Kafka skills and signature Light Cone revealed!

The information found in this post comes from official posts released today: Kafka Character Preview and Light Cone Preview.


Kafka is a 5-star Lightning character who follows the path of Nihility.

Here are her skills (the multipliers won’t be revealed until the day of her release):

Basic ATKDeal Lightning DMG to a single enemy.
SkillDeal Lightning DMG to the enemy target and enemies adjacent to it. If the targeted enemy is currently afflicted with DoT, they immediately receive additional DMG equal to a certain percentage of their current active DoT.
UltimateDeals Lightning DMG to all enemies with a chance of inflicting Shock on them, and causes enemies with the Shock status to immediately take DMG equal to a certain percentage of the original damage received. Shock lasts for several turns. When Shocked, enemies receive Lightning DoT equal to a certain percentage of Kafka’s ATK at the beginning of each turn.
TalentAfter an ally uses Basic ATK on an enemy, Kafka immediately launches a follow-up attack and deals Lightning DMG with a high chance of inflicting Shock to that target. This effect lasts for several turns, but can only be triggered 1 time per turn.
TechniqueImmediately attacks all enemies within range. After entering battle. deals Lightning DMG to all enemies, and all enemies have a chance to receive the same Shock effect as the one from Kafka’s Ultimate. This effect lasts for several turns.

And here are Kafka’s Major Traces:

TortureWhen the Ultimate is used, enemy targets will immediately receive DMG from all currently applied DoT sources instead of just receiving DMG immediately from the currently applied Shock state.
PlunderWhen an enemy inflicted with Shock is defeated, Kafka regenerates additional Energy.
ThornsThe base chance for Ultimate, Technique, or the follow-up attack triggered by the Talent to inflict Shock is increased.

Signature Light Cone

And here’s Kafka’s Signature Light Cone:

Here’s the text version to easier read on mobile:

Increases DMG dealt by the wearer by 24%. After every attack launched by wearer, their SPD increases by 4.8%, stacking up to 3 times. If the wearer hits an enemy target that is not afflicted by Erode, there is a 100% base chance to inflict Erode to the target. Enemies afflicted with Erode are also considered to be Shocked and will receive Lightning DoT at the start of each turn equal to 60% of the wearer’s ATK, lasting for 1 turn(s).

Edit: Seems the first version of the Light Cone had a mistake and now was corrected.

Kafka release date

Kafka will be released on the 9th of August, so just in four days!

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  1. ran

    Kafka light cone is el basura
    CN version says 60% and every other version says 48% DoT. I don’t know which one was wrong but if it got nerfed, that’s an easy skip. It’s not even that strong and they’re (allegedly) nerfing it

    1. Testt

      Likely that CN one is correct, because they took it down from hoyolab like an hour after it was posted and still not up again, while the CN one posted in bilibili and weibo are still up with the 60%

    2. Ran is wrong

      You are wrong

  2. Testt

    Hoyolab updated the Kafka LC image because they messed up btw, correct one was 60% instead of 48%

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