Patch Notes and Shop Update.

Maintenance Schedule August 9, 2023, 14:00 ~ August 9, 2023, 17:00 (UTC+9)


  • Half Anniversary – 150 Free Recruits
  • Half Anniversary – Missions (Awakened SSR Selector)
  • Half Anniversary – Login Event
  • New Substream – Witch’s Wedding
  • New Challenge Stage – Night of Redemption
  • Returning Awakened Units – All Units except Orochinagi Chifuyu
  • Returning Units – Harab, Gambler, Veronica and Clareth.
  • New System – Alternium Reactor
  • New Co-op boss – Tyrant Gigas
  • New Raid Boss – Britra
  • Swift Relic Gear Changes

Half-Anniversary Events

150 Free Recruits

  • For a limited time, CEOs will be able to pull 10 times for free and accumulate up to 150 times in a span of 15 days. 
  • To participate in the event, CEOs must clear the Mainstream Ep.1. 
  • The employee pool is equivalent to that of the Recruit on Demand. 
  • A special mileage shop will be opened as well.
    • 20 Special Task Planet Points will be given for 1 pull.
    • You can spend these points at the event shop. (For Gears, Set Bins, Fuston Cores an more)
    • You can access the shop by [Shop] >> [Shop List] >> [Seasonal] >> [Event Currency Exchange] >> [Half Anniversary Planet Mall]. 
  • Half-Anniversary 150 Free Recruit & Milage Shop Event – August 9, 14:00 ~ August 30, 2023, 12:00 (UTC+9)

New Origin Half Anniversary

  • By completing all the missions, CEOs will be able to get the [Half Anniversary] Awakened Recruitment Coupon.
  • From the coupon, you will be able to select one from the pool of every single Awakened unit release so far with the exception of Orochinagi Nanahara Chifuyu. 
  • Half-Anniversary Mission Event – August 9, 14:00 ~ August 30, 2023, 12:00 (UTC+9)

New Origin Half Anniversary Punch In

  • New Origin Half Anniversary Punch-In will begin after the update. 
  • New Half Anniversary Punch-In – August 9, 14:10 ~ September 6, 2023, 12:00 (UTC+9)

Raid Event

Britra will appear this week during the half-anniversary. 

By reaching a certain amount of raid points, you will be able to receive the rewards listed in the table below. 

Britra Raid – August 9, 14:00 ~ August 16, 2023, 12:00 (UTC+9)

Lucky G.A.P.

  • The second season of the Lucky G.A.P. Lobby Decoration event will begin. 
  • Through the event, CEOs will be able to receive items that can be used to decorate and customize the lobby even further. 
  • Lucky G.A.P. Event – August 9, 14:00 ~ August 23, 2023, 12:00 (UTC+9)

New Substream EpisodeWitch’s Wedding

  • A new substream episode will be opened after the update.  
  • Witch’s Wedding Substream Episode – August 9, 14:00 ~ until further notice. (UTC+9)

Alternium Reactor

Alternium Reactor will be added. 

Alternium Reactor Unlock Conditions

  • Level 110
  • Level 5 on all skills.

To unlock the reactor, the following resources are required, depending on the unit’s rarity.


LevelPure PossibilitiesTuning CoreCredit


LevelPure PossibilitiesTuning CoreCredit

SR & Below

LevelPure PossibilitiesTuning CoreCredit

Where to acquire the Reactor resources

Pure Possibilities

  • Through various events. Not farmable. 

Tuning Core

  • Created at the Workshop >> Crafting Facility >> APT Core Section.

Factor Binder

  • Acquired from [Supply Operation] >> [Covert Ops] >> [1-7]. 
  • Daily Operation Limit: 3 times


  • Hilde: Siegfried Type
    • While Hilde: Siegfried Type is deployed on the field, all units deployed after Hilde: Siegfried Type will receive an unremovable 8% barrier buff.
  • Fenrir Division Lee Sooyeon
    • Upon deployment, deployment resource +1
  • Fenrir Division Na Yubin
    • When the opponents are struck by Fenrir Division Na Yubin’s Special Skill, the struck opponents will be under nullify barrier effect for 12 seconds. 
  • Do note that for every 1 Ban on an employee with the reactor, 1 level of its reactor level will be deducted.
    • For example, If Hilde: Siegfried Type’s Alternium Reactor level is 2 and Hilde: Siegfried Type has 1 ban in the gauntlet, only lv. 1 reactor skill effect will apply. 

Workshop Improvement

  • The workshop has been updated.
  • Production slots and crafting time has been deleted, and the maximum limit for creating an item will increase to 999. However, this limit will not apply to items that require molds and remain at a maximum of 10. 
  • The quartz used to purchase production slots will be refunded directly to your quartz pool on the August 9 update. 
  • The urgent crafting coupons will be automatically converted to credits based on the number of coupons you have also during the August 9 update, and urgent crafting coupons will no longer be available.
  • Do note the conversion ratio of urgent crafting coupon to credit is 1 to 18,000. 
  • If there are ongoing crafting items in the workshop during the maintenance, the crafting will be canceled and the items used for that crafting will be refunded on the August 9 update.
  • In addition, completed crafts that are being refunded are for those crafts that were completed AFTER Feb. 7, 2023 10:00 (UTC-5) that are still not being collected by the CEOs.
  • If there is an urgent crafting coupon up for purchase in the [Today’s Deals] before the August 9 update, you still can purchase the item.
  • The item will not appear on [Today’s Deals] after the update as mentioned above.
  • The urgent coupon that was purchased after the August 9 update will be automatically converted to credits when you log back in next time.

Taskforce Plan Improvement – Beginners, Expert, and Masters Plan

Taskforce Plans from Beginners to Masters have been updated. 

Now the CEOs will be able to get more rewards for the unit growth after completing the mission. 

Please refer to Patch Notes to see which rewards have been increased.

[Total Increase]

  • Do note that CEOs who have already finished the plan will NOT get additional rewards for completing beforehand.  

Prestige System

  • An update for reward after 80,000 Admin Coins spend has been added.
  • For every 2,500 admin coins used after the 80k mark, players will be able to get a Prestige Random Box. 
  • You can check your progress after the 80k at the [Extra Rewards] tab
  • Make sure to receive the rewards before the season ends. Any unreceived reward will automatically reset, and cannot be restored by any means. 

Terraside Battlefield Victory Celebration Recruitment

  • After clearing Mainstream Ep. 5 Terraside 2, #14, CEOs will have a chance to recruit Hilde: Type Siegfried for free.
  • To recruit Hilde: Type Siegfried, please follow the directory below. 
    • [Recruit] >> [New User Special Recruit] >> [Terraside Battlefield Victory Celebration Recruit]. 

New Co-op BossTyrant Gigas

A new Co-op battle boss, Tyrant Gigas, will be added. 

The Tyrant Gigas introduced to the Global server will have the balance adjustments from the Korean server already applied. 

Please refer to the table below to see what was adjusted. 

Tyrant Gigas’ LevelDetails
1 ~ 6DEF – 50%Tyrant Gigas will no longer deal true damage and 100% CRIT upon casting its Ultimate Skill is removed# of Tyrant Armor summoned upon its gimmick reduced from 2 to 1
1 & 2Tyrant Armor: Provides ATK buff upon hitting 80 → 60 times in 10 seconds.Tyrant Gigas: Cancel Special Skill upon hitting 100 → 80 times in 16 seconds.
3 & 4Tyrant Armor: Provides ATK buff upon hitting 80 → 70 times in 9 seconds.Tyrant Gigas: Cancel Special Skill upon hitting 110 → 90 times in 15 seconds.
5 & 6Tyrant Armor: Provides ATK buff upon hitting 90 → 80 times in 8 seconds.Tyrant Gigas: Cancel Special Skill upon hitting 120 → 100 times in 14 seconds.
7# of Tyrant Armor summoned reduced from 3 to 2

Tyrant Gigas Co-op Battle Schedule August 9, 14:10 ~ August 30, 2023, 12:00 (UTC+9)

Improvements and Changes

Swift Relic Gears

1) The probability of creating SSR & SR rarity Swift Gears has increased.

2) Some latent ability stats in Switft Gears has changed. 

3) Some of the options from Wild & Flame Relic Gears will be replaced with new options.

4) The number of the required pieces of gears to activate the set effect will decrease and the set effect values will change.

5) Some latent option 1 from Wild & Flame Relic Gears will be replaced with the new latent options. 

6) Some of the latent min/max values in Wild & Flame Relic Gears will increase. 

– The degree of changes in value may vary depending on the gear parts

7) Wild & Flame relic gears you previously have will be renamed to “Legacy Wild / Flame Relic.”

8) Legacy Wild & Flame Relic Gears will also be updated like the table above.

9) On the Legacy Wild / Flame relic gears’ changing latent options 1 can be reset with tuning.

10) For everyone to have a chance to get renewed Wild & Flame Relic Gears, on August 9 update, an on-time reward of followings will be sent to your in-game mailbox. Make sure to receive it before the mail expires!

  • 500 * Beating Core
  • 500 * Blazing Core
  • 150 * High Tech Board

For detailed changes, Please see patch notes.

Tactical Update

Addition of Maximum Level Effect and Portrait Icon Improvements

1) Upon reaching the max level in Tactical Update, the level color and effect will change. 

2) Some of the icons for units in the [Management] will change. 

▼ Attack Type: Air Icon

▼ Attack Type: Ground Icon

▼ Attack Type: All-around Attack Icon

▼ Move Type: Air Icon

▼ Move Type: Ground Icon

Other Improvements and Changes

1) [Today’s Deals] will now have multiple selection option.

  • Key Bindings
    • Selecting Items: Each Slots Num 1~9 from your Number Key
    • Refresh : [ + ]
    • Select : [Enter] or [Space Bar]

2) On top of the [World Map], you can now check the amount of Eternium you have. 

3) Danger Close, Raid, and Co-op contents will now have [Featured Enemies] to check on what enemies are to appear on the content.

4) The location of the [Gauntlet Emotes] has been adjusted. 

5) Title calls have been added. 

  • Korean – Orochinagi Nanahara Chifuyu, Maestra Nequitia
  • Japanese – Singularity Shin Jia, Maestra Nequitia

6) Universe Gourmet Tam-tam can be created from [Hanger]. 

7) Delay in moving to the [Season Record] tab has been improved.

8) The language options in each server will now remain as it is even if the CEOs switch between servers. 

9) Barrier gauge will now show on Boss’ HP gauge. 

10) An update on visual deployment resource restoration and deduction has been added.

11) Entry requirement for [Side Stories] have changed.  – Clear Mainstream Ep.2

Bug Fixes

1) Fixes on skill tooltips and the skill effects have been updated.

■ Raphaela – Passive [Raphaela the Chaser]

Before: In Watcher mode, DMG Taken Limit is permanently fixed to 4% and she always faces to the right.

After: In Watcher mode, DMG Taken Limit is permanently fixed to 4%, she always faces to the right and becomes immune to Stun◇. 

■ Edith Twins – Passive [Who Dares Wake Me?!]

Before: When deployed, her skills are sealed and ATK is permanently decreased by 30%.

After: When deployed, her skills are sealed and ATK is permanently decreased by 30%, and she becomes immune to Stun◇. 

■ Nicole – Special Skill [Holy Drinking Water of Antioch]

Before: C.O.s and Replacer units within her Valid Hits receive True damage by 15% of Max HP. (Bosses excluded)

After: Units within her Valid Hits receive True damage by 15% of Max HP that always hits. (Bosses excluded)

■ Kyle Wong – Special Skill [Strategy Bulwark]

– A fix where Kyle Wong’s [Strategy Bulwark] would not be summoned correctly when Kyle’s CDR is high.

■ Kang Minwoo – Special Skill [White Phosphorus Shell]

– Before: Cooldown -50% immediately after first Special Skill use in battle

– After: Cooldown -50% immediately after first Special Skill use in battle, plants a bomb upon death

■ Joo Shiyoung – Basic Attack

– A fix on her valid hit count on the basic attack tooltip description from 2 to 1. 

■ A Fix on Targets with No Damage Immunity Activation

– Target units: Coffin-6, Replacer King, Gremory

■  A fix where skill cooltime would start when attacking enemy disappears and the attacks were canceled. 

– Target Units: Solar Codex Yuna Springfield, Yuna Springfield, Yoo Mina, Lulu Nightmare, Lucrecia, Buzzard

■ John Mason –  Passive [Anti-C.O. Drone: Ian Jr.

▷ Deleted a description, Stun◇ Immunity, when this effect was not implemented in the first place. 

■ Edel Meitner – Passive [The Call of the Unknown

▷  Deleted a description, Stun◇ Immunity on Edel’s summoned beings, when this effect was not implemented in the first place. 

■ Garguantia Maria Antonov  – Passive [Garguantia]

– Fixed an issue where units that were knocked back would use Maria’s portal.
– Fixed an issue where units could use Maria’s portal even after 2 seconds of deployment.

2) A fix on Counter Pass where if the user clears missions through [Move], some of the missions would not show up upon returning to the mission list. 

3) A fix where upon disassembling gears at the workshop, the disassembly would not proceed sporadically. 

4) A fix where when the gear filter is live and comes back after disassembling gears, gears currently users possess would not show up. 

5) A fix where a red dot would remain on the [Plaque Exchange] when there is nothing to receive.

6) A fix where on the gear filter, the ability name is displayed as [Incoming Healing -], when it is supposed to be [Incoming Healing +].

7) A fix on a UI issue where the gauntlet UI would not properly display when the user enters the gauntlet right after the game is launched. 

8) A fix on an issue where the remaining time/unit location would sporadically appear in irregular places while using [Practice Mode] on [Danger Close].

9) A fix on an issue where prestige skin skill cut in. 

10) A fix on an issue where some of the recommended gear on Kang Soyoung is for Mech.

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