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Maintenance Schedule – August 16, 2023, 14:00 ~ August 16, 2023, 16:00 (UTC+9)


  • New Raid SeasonInhibitor
  • Challenge Stage  Academy Student Council Special Course
  • Returning Units Kaci Bins, Sky Layfield and Spira
  • Returning Operators Moneka and Olivie Park
  • Alternium Reactor Update

Alternium Reactor Update

Alternium Reactor Level 1 – Yoo Mina: Fenrir Type

WolvesbaneLevel Effect Details
▷ When HP drops below 1%, uses Special Skill regardless of cooldown and becomes Immortal that is removed after taking 10 hits.

Alternium Reactor Level 1 – Delta Seven – Jaina Kropel

Compound CrossbowLevel Effect Details
▷ When her Passive Skill is active, her ASPD will increase by 100% as well as her fury will count as 2 instead of 1 for each basic attack.

Alternium Reactor Level 1 – Police SWAT 4 – Lee Yumi

Grinding PaddleLevel Effect Details
▷ Upon casting a Special Skill, a 20% barrier relative to her maximum HP will be applied to herself. 


  • Improved a mission reward where if the rewards are originally T3 and below gears, it will now be given as a Enhancement Module.
  • Event and rewards for [ Ethereal Moon Splitter ] story has been added.
    • Drop Increase Event Buff – August 16, 14:10 ~ August 23, 2023, 12:00 (UTC+9)
    • Added an item [Pure Possibilities] in the story’s event shop.
  • Factor binder’s acquisition additional description has been added

Bug Fixes

  • An issue where Solar Codex Yuna Springfield’s Special Skill does not cast on where it is supposed to be. 
  • A fix where Mech buffs banned is not working as intended in the Co-op Battle – Arena.
  • An issue where when Dracasia closes her eyes, her eyebrow disappears.
  • A fix on [Shop – Exchange Center – Convenience Goods]’s Background: Hotel (Day).
  • A fix where if the units with extra DMG cancellation skill is getting heals per second, these units’ HP won’t drop at certain point, and the extra DMG cancellation skill’s requirement won’t activate.

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