Summer Event Part 2 – Endless Summer

The summer event part 2 <Endless Summer> will be held from 3rd August to 24th August, for three weeks.

During the event period, <Summer Event Attendance Check ~Part 2~> will be available.

  • Total rewards of 1st~13th day : Everstones x2,400, Normal Summon Ticket x10
  • Reward of 14th day : Soonie’s beach costume <Ocean Keeper>

An event story will be revealed. (The story of this event is continued from the event <Wicked Vacation>.)

  • You can obtain rewards by viewing the event story. (Total rewards: Normal Summon Ticket x7, Lobby Background x2)
  • You have to view the event story to enter the event stage <Enjoying Summer Vacation 300%>, and event raid <Mind Game of Cruel Angels>.

Event Stage – Enjoying Summer Vacation 300%

  • During the event period, you can choose and play one event stage from <Play with Honglan!> and <Play with Catherine!>.
  • Each stage has 15 levels.
  • You can challenge five times per day, and you can buy additional five times for using Everstones. (50/75/100/125/150 Everstones for each purchase)
  • In the event stage you can get buffs while using Honglan or Catherine according to the stage type.
  • If you clear each stage for level 10, you can achieve Everstones x2,600 as the first clear reward. (The first time only)
  • If you clear each stage for level 11~15, you can achieve Mana Crystal x6,000 as the first clear reward. (The first time only)
  • As you clear each stage, you can obtain event items according to the stage level.
  • After level 10, additional gold can be obtained.

<Event Shop – Eden Fleamarket>

During the event period you can buy various items by using the event items obtained from <Enjoying Summer Vacation 300%>.

Honglan Costume

Catherine Skin

Event Raid – Mind Game of Cruel Angels

During the event period, you can join the event raid <Mind Game of Cruel Angels>. In this event, 3 Adrianne will join as the enemy.

  • You can challenge three times per day, and you can use the sweep feature after the first challenge.
  • If you couldn’t update the previous record, or use the sweep feature, the rewards will be given according to the previous highest record.
  • Everstones x3,000 will be given as the maximum damage reward. (First time only)
Max DamageRewardsAmount
  • For each battle Gold/Mana Dust/Mana Crystal and event item <Adrianne’s Giveaway Medal> will be given as a victory reward.
Challenging the battleAdrianne’s Giveaway Medal x100
Achieve 50m damageAdrianne’s Giveaway Medal x20Gold x10,000Mana Dust x15,000Mana Crystal x15
Achieve 100m damageAdrianne’s Giveaway Medal x40Gold x10,000Mana Dust x15,000Mana Crystal x15
Achieve 150m damageAdrianne’s Giveaway Medal x60Gold x10,000Mana Dust x15,000Mana Crystal x15
Achieve 250m damageAdrianne’s Giveaway Medal x100Gold x10,000Mana Dust x15,000Mana Crystal x15
Per each 100m damageAdrianne’s Giveaway Medal x1

※ The conditions above will be checked multiply.

e. g. Achieve 200m damage: Adrianne’s Giveaway Medal x222 + Gold x30,000 + Mana Dust 45,000 + Mana Crystal x45

Event Giveaway Shop – Eden Giveaway Tradehouse

You can join the giveaway event using <Adrianne’s Giveaway Medal>.

  • Winning Item: Beach Volleyball Court (Mana Dust Loot Increase +20/min) (1 limit)
  • Soul’s Memory: Honglan x60 (2 limits)
  • Soul’s Memory: Catherine x60 (2 limits)
    Soul’s Memory: Epic x60 (1 limit)
  • Advanced Artifact Stone Chest x8 (1 limit)
  • Epic Soul Type Selection Chest x1 (multiple)
  • Artifact Summon Ticket x40 (multiple)

Eden Season Pass

  • During the event period, <Eden Season Pass> will be available.
  • Joining the giveaway event in <Eden Giveaway Tradehouse>, you can obtain the point of Eden Season Pass.
  • With the point of Eden Season Pass, you can obtain various rewards such as <Soul’s Memory: Adrianne>, <Flash of Beach (Adrianne’s Beach Costume)>.
  • If you don’t have enough points of Eden Season Pass to obtain the rewards, you can use Everstones x200 to purchase 500 points.
  • If you purchase the event gold ticket, you can obtain more rewards such as <Epic Soul Type Selection Chest>, <Surfing Board Rental Shop>, and <Honglan’s Beach Sandcastle>.
    • You can obtain <Surfing Board Rental Shop> as a mid reward for the event gold ticket.
    • <Surfing Board Rental Shop> grants 1,000 town exp when placed. (No other special functions)
    • You can obtain <Honglan’s Beach Sandcastle> as a final reward for the event gold ticket.
    • <Honglan’s Beach Sandcastle> grants 2,500 town exp when placed. 
    • You can deploy Souls in <Honglan’s Beach Sandcastle> like other residential objects. But only Honglan can be deployed in the object, and it grants ATK +10%. (If you deploy Honglan in <Honglan’s Beach Sandcastle>, you can’t deploy her in other residential objects.)
    • If you deploy Honglan in <Honglan’s Beach Sandcastle>, Honglan will rest on the sandcastle while she is not busy.
    • If you place <Honglan’s Beach Sandcastle> in your town, you can carry out a new part-time job <Constructing Sandcastle (Weekly)>.
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  1. Xzub

    Started ten days ago,got dragged by a friend and this look freaking promising for an event.

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