Limbus Company tier list update!

With all the things happening with Limbus Company recently it took us way longer than we initially thought it would take to update the tier list for the Uptie 4, but we finally managed to do it!

Below you can find the list of changes + our reasons for doing them:

[Blade Lineage Cutthroat] Outis – Current Tier C – New Tier C

Uptie 4 did not help Blade Lineage Outis as she still struggles with maintaining her poise and also having requirements of enemy HP being at certain percentages for skills and passives, making her not a desired pick to the fielded team or as a support passive provider.

[Blade Lineage Salsu] Sinclair – Current Tier B – New Tier B

Uptie 4 helped Blade Lineage Sinclair with his poise generation and also buffed his whole kit. Sadly, his power values on skills are still something to be desired especially when it comes to content like Mirror Dungeon where clashing ability is very important. Additionally, to maintain his poise, he requires another Poise ID in a team or Blade Lineage Yi Sang support passive. His damage definitely is now above average but outside of To Claim Their Bones hitting very at best case scenario up to 200 damage, he does not offer much. 

[Blade Lineage Salsu] Yi Sang – Current Tier B – New Tier A

Big winner of Uptie 4 update. Blade Lineage Yi Sang after Uptie 4 boasts great performance in boss fights, consistent and powerful clashing and steady damage. Under perfect circumstances, his S1, Striker’s Stance, becomes the best clashing S1 in the game. Same with his S3 that reaches the performance of other, top tier S3 in the game. While he will not be reaching numbers of N Sinclair or W Don, his damage with crits will be consistent and his clashing prowess will help him hold out against tougher enemies. Especially those in Mirror Dungeon. Unfortunately, he requires Uptie 4 and longer than 2 turns battles to reach his ideal performance, hence he is currently at A. If Refraction Railway is adjusted to have longer fights, he will certainly place at S tier.

[Cinq South Section 5 Director] Don Quixote – Current Tier N/A – New Tier A

Cinq Don is without a doubt the best clasher in the game that clashes and sla… pierces the enemies. Her skills’ sins are perfect for fueling Fluid Sac, giving her a spot in a Sinking team. Her damage range varies greatly due to passive and number of clashes affecting her damage bonus. Outside of clashing like there is no tomorrow, she does not offer much.

[Molar Boatworks Fixer] Sinclair – Current Tier N/A – New Tier B

Molar Sinclair is a decent event ID. He is full on Tremor centric ID which is not that good considering Tremor is among the worst effects in the game. His S1 is awful without condition boosting its coins and S3 can be annoying to use sometimes. However, his damage and clash on S2 and S3 is okay so at least he has that going for him.

[Effloresced E.G.O::Spicebush] Yi Sang – Current Tier SS – New Tier S

Pillar of the Sinking team. Spice Yi Sang makes Sinking a worthwhile status to stack and on top of that, offers decent clashing with his S2 and S3 on top of being able to turn S2 into an AoE attack. Great synergy with Sunshower E.G.O. and with the sinking gifts in Mirror Dungeon.

[G Corp. Head Manager] Outis – Current Tier A – New Tier A

One coin wonder that works surprisingly well in Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard. G Corp Outis was for a while outclassed by other Outis ID, it being 7 Section, but after offence changes and Uptie 4, G Corp Outis found her spot in Sinking team and Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard team. Her buffs and debuffs can be very helpful, especially Power Down on S3 if used correctly. She is sadly still held back by the one coin on every of her skills, and even with 95% chance of heads at 45 sanity, rolling tails means damage taken or even stagger in some cases.

[G Corp. Manager Corporal] Gregor – Current Tier S – New Tier A

With the Uptie 4, G Corp Gregor got a minor synergy boost with Rupture, but even with that, Rupture is still an annoying status to build up with very minor payoff even with the damage bonus G Corp Gregor can do. Gregor offers clashing and above average damage, and that is all about it. He is at the current moment better used as a support unit for the passive.

[K Corp. Class 3 Excision Staff] Hong Lu – Current Tier S – New Tier S

Best tank in the game. Full stop. K Corp Hong Lu with combination of his passive and Dimensional Shredder E.G.O. can be killed, revived, killed and revived again a few times making him perfect for soaking hits. On top of being the best tank in the game, K Corp Hong Lu can clash when needed with his decent values. Synergizes with the Rupture team, but that is a bonus considering the spot of Rupture in the game. If you ever want to solo content, and know how to do it, or do not know what is ahead and want a safety net, K Corp Hong Lu is your pick.

[Kurokumo Clan Wakashu] Hong Lu – Current Tier SS – New Tier A

Fall from grace. With Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard being added, where clash is important, KK Hong Lu can no longer hold his own. Even with Uptie 4, KK Hong Lu currently does not offer much outside of the damage from his S2. He does not fit into Bleed team with new additions and Uptie 4, Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard is not for him. Railway might be the content for him, but outside of that, he is currently an ID that can be put in any team, that does not bleed, if you want his damage from S2 and do not know who else to use instead.

[Kurokumo Clan Wakashu] Rodion – Current Tier B – New Tier A

Another great winner of Uptie 4. KK Rodion can finally maintain her poise herself (but can be used with Blade Lineage Yi Sang support passive to never worry about her dropping poise) and assist bleed teams to a great effect. When used as a sole poise ID in a team needs BL Yi Sang passive, but other than that, her additional 10 Bleed on S3 can be applied way easier, her damage is ok, clash is also ok and on top of that, her near tank stats can let her soak up a hit or two, especially when paired with her Counter that gives Protection. Decent choice to use but sadly, requires Uptie 4 to function.

[Kurokumo Clan Wakashu] Ryoshu Current Tier A – New Tier A

Kurokumo Ryoshu’s Uptie 4 is weird. It increases her damage based on the amount of bleed on the enemy, but her damage was already on the lower end so her Uptie 4 barely makes a difference with the exception of some changes from Heads Hit to On Hit, making her effects easier to land. Nevertheless, KK Ryoshu when used in bleed teams with Identities like Rhino Meur, can keep the high bleed count on the enemy. Outside of her place in the bleed team, she can offer her clashing and debuffs, but that is about it.

[LCB Sinner] Don Quixote – Current Tier C – New Tier C

Base sinners didn’t get much improvement from Uptie 4 and many of them, like Don, lag now even further behind their 000 and 00 identities. Base Don is trying to be Cinq Don but fails at it completely.

[LCB Sinner] Faust – Current Tier B – New Tier C

Even with Uptie 4 and offense changes that brought many Identities to more of less the same power level, base Faust values are still low and her effects do not justify bringing her over hers 00 or 000 identities/

[LCB Sinner] Gregor – Current Tier B – New Tier B

Somewhat decent clash values (but nearly every other Gregor ID has them) and nice passive, but that is really all Base Gregor can offer. There is little to no reason to use Base Gregor on the field and his role as a support of passive can provide more value.

[LCB Sinner] Heathcliff – Current Tier A – New Tier A

Base Identity with 22 power S3 is something. Base Heathcliff fortunately escapes the sad fate of other base identities and is actually quite good to use. Can clash, can do ok damage and of course, fuels base E.G.O. Bodysack that can help when clashing becomes an issue.

[LCB Sinner] Hong Lu – Current Tier A – New Tier B

While not boasting high numbers of base Heathcliff and Outis, LCB Hong Lu can clash even in first floors of Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard making him a decent early / starting choice. Outside of his clashing and fast SP gain, there is nothing else as he can’t fuel his overpriced base E.G.O. or even his other E.G.O. so when clashes become difficult, he has no way of getting out of a hopeless situation unlike Heathcliff and Outis.

[LCB Sinner] Ishmael – Current Tier B – New Tier B

Can clash, can fuel Snagharpoon E.G.O. but that is all Ishmael has to offer. Her passives are horrible and won’t see much use outside of maybe using them for Shi Heathcliff or Shi Don Identities, but that is really all.

[LCB Sinner] Meursault – Current Tier B – New Tier C

Even offense changes and Uptie 4 can’t help Base Meur. He can maybe soak up some hits, but with that out of the way, he offers nothing to the team. His passive support might see use in some solo runs.

[LCB Sinner] Outis – Current Tier S – New Tier A

LCB Outis can clash, do damage and spam To Páthos Máthos. S3 with 21 power is a great clash tool. As Heathcliff, she is worth using on the field and her performance will be very good, even in Mirror Dungeon 2. If only her passives were better and actually worked on abnormalities.

[LCB Sinner] Rodion – Current Tier C – New Tier D

Even if we account her busted support passive, LCB Rodion does not offer anything else. Support is the only thing carrying her but that is not enough to justify using this ID on field, over any other Rodion ID or just simply using her as a benched member for passive.

[LCB Sinner] Ryoshu – Current Tier A – New Tier B

Even at Uptie 4 that brought her average values a bit up, Ryoshu does not cut it, unfortunately. Her passive can be a good damage boost but sadly, it can be a bit harder than base Rodion’s passive and receiving 20% more damage might mean death, especially against enemies like in Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard.

[LCB Sinner] Sinclair – Current Tier S – New Tier B

Like Ryoshu, and unlike Heathcliff and Outis, Uptie 4 Sinclair did not receive that much. His clashing on S3 might be good, but the rest of his kit suffers. On top of that, his passives are terrible.

[LCB Sinner] Yi Sang – Current Tier B – New Tier C

Below average values, low sinking applications. Usable in early chapters but will struggle in chapter 3 onwards. Very good passive that will keep you sinners SP topped up or bring them to the 45 faster.

[LCCB Assistant Manager] Ishmael – Current Tier S – New Tier S

Decent tank whose main appeal is being the backbone and pillar that holds Tremor and Rupture teams from sinking down. After offense changes and Uptie 4, LCCB Ishmael does not struggle with clashes that much and now even if she is out of ammo somehow, she can aggro enemies on herself, making her not that big of a dead weight. Must in Rupture and Tremor teams. If only she was a bit faster, her 5 Fragile could be much of a use.

[LCCB Assistant Manager] Rodion – Current Tier B – New Tier C

Low values, even at Uptie 4 and to function, need to be put in the Blunt team and even then, rng of speed and skill distribution can mess her clashing abilities up. What is more, she is focused on making enemy guards and evades weaker, but those generally, are not an issue and chewing through those skills barely takes any effort, making her niche not even that useful. Her passives are also situational. 

[Liu Association South Section 5] Hong Lu – Current Tier A – New Tier A

Uptie 4 of Liu Hong Lu upgrades his clashing capabilities making him more reliable in that regard. Very good Burn Count applications on S2 and S3 and staple for a burn team alongside Liu Ishmael.

[Liu Association South Section 6] Gregor – Current Tier A – New Tier A

Unlike Hong Lu and Ishmael from Liu gang, Gregor and Meursault received rather mild bonuses from U4 that merely bring their skill values to barely average level. At least Gregor has a high offense so that helps him even out his low values. Usable only in the burn team.

[Liu Association South Section 6] Meursault – Current Tier B – New Tier B

Unlike Hong Lu and Ishmael from Liu gang, Gregor and Meursault received rather mild bonuses from U4 that merely bring their skill values to barely average level. Meursault sadly atm is the weakest out of all Liu Section identities and once we get more Burn centric Identities, he will be the first one to retire from burn team.

[Liu South Section 4] Ishmael – Current Tier SS – New Tier S

Liu Ishmael is a burn ID that does well in every scenario but excels when put in a team with other Liu identities. Her Uptie 4 makes her S1 and S2 values go very high once the enemy is being burned alive with all the count and burn applied. Reliable clasher and with a bit of assist, can output rather impressive damage.

[Lobotomy Corp. Remnant] Faust – Current Tier S – New Tier S

Best clashing Faust Identity that works amazingly well in Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard. If you need somebody to clash, Lob Corp Faust is the choice. Fuels fully also Fluid Sac E.G.O., the best E.G.O. in the game which is a big bonus for an already great Identity. Her other gimmick is poise, but in her case, that can be ignored. 

[Lobotomy E.G.O::Red Sheet] Sinclair – Current Tier A – New Tier B

Avoid Uptie 4 in this case. Where everybody got an upgrade with Uptie 4, Red Sheet Sinclair got shafted. His S2 on U4 now applies 6 Talisman if the enemy has Rupture, instead of 4 on U3 making it burst instantly on him, making him much more awkward to use on U4 than on U3. Helps with Rupture maintain in rupture centric teams, but awkwardness of using him, plus Uptie 4 that makes him in a way worse, does not really work in his favour. Average clashing.

[Lobotomy E.G.O::Sloshing] Ishmael – Previous Tier D – New Tier D

Very, very bad tank at Uptie 3 and needs Uptie 4 to work, but even then all U4 gives her, is applying Tremor and Rupture on losing clashes. She is meant to take damage with her tanky stats and shield every turn, but unfortunately, nearly all other tanks currently are better at tanking, Tremor is a bad status to focus on (and if Slosh Ishmael wins a clash somehow, she will sabotage the Tremor) and Rupture is still having its own issues. Thread and Shards requirement is real with Uptie 4 and using it on trying to make Sloshing Ishmael work might seem like a waste. If you need a tank, there are better options.

[Lobotomy E.G.O::Sunshower] Heathcliff – Previous Tier B – New Tier B

Sunshower Heathcliff is an awkward case. He loses SP on losing clashes and on Uptie 4 his S1 also applies sinking on him on Clash Lost. Which is good, however, his sanity management is still tricky to play around. Uptie 4 did not help him much, outside of boosting his S2 when Heath is on -25 SP or lower. With AEDD E.G.O. Heath’s survivability issues will be fixed a bit as he will not be dying that fast when being hit. Unfortunately, Uptie 4 did not help much in terms of making him more rewarding to use and still requires a team built around him to function properly.

[Los Mariachis Jefe] Sinclair – Current Tier B – New Tier D

Evade tank, sinking poise ID… Boy, that is a lot of mixed effects that at the end do not mesh together at all. As a “tank” ID, Sinclair lacks aggro even at U4 that most “tank” IDs got, clashing ability even with sinking on target to boost his coins is way below average. Only his S3 can clash, but other than that, Mariachi Sinclair does not offer much. Like LCB Rodion, he is much better used as a passive support at the bench and provides much more value than being on the field. 

[N Corp. Groẞhammer] Meursault – Current Tier A – New Tier A

Decent tank with self heal, self buffs and great debuffs under certain conditions. Requires at least 2 more N Corp identities to reliably keep Bind and Power Attack debuff on target, but it is really worth the effort. Outside the N Corp team, he is performing averagely, nothing special. 

[N Corp. Mittelhammer] Don Quixote – Current Tier B – New Tier B

N Corp Don got a bit better with Uptie 4 and ability to field 7 Sinners on the field, however issue of her being forced to N Corp team only remains where she works really well, and with more spots, slotting 1 / 2 tremor Identities for battle is feasible allowing for full use of her kit.

[N Corp. Mittelhammer] Rodion – Current Tier A – New Tier A

N Corp Rodion focuses on inflicting blunt Trauma and Internal Bleeding. Her Uptie 4 boosts her performance in N Corp team where she will shine with her damage and clash. Outside of N Corp team, she might struggle a bit but not on the level of N Corp Don lets say. Decent to use ID.

[N Corp. Kleinhammer] Heathcliff – Current Tier A – New Tier B

Good damage dealer in N Corp team with decent clash but that is really all N Corp Heathcliff has to offer as his bleed / nails application is lacklustre.  

[R.B. Chef de Cuisine] Ryoshu – Current Tier SS – New Tier S

Uptie 4 barely improved her, which is good as R.B. Ryoshu was already an amazing Identity. Uptie 4 provides her simply with more Appetite, allowing for more team heals. Her damage and clash practically stay the same. Her potential damage is fantastic, fuels all her E.G.O. and synergizes with them greatly. Simply amazing ID that can work in any team. Holds her own in Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard too.

[R.B. Sous-chef] Gregor – Current Tier B – New Tier D

Even at Uptie 4, R.B. Gregor does not offer much. His power scales with enemies being slower than him and enemies having Bleed but even with those online, he underperforms compared to other bleed identities. He has so many effects but those barely matter. Not worth Uptie 4, his passive is only better than Base Gregor’s if you are using R.B. Ryoshu. Collection purposes.

[R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit] Heathcliff – Current Tier SS – New Tier SS

Since the launch of the game, R Corp. Heathcliff proves to be the powerhouse. Even if in Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard his S1 and S2 might fall off, Bodysack E.G.O. is cheap to use, sets him up for next turn and nothing can beat Quick Suppression that basically amps your whole team’s damage by a whopping 40% on top of doing ridiculous amount of damage by itself. Uptie 4 just adds 3 more ammo for R Heath so that he does not run out of juice fast. Works completely fine at Uptie 3

[R Corp. 4th Pack Reindeer] Ishmael – Current Tier A – New Tier S

THE biggest winner of Uptie 4 update. R Ishmael basically becomes a different ID on Uptie 4 as it fixes nearly all her problems. Charge generation? Fixed. Values? Buffed. Mind Whip? More friendly. Passive bricking your clashes? Adjusted. If it were not for still having the “delete ally” line in Mind Whip and its targeting not locked behind a few turns of ramp up / Mirror Dungeon charge gifts, she could easily be ranked higher.

[R Corp. 4th Pack Rhino] Meursault – Current Tier N/A – New Tier S

R Corp. Meur is a tank plus bleed count applicant. And he applies TONS of it, making it easier for a bleed team to get it going on the enemy for maximum value. Rhino Meur can also be very fast, taking clashes for his teammates on top of having aggro for additional team protection. His clashing ability when charge is on, is quite good. While not on the level of K Corp Hong Lu in terms of tanking, Rhino Meur is right behind him.

[Rosespanner Workshop Fixer] Gregor – Current Tier A – New Tier A

Requires another Tremor unit in the Rupture team to work but thankfully, LCCB Ishmael exists. Good clash, do not expect high damage. Mostly used only in Rupture teams

[Rosespanner Workshop Fixer] Meursault – Current Tier A – New Tier B

Tremor centric ID that gets stronger with more Tremor on the target on Uptie 4. Unfortunately, Tremor is probably the weakest status in the game and there is no incentive to build around it. Some enemies do not either have stagger bars, or have stagger bars so far down in their immense HP bar.

[Rosespanner Workshop Rep.] Rodion – Current Tier SS – New Tier A

Self-sufficient Charge Tremor unit that can work independently in any team. Due to its sins, has a spot in the Sinking team due to fuelling Rime Shank. Can do great damage when conditions are fulfilled for S2. While self-sufficient the tremor part is negligent and just serves as an enabler for the skills. Tremor gets applied and basically gone instantly. No need for Uptie 4.

[Seven Association South Section 6 Director] Outis – Current Tier SS – New Tier A

After changes to offense and Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard, 7 Outis got hurt quite a bit. Her effect on skills that reduce enemy clash power basically does not matter in Mirror Dungeon 2, and her role as great clasher is simply gone on top of having her debuffs not being as potent as they were before. Still, she can work great outside of Mirror Dungeon 2 and weakness analysis is the only thing in her kit that remained good. Has marginal synergy with Rupture at Uptie 4 and does not need it.

[Seven Association South Section 6] Ryoshu – Current Tier A – New Tier S

At Uptie 4 the best clasher from the Seven Association group. Can clash nicely, do damage and apply Slash fragility next turn. Works wonderfully in Mirror Dungeon 2 and outside of it. Unfortunately, her sins do not fuel her E.G.O. at all outside of SEA event one, but that E.G.O. is sinking focused on top of being Pierce damage type, so 7 Ryoshu can potentially help others with E.G.O. fuelling, but not herself. 

[Seven Association South Section 6] Yi Sang – Current Tier A – New Tier A

Required Uptie 4 as it boosts his skill values to average level so that he gets not left behind other IDs in terms of clashing but still can struggle. Main appeal is Pierce fragility’s next turn that can set up E.G.O. Dimensional Shredder. With it, 7 Yi Sang can be potentially S tier as Dimensional Shredder can do nasty damage.

[Shi Association South Section 5 Director] Don Quixote – Current Tier B – New Tier A

Uptie 4 and Mirror Dungeon 2 lets Shi Don get a spotlight as a great clasher against enemies that roll high and does not need to be even at 50% HP to work perfectly fine. Her poise is negligible and should not be built around. Do not expect Shi Don to do big damage. Expect a good clash. No synergy with her E.G.O.

[Shi Association South Section 5] Heathcliff – Current Tier C – New Tier B

Requires Uptie 4 to function and to be at 50% HP. Otherwise, his performance will be a bit lacklustre in comparison to other IDs. Can work before being at 50% HP, but in those cases other IDs could do and provide more. Can pull off some good numbers on his S3.

[Shi Association South Section 5] Ishmael – Current Tier S – New Tier A

Does not need Uptie 4 but it helps. Requires to be at 50% HP to really show her true potential. Suffers a bit in Mirror Dungeon 2 due to the Starlight buff that heals after each fight. Of course, you can not pick it, but it means every other ID will not get a heals just cause Shi Ishmael does not like it which is not that good of a deal. Setting her up and playing around 50% HP might not be for everybody. For those who do not mind it, she can be an S tier. 

[The One Who Grips] Faust – Current Tier SS – New Tier A

The fall from grace. Uptie 4 does not boost her performance that much and is not needed but it is a shame as W Faust and L Faust with addition of Mirror Dungeon 2, offense changes and Uptie 4 caught up to previously the best Faust ID. Now N Faust can struggle with clashes and while Gaze is still powerful debuff, L and W Faust supply currently the best E.G.O in the game, Fluid Sac Faust, way better on top of offering other things, like L Faust clash or W Faust defensive debuffs and Power Atk down on top of having slightly better clash values than N.

[The One Who Shall Grip] Sinclair – Current Tier SS – New Tier SS

The best ID in the game with no doubts. Does not need Uptie 4. Negative sanity is not even a drawback as maintaining rather stable low sanity with Sinclair is relatively easy. Easy and high to achieve damage even on blunt resistant enemies. After changing how much SP is gained on clash win and kills, he works wonderfully in Mirror Dungeon where previously going positive was too easy. There are no drawbacks of using N Sinclair except for occasional corrosion but that can happen if not enough attention is focused on him. 

[Tingtang Gang Gangleader] Hong Lu – Current Tier SS – New Tier S

Does not need Uptie 4. It only makes his damage scale with bleed on target, making him a dedicated DPS in bleed team but even without it, his damage can be great. Think of it as a bonus Skill 2 and skill 3 are amazing and S3 is basically a mini E.G.O. set for clash wins, especially in Mirror Dungeon 2. Can’t go wrong with it.

[Molar Boatworks Fixer] Ishmael – Current Tier N/A – New Tier S

Second ID whose damage and clash scales with self applying Tremor count with potential of applying 3 Fragile next turn, which is honestly impressive and just short of R Corp. Heathcliff. If she can get 2 skill slots, it can be paired with 4 Defense level down which can equal to potential 1 more fragile in terms of additional damage. Good self clash and decent damage. Core in sinking Team with its sinking potency and count applications. Can work outside of the Sinking team.

[W Corp. L2 Cleanup Agent] Faust – Current Tier B – New Tier A

Uptie 4 fixes all her issues. Clash? Charge generation? Values? All the necessary stuff is fixed. W Faust can finally benefit from the effects of all her skills and actually apply them to the enemies, on top of having tank-like stats so she can even take a hit. While 2-4 speed might be a demerit, it can work in her favour as she might do unopposing one sided attacks, let’s say with S3, and apply that Attack Power Down debuff OR use Fluid Sac in last slot to bring back everybody’s SP and HP back to reasonable levels after all the attacks and clashes has been resolved. One case where slow speed can be actually good. Can even work in Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard surprisingly enough.

[W Corp. L2 Cleanup Agent] Meursault – Current Tier C – New Tier B

Uptie 4 fixed most of his issues… but then changes to offense nerfed him to compensate. While he can now generate charge and somewhat clash, his main appeal, 8 Defence Level Down on S3 AT BEST is only 20% damage increase which is the same as 2 fragile. He is speedy, he is bulky somewhat, but he is not a tank and can struggle with clashes without charge to provide him coin power. Uptie 4 required much more enjoyable usage of him, but seeing his value might be tough.

[W Corp. L3 Cleanup Agent] Don Quixote – Current Tier SS – New Tier S

Uptie 4 makes W Don slightly better in terms of more consistent energy generation and clash. Nothing crazy and big like W Faust Uptie 4 buffs, but certainly improves her. Telepole is now a good bonus but is certainly not needed. Now on top of having huge damage potential, W Don can clash on the same level as her other good clashing id, Cinq Don. The only thing preventing her from being in SS, is the inability to freely use fully boosted Rip Space turn 1 outside of Mirror Dungeon.

[Zwei Association South Section 6] Sinclair – Current Tier C – New Tier B

Uptie 4 needed. Zwei Sinclair is a tank ID that focuses on Tremor. Can help other team members survive better with his protection from passive skills, can take a beating when needed thanks to aggro, but that is all really. His low speed prevents him from utilising his blunt fragility. 

[Zwei South Section 5] Rodion – Current Tier N/A – New Tier D

Even with Uptie 4, Zwei Rodion is not worth using. Her only redeeming quality is shield gained from having poise but that is all. No team utility, no debuffs besides Fragility on Crit that will happen once in a while if at all, no team buffs like Zwei Sinclair, other 00 Zwei ID and her passives are not even that good. Save your thread and shards. Pre Uptie 4 art is good for main screen candy only.

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