Ayame the corrupt ghost who weeps bitter tears has landed and Eversoul is in danger! 

Defeat the corrupted soul and get rewards including exclusive evil soul costumes for Ayame! 

That’s not all, the first half of the long awaited chapte

[New Content]

[Evil Soul Subjugation]

  • Period:  July 6  after maintenance—July 12, 23:59 UTC
  • You can challenge Evil Soul Subjugation once a day during the event period.
  • You can set the level of the boss to fight before the challenge begins, and when you defeat the boss, the challenge count is deducted and you will receive rewards.
  • If you fail to defeat a boss or quit the battle, your challenge count will not be deducted.
  • Please also refer to the dev notes of Ayame the ghost who weeps bitter tears  and also check out the theme song on our official YouTube channel.
  • Ayame, the ghost who weeps bitter tears, is a Demon type.
Skill TypeSkill NameLv.Details
MainBloomed From TragedyBasicA giant Nirvana Flower blooms to annihilate everyone. Deals 600% ATK damage to all enemies. The skill requires an enormous amount of energy, so the Ghost who weeps bitter tears consumes 20,000 Mana to use the skill.
Lv. 201Damage changes to 700%, and removes 2 Nirvana Flower Petal stacks from all of her enemies. Mana requirement for using the skill reduces to 15,000 Mana.
Lv. 301Damage changes to 800%, and removes 3 Nirvana Flower Petal stacks from all of her enemies. Mana requirement for using the skill reduces to 12,500 Mana.
Lv. 400Damage changes to 1,000% and removes 4 Nirvana Flower Petal stacks from all of her enemies.
SubCondensed GloomBasicThe grieving ghost charges up tragic energies. The “Amplified Barrier” forms around her while she charges up, granting herself a shield with 1% of her max HP. The charged energy blasts towards the furthest enemy, dealing 350% damage. If her “Amplified Barrier” is still active while the energy blasts, then a powerful explosion deals 500% to all her enemies.
Lv. 120The charged energy’s damage changes to 500%, and damage dealt when “Amplified Barrier” is still active changes to 750%.
Lv. 220Amplified Barrier changes to 1.25% of max HP, and reduces the Nirvana Flower Petals of all of her enemies by 3 when “Amplified Barrier” is still active.
Lv. 320Target changes to the closest enemy, “Amplified Barrier” changes to 1.5% of max HP, and damage received while her barrier is still active is reduced by 20%.
SubGrasp of GriefBasicThe grieving ghost plants energies of grief into the ground, summoning a grasp 4m wide and 11m long area towards the nearest target that deals 350% ATK damage to all enemies in the area of the grasp.
Lv. 140Damage changes to 450%.
Lv. 240The skill changes to hit the most amount of targets possible, and reduces their Nirvana Flower Petals by 1.
Lv. 340Damage changes to 600%, and binds enemies for 10 seconds.
SubWaiting for NirvanaBasicThe grieving ghost creates an Encroached Area around the furthest enemy for 8 seconds, dealing 125% damage every 2 seconds.
Lv. 160Damage changes to 175%
Lv. 260Target of the Encroached Area changes to the target with the lowest Mana, the area’s duration changes to 120 seconds, and the damage is reduced to 100%.
Lv. 360If the enemy inside the Encroached Area does not have full Mana, the area will drain the enemy’s Mana by 500 every 2 seconds.
SubSong of SorrowBasicAll of her enemies begin with 9 “Nirvana Flower Petal” stacks at the start of the battle. Those who lose all of their petals will receive the “Floral Burn” debuff which deals 666% ATK damage every 2 seconds and continues to burn them until they become incapacitated. Each time someone becomes incapacitated, all enemies lose 2 Nirvana Flower Petal stacks.
Lv. 201Possesses her enemy with the highest HP and then fights her enemy. Her Mana drains by 1,000 every 2 seconds while she possesses her enemy, and she casts a shield equal to 150% of her possessed enemy’s max MP. Once the shield is gone, she leaves the possessed enemy.
Lv. 280Removes 3 Nirvana Flower Petal stacks from all enemies every time an enemy becomes incapacitated.
Lv. 301The possessed enemy’s shield changes to 300% of max HP, and she can use the possessed enemy’s main and ultimate skills.
Lv. 380Removes all Nirvana Flower Petal stacks from all her enemies if a single enemy gets incapacitated.

Tips for defeating the Ghost Who Weeps Bitter Tears: Ayame.

  • The boss falls into a groggy state when a stun/sleep/silence/charm hits.
  • The evil soul under a groggy state will receive more damage and also vario


  • The Boss Kill Rewards and Rank Rewards remain the same as before, and the Achievement Rewards have been changed as foll
 Rank 1Frame: One Who Saved the Ghost Who Weeps Bitter Tears
 Rank 2Frame: One Who Purified the G1host Who Weeps Bitter Tears
 Rank 3Frame: One Who Stopped the Ghost Who Weeps Bitter Tears
 Rank 100 or higherFrame: Guide of a World Full of Resentment
 Rank 300 or higherFrame: Guardian of a World Full of Resentment 
 Rank 1,000 or higherFrame: Warrior of a World Full of Resentment
Kills reach Accumulated Lv. 1000Ayame’s costume: <Poignant Yearning>
Defeat higher than Lv. 301 Ayame’s costume: <Never-Coming Salvation>

[New Story]

  • First half of the Main Story Chapter 5: King of Humans will be added.
  • Permanent addition from July 6 maintenance.

Eden’s Got Talent

ㅇ Please note Eden’s Got Talent voting ends with July 6 maintenance, and that any ‘Eden’s Got Talent Votes’ can be casted up until the July 6 maintenance.


[Evil Soul Subjugation]

  • Damage inflicted during the boss’s groggy state will now show.
  • As the number of Stuns hit, decided on the benefit to allies and debuff to the boss did, this will now apply to Sleep, Silence, and Charm.
  • Damage dealt during groggy state will be in proportion to the duration of the Stun/Sleep/Silence/Charm effects.
  • The damage of the Groggy gauge has different weakness calculation per evil soul boss and for the Ghost Who Weeps Bitter Tears Ayame will have the weakness calculation applied of 100% for Stun, 50% for Sleep, 50% for Silence, and 50% for Charm.
  • For example, if the Stun is applied for 3 sec, the Groggy gauze will decrease by 3, if 6 sec. of Charm is applied, the Groggy gauge will decrease by 3 (50% of the duration).

[Dimensional Labyrinth]

  • Now you will face . If you step on the platform with a Strange Device, a random gimmick will be selected.
    • Exchange Merchant Manon: You can choose 0 to 3 treasures you own and exchange with other random treasures of the same grade. You can also obtain the hidden treasure “Manon’s Investment” at a chance.
    • Labyrinth Coin Merchant Jade: From the 3 randomly selected treasures, you can purchase a treasure of choice with Labyrinth Coins. At a change, the hidden treasure “Jade’s Safe Key” may appear.
    • Yuria’s Blessing: You will get the hidden treasure “Yuria’s Blessing.”
    • Prim’s Card Magic : From the 3 randomly selected treasures, you can select a treasure card that is turned over and claim it. Note you may flip a Cursed treasure as well. 
    • Cursed treasures will grant negative effects upon claiming but combining in a set with a specific Legendary-grade treasure will grant a powerful effect.

New treasures that can be claimed from the  will be added.

  • 3 Hidden types, 8 Cursed types, and 8 basic treasures giving set effects will be added.

 [New Hidden and Cursed Treasures]

Type & GradeTreasure NameEffectWhere to obtain
Hidden/Eternal (Pink-colored)Yuria’s BlessingWhen combat begins:a shield is created equal to 35% of all allies’ max HP after 20 secYuria’s Blessing
Jade’s Safe KeyAll allies: ATK +20% Chance of Soul skills to activate again +50% Additional Crit Rate +20% with Manon’s Investment in possessionLabyrinth Coin Merchant Jade
Manon’s InvestmentWhen combat begins: has a 70%, 50%, or 30% chance to increase all allies’ Crit DMG +30% Additional Crit Rate +20% with Jade’s Safe Key in possessionPrim’s Card Magic
Cursed/Legendary (Dark red-colored)Useless WhetstoneAll allies:ATK -8%With Master Killer Sword:the relevant treasure’s “receive damage equal to 740% of ATK after 30 sec” effect is removed1 sec after the combat beginsPrim’s Card Magic
Rust-Spreading ArmorAll allies:DEF -10%With Gauntlet of the Bear:the relevant treasure’s “HP below 50%” condition is removedPrim’s Card Magic
Crown of ThornsAll allies:HP -12%With Angel’s Contract:DEF of allies with 100% HP additionally increases by 35%Prim’s Card Magic
Very Spicy OnionAll allies:Accuracy -10With Wandering Merchant’s Snack:ATK of allies with 100% HP additionally increases by 30%Prim’s Card Magic
Ball and ChainAll allies:Evasion -10With Windy Boots:ATK of allies in the back row additionally increases by 20%Prim’s Card Magic
Headwind SailAll allies:Speed -5With Feather of Curses:Speed of all allies additionally decreases by 20Prim’s Card Magic
Demon’s Unequal ContractAll allies:Silenced for 15 secWith Demon’s Contract:the relevant treasure’s “silenced for 15 sec” effect is removed1 sec after the combat beginsPrim’s Card Magic
Dry IceWhen combat begins:all alliesare stunned for 2 secWith Glass Cannon:the relevant treasure’s “DEF -50%” effect is removed1 sec after the combat beginsPrim’s Card Magic

[New Basic Treasures]

GradeTreasure NameEffect
 LegendaryMaster Killer SwordWhen combat begins:ATK of all allies +40% for 30 secReceive damage equal to 740% of ATK after 30 secWith Useless Whetstone:the “receive damage equal to 740% of ATK after 30 sec” effect is removed1 sec after the combat begins
Windy BootsAllies placed at the back:Speed +20With Ball and Chain:ATK of allies in the back row additionally increases by 20%
Demon’s ContractAll allies:Silenced for 15 secATK +80% for 30 secWith Demon’s Unequal Contract:the “silenced for 15 sec” effect is removed1 sec after the combat begins
Angel’s ContractAll allies:HP +20%When entering battle, grants a shield equal to 20% of HPWith Crown of Thorns:DEF of allies with 100% HP additionally increases by 35%
Glass CannonAlly with the lowest DEF:DEF -50%ATK +50%With Dry Ice:the “DEF -50%” effect is removed1 sec after the combat begins
Gauntlet of the BearAllies with HP below 50%:ATK +50%With Rust-Spreading Armor:the “HP below 50%” condition is removed
Feather of CursesAll enemies:ATK -20%DEF -10%With Headwind Sail:Speed of all enemies additionally decreases by 20
Wandering Merchant’s SnackWhen combat begins:Heals all allies by 30% HPWith Very Spicy Onion:ATK of allies with 100% HP increases by 30%


  • The skill tooltip issue where the ‘shock effect will apply damage every 2 sec. to targets’ text was missing for Erusha’s Active, Sub, and Ultimate skills have been revised.


  • The issue where the friend’s Soul in the winning formation was not being saved will be fixed and it will be saved again with the new information.
  • It will now be changed that the Active / buff on Ultimate Skill / Debuff effect included being applied collectively after a Pause of the game will now be applied during Pause. 
    • This does not change any effect or performance but resolves the momentary delay that occurred for the buffs to be applied for some Souls in performing their skill combos.
  • The issue where voice would not be played when starting and completing Part-time Jobs will be fixed.
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