansion

In the last May update, the maximum depth was expanded up to level 7. 

As of this moment, many CEOs have already successfully cleared to the highest depth. 

Therefore, this coming September, we are planning to expand the maximum depth up to level 60, allowing all CEOs to embark on new strategies for deeper Dives.

As the depth of the Dives deepens, we anticipate that CEOs will get more enjoyment from devising tactics and achieving a greater sense of accomplishment after each successful depth.

Gauntlet Improvements

First, we are implementing enhancements to the Gauntlet Threshold Break rules. As we reviewed the statistics surrounding Gauntlet battles, it was evident that the duration of battles has become excessively long. In light of this, we are actively discussing the addition of a “Damage Amplification” buff within the Gauntlet’s Threshold Break system, triggered when there’s less than a minute left in battle. The specific numerical values are still in the testing phase, and we will provide comprehensive information through patch notes.

Second, we’d like to address reducing healing effects in the Gauntlet. In CounterSide, healing skills provide heals proportionate to health, making it one of the efficient skills. However, this has led to prolonged Gauntlet battle durations and a somewhat monotonous experience due to units not succumbing during battles. To address this, we are considering implementing a limited reduction in healing effects solely within the Gauntlet. We will first conduct preliminary testing through the Arcade mode and then proceed to review whether to apply the healing reduction.

Furthermore, we are also exploring the idea of reducing healing effects in correlation with the ban tier if a unit with a healing skill is on the ban list.

In the current bans & ups system, units taking on the role of healers are less impacted by the system than other units. This is intended to prevent them from occupying ban slots unnecessarily.

We fully acknowledge that revamping the Gauntlet system is a sensitive matter. Please be aware that the information presented in this developer’s note may undergo changes during development. 

As we move forward with the update, we plan to provide precise information to our CEOs through detailed patch notes. Your understanding and support are invaluable as we strive to enhance your gameplay experience.

Gear Grade and Tier Revamp

Gears in CounterSide come with grades ranging from N to SSR and tiers from 1 to 7. As the game’s service has progressed, the variety of gears has increased, leading to heightened complexity and confusion in gear selection due to the growing number of grades and tiers. To alleviate these inconveniences, adjustments to the gear grades and tiers will be made.

Firstly, there will be changes to the grades based on gear tiers. Gears in tiers 4 and 5 will be reorganized into N and R grades, while SR and SSR grades will be exclusively applied to gears in tiers 6 and above.

The stats for the gears will remain as they were even after this reorganization. Previously held N and R-grade gears will no longer be obtainable after the reorganization, as their obtainable sources will be removed.

As for Spectral Gears, R-grade gears will no longer show up in the crafting using [T6 Spectral Universal Mold], and [Ultraprecise T6 Spectral Universal Mold] will only give SSR gears after the update.

As a preparatory step for this gear overhaul, R-grade gears obtained from crafting existing Swift gear will be replaced with T4 enhancement modules. The replacement enhancement modules will be T4 enhancement modules in a gear format, usable in the [Material Enhancment] section. Subsequently, with the gear grade and tier update, these enhancement modules will gradually transition into supplies usable in the [Module Enhancement] section.

T4 & T5 superconductor and polymer gears obtained as victory rewards in raids will be replaced with only tier 5 gears after the August 30 update.

After the gear grade and tier renewal, N & R-grade gear equivalent to tier 5 will be obtainable in raids. 

These changes aim to simplify gear progression and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Relic Gear Latent Ability Value Modification System

To obtain Relic Gears with desired Latent Ability and its values, preliminary preparations involving gear crafting, enhancement, and unlocking Latent Abilities are required. We understand the difficulty of this process, so we are working on a feature allowing changes to the values of Latent Ability to alleviate the difficulty of crafting relic gears.

The modification of relic gears’ Latent Ability value can be carried out using a new item called [Relic Binary] and a certain amount of credits. Changes can be made to the values of each latent socket, with the required credit amount increasing gradually with each attempt to modify the Latent Ability values.

Detailed information regarding the modification of Latent Ability values, including the use of the new item [Relic Binary], will be thoroughly explained in the upcoming patch notes. This addition aims to provide more flexibility and customization for CEOs in their pursuit of optimal Relic Gears.

Automatic Gear Enhancement System

There has been an inconvenience in manually using enhancement modules or materials to enhance gear up to the desired levels. In response to this, a convenient enhancement function will be added. It will include the option to select enhancement levels such as +2, +5, +7, and the maximum enhancement level. When these buttons are clicked, the required number of enhancement modules for the chosen enhancement level will be automatically selected.

Please note that the implementation of an automatic selection feature for [enhancement materials] may be challenging due to system limitations. We kindly ask for your understanding in this regard. 

This improvement is aimed at streamlining the enhancement process and providing a more user-friendly experience for CEOs seeking to enhance their gears to specific levels.

UI Improvements

Firstly, the [Danger Close] button will be relocated to the lobby. 

With the 6.0 update in February 2023, the [Danger Close] option was moved from the world map to the [Operations] – [Overview] section. However, to address the inconvenience of not being able to access detailed information about [Danger Close] until entering the [Operations] section, the [Danger Close] option will be moved to the lobby.

Next, there will be a change in the location of the [Enter Coupon] button. Coupons issued through events can be redeemed using the [Enter Coupon] button found in the [Game Settings] – [Manage Account] section. However, due to close proximity of the [Enter Coupon] button to the [Reset Server] and [Enter Transfer Code] buttons, there was a potential element for confusion and inconvenience. As such, the [Enter Coupon] button will be relocated to the bottom right of the [Manage Account] section to avoid any confusion with other buttons.

Lastly, the UI related to purchasing multiple items from the [Today’s Deals] will be enhanced. Following feedback from CEOs regarding the inconveniences caused by the lack of visibility of the total required resources for purchasing items selected when using the multiple-item purchase feature, a modification will be made. When purchasing selected items in bulk from the [Today’s Deals], the number of resources needed in total for the selected item will now be displayed during the final purchase.

These changes aim to enhance the gaming experience by improving the accessibility and clarity of various in-game features.

Status Effect – Sleep Error Fix

When characters are afflicted with the sleep status effect, they enter a state of incapacitation, which is lifted upon receiving damage. However, it has come to our attention that there is an issue where some units and ships are removing the sleep status effect even though the sleep release effect is not indicated in their unit and ship skill tooltips.

Firstly, we deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by this error. This issue will be resolved by fixing the units and ships with sleep remove effects not explicitly stated in their skill tooltips to be corrected not to remove the sleep status.

The units and ships that will be affected by this correction are as follows.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this error. Moving forward, we will diligently review and develop any aspects related to status effects to ensure the accuracy and functionality of the game mechanics.

Half Anniversary Event Mission Schedule Extension

The duration of the half-anniversary event mission will be extended by a week. 

The extension was to support new and returning CEOs to participate in the event smoothly and get the final prize of the event.

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