[New Content]

[Gate Breakthrough – Unlimited Gate (Gate Depths)]

  • Unlimited Gate in Gate Breakthrough will be expanded to have new Stages called Gate Depths .
    • Update Schedule: August 10 after maintenance 
  • Gate Depths is a new content when it becomes available after clearing Unlimited Gate 400 Stages.
  • Gate Depths require 3 decks and enemy Souls are equipped with Artifacts and Keepsakes.
  • All kinds of Souls (allies and enemies) will be able to use Ultimate Skill once per Soul.

[Soul Link]

  • New Soul Link for Daphne and Flynn will be added.
    • Update Schedule: August 10 after maintenance 

 [Upcoming Soul Pick-up]

  • Daphne’s Pick-Up Summon event will start. There’s a higher chance of getting Daphne through the event.
    • Pick-up Period: August 10 after maintenance—August 30, 23:59 UTC

[Double Reward Boosts]

[Dual Gate Double Rewards] 

  • Dual Gate Double Reward Event
    • Event Period: August 9 00:00 UTC—August 22, 23:59 UTC
    • During the event period, you will obtain double the Mana Crystals for completing Dual Gate stages.

[New Soul]

  • The new Fairy Soul is coming!
    • Daphne will be available from August 10 after maintenance.
  • Skill information for Daphne is underway. Please stay tuned for this Patch Note update for information.  



  • 2 Summer Event Lobby Backgrounds will be added. They can be obtained by clearing the event story, and will be given to your mailbox.
  • The Korean vocal version of <Goodbye, Summer> will be added to the lobby BGM.
  • The BGM on the login page will be changed to the Korean vocal version of <Goodbye, Summer>.


[Quality of Life Changes]

Keepsake Preset

  • Soul type filters will be added.
  • Role/Stats/Tier filters will be added.
  • Displays Soul’s combat powers, stats, and role.
  • A button to bulk unequip all equipped Keepsakes for all Souls will be added.
  • A feature to delete an existing preset will be added.
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