Awkaned Christina Brecht and Plaga join the fray!

New Awakened Character – Griffin Rider Chris

  • Type: Counter/Mechanic
  • Role: Supporter
  • Deployment cost: 7
  • Attack type: All
  • Movement type: Air

Basic Attack – 1 Valid Hit

  • Deals damage to a single target in front using a sniper rifle, prioritizes targeting air units within range. Attacks in the [Critical Breakthrough] state deals increased AoE DMG with 2 valid hits.

Passive: Griffin Rider – 5 Valid Hits

  • Upon deployment, inflicts damage on all enemies with shockwave from high-speed maneuvers. While on the battlefield, enemies receive 15% DMG Taken AMP. Each unit that leaves the battlefield reduces her Ultimate CD by 1s and Special Skill CD by 0.5s.
    • Lv5: While in the [Critical Breakthrough] state, DMG Taken AMP effect increases by 2x.

Special skill: Rapid Acceleration – 3 Valid Hits – 24s CD

  • Unleashes shockwaves from high-speed maneuvers to deal AoE DMG and become immune to DMG while moving. Up to 1 damaged enemy becomes Evasion sealed for 5s.
    • Lv5: While in the [Critical Breakthrough] state, skill unconditionally deals Crit DMG, up to 3 damaged enemies become Evasion sealed for 5s.

Ultimate: Ignite – 4 Valid Hits – 55s CD

  • Unleashes the performance of the flying unit and launches an attack in front. Become immune to DMG while moving, and enters the [Critical Breakthrough] state for 20s, which cannot be canceled.
    [Critical Breakthrough]: Immune to all hitstun, ASPD increased by 50%, Immune to Skill Seal.
    • Lv5: Resets Special Skill CD after casting.

Here’s her skill cut-in

New Character – Plaga

  • Type: Counter/C.O.
  • Role: Ranger
  • Deployment cost: 3
  • Attack type: All
  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

  • Performs the bassoon and increases her CRIT by 350 (Up to 3 stacks). Upon reaching 3 stacks, consume all stacks to unleash an attack that stuns enemies for 1s
    • Lv2-5: Upon successful CRIT attack, increases self Skill Haste+25% for 10s.

Passive: Vibrato

  • Summons a [Remnant] upon deployment and after every 40s. [Remnant] cannot be attacked and increases allied C.O. units’ DMG RDC by 20%. Basic attacks additionally increases allies’ DMG RDC by 3% for 8s (Up to 3 stacks). [Remnant] will repeat Special Skill when Plaga uses Special Skill. [Remnant] is destroyed after casting Special Skill twice.
  • Lv5: [Remnant] basic attacks grants C.O. units 15% Status RES (Up to 3 stacks).

Special skill: B Flat Major – 34s CD (30s)

  • Launches a [Note] into the air before blasting it. Allies within range including Plaga receives 10% Movement speed, Skill haste for 12s (Up to 3 stacks).
    • Lv5: The effect applies globally to C.O. units.

Ultimate: Sorrow Sunday – 68s CD (60s)

  • Performs using the bassoon to spread a gloomy tone onto the battlefield and attacks all enemies in the finale. Grants all allies excluding Plaga+20% ATK, +40% Crit DMG for 15s, and applies [Melody] to allied Elysium Philharmonic members including Plaga, which increases their Counter DMG Res by 20%.
    • Lv5: [Melody] duration is extended to 30s.

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