Our newest addition to the roster, Naomi is an interesting soul that is capable of dealing huge damage under the right conditions. She is able to inflict burn damage and decrease the enemy defense with her sub skills, but her kit changes once she is ready to kick into gear.

Using her main skill changes her skills, exchanging her debuffs for addtional damage and stacking her Fever☆Time! buff – every stack is an additional 10% atk. Her ultimate skill will consume these Fever☆Time! stacks and increase the damage, up to 5 stacks. Her ultimate is also capable of stunning enemies after level 201, making it very useful in ESS since she can be used to initiate the ‘groggy’ status or inflict huge damage during it.

Her attack boost stacking can go beyond 5 stacks – this means she can be both a usable sub-DPS as well as an explosive finisher to get as much damage as possible in a boss fight.
Her artifact skills also brings an ATK based shield whenever she casts her Main Skill – at legendary+ it will also increase Naomi’s Mana by 500 when she uses one of her sub skills, but only when it’s the unenhanced version.

While Naomi is capable of dealing pretty good damage at the same time as supporting your team, she is by no means perfect. Her speed is not the greatest, meaning she’ll benefit a lot from allies that can boost her speed or mana generation – and given they are usually in high demand in bosses, this could create limitations with team building.
Considering she takes time to stack and her debuffs are not applied when she has her buffed skills, you might want to replace her with either a dedicated debuffer or a soul that can deal more damage from the beginning of the fight depending on the situation.


  • Infinite ATK scaling
  • Versatile kit that can support or DPS
  • Good sub-DPS option that doesn’t rely on ulting


  • Slow
  • Kit doesn’t excel at anything

In conclusion, Naomi is a complex soul that is perhaps best used by endgame players that want to round up their box. She has more potential in raids and long fights than in regular PvE 5v5 content where the fights are usually over before she has a chance to ramp up. As her kit scales a lot with ATK, she benefits a lot from ascension, meaning it would take a while to see her full potential.

She is by no means necessary for newer players, and because of that we suggest saving your resources for other units that may benefit your account more.


  • Pve (Early): A
  • PvE (End): A
  • Boss: N/A

Suggested set

  • Speed
  • Attack
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