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  • Danger Close – Sollicitatio
  • Challenge Stage – Time for Questions
  • Returning Operator – Kim Hana and Moena
  • Returning Employees – Rosaria le Friede, Frederick Doma, Lee Yuri, Dorothy and Lulu the Nightmare

Half-Anniversary Raid Event

Inhibitor and Britra will appear each week during the event. 

During each raid boss season, you can earn rewards by accumulating certain raid points. 

Inhibitor Raid Period – August 2, 14:00 ~ August 9, 2023, 14:00 (UTC+9)

Britra Raid Period – August 9, 14:00 ~ August 16, 2023, 14:00 (UTC+9)

Second Prestige Season: Midsummer Tryst

The second season of the Prestige system, Midsummer Tryst, will begin after the August 1 update. 

※ Each time you spend a certain amount of Admin Coins, you can receive rewards at various stages.

 ※ As the final reward, you can obtain the prestige skin for the Tenured President, Regina MacCready, [Midsummer Tryst].

※ When you reach the final stage of the prestige, you can obtain a Prestige Random Box every time you spend 2,500 Admin Coins.

◈ Mid-tier Reward for Midsummer Tryst Prestige Season

LevelAdmin Coins SpentReward ItemAmount
23,000Employment Contract3
36,000Tuning Binary80
49,000Special Ship Schematics20
512,000Set Binary30
616,000Exceed Tuner1
720,000Fusion Core5
824,000Prestige Random Box2
1032,000Employment Contract5
1136,000Tuning Binary150
1240,000Special Ship Schematics30
1345,000Set Binary50
1450,000Exceed Tuner2
1555,000Fusion Core10
1660,000Prestige Random Box3
1765,000SP Memory1
1870,000Testimonial [SSR]1
2080,000Prestige Skin1

 ◈ Prestige Random Box Item Probability Table

Classified Employment Contract208.00%
Classified Employment Contract501.00%
Classified Employment Contract1000.20%
Classified Employment Contract1500.10%
Employment Contract320.00%
Employment Contract53.00%
Employment Contract100.20%
Employment Contract150.10%
Fusion Core310.00%
Fusion Core52.00%
Fusion Core100.20%
Fusion Core200.10%
Set Binary208.00%
Set Binary401.50%
Set Binary700.20%
Set Binary1000.10%

※  If a player has spent more than 80k admin coins between August 1 and August 9, Prestige random boxes will be delivered through the in-game mailbox after the maintenance on the 9th. 

Second Prestige Season: Midsummer Tryst Event Period -August 1, 2023, 14:10 ~ December 19, 2023, 12:00 (UTC+9)

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