Honkai: Star Rail 1.1.2 MoC tier list update!

This time, the tier list update includes the release of Luocha and Yukong and the new phase in Memory of Chaos – labeled as 1.1.2.

New additions


Luocha had a significant impact on the meta! He simply is the strongest Healer in the game which makes running solo-defensive teams much easier as on top of the healing, he also supports the team with cleanses and dispels buffs on enemies – and let’s not forget about the additional damage he brings.

For more information about Luocha, check his Should you pull guide and the review on his profile.

Also, here’s a great video that compares Luocha to other defensive characters:


The Foxian Beauty is definitely the most complicated character released to date. To make use of her buffs – or her damage, as you can also play her as sub-dps – you need to carefully speed-tune the team and quickly react to any changes in the rotations, or else her impact on the battlefield will diminish. Also, she really needs her Eidolons to fix some of the issues in her kit and that’s why her initial rating is a bit lower than she deserves (because currently, the tier list limits the 4* characters Eidolons to only 2).

For more information about Yukong, check the review on her profile.

Position changes

Two of the characters have been moved to different columns in the tier list:

  • Welt – he has been moved to the Damage Dealer category. The recent Effect RES changes allow you to heavily invest into the DPS stats for him, while still landing the debuffs most of the time. In the last MoC he was mostly played as DPS or sub-DPS and not pure debuffer,
  • Clara – with the release of Luocha, it’s much easier to keep her alive and you can easily form a Clara hypercarry team now that deals tons of damage and is near immortal. Also, we have to admit that moving her to the defensive category was a mistake, so we are putting her back with the Damage Dealers.

Rating changes

  • Clara (S > S+) – her AoE rating has been increased as she can easily compete with Jing Yuan and often surpass him,
  • Arlan (C > B) – he is used more often now either as the main carry or sub-dps which is easy to do thanks to his Skill not using SP,
  • Herta (D > C) – she actually can be used in MoC in some stages so it doesn’t make sense to keep her in the D tier by herself,
  • Bailu (S+ > S) –  with the release of the Luocha, sadly we have to drop Bailu a tier down. Luocha does nearly double the amount of healing than Bailu while at the same time making the team nearly immortal while his field is active – on top of that he can cleanse and dispel. Bailu can’t compete with that,
  • Natasha (S > A) –  the reasoning for the drop is the same as for Bailu,
  • Trailblazer Fire (S > A) –  current seasonal buff, the level 80 cap, and the release of Luocha switched the meta from double defensive supports to single defensive support. And sadly, Fire MC isn’t strong enough to be the solo defensive support character – his shields are too weak to sustain the team.
    • Still, Fire Trailblazer is also played as a Bruiser/Breaker and we are looking into that build currently!

Memory of Chaos Analytics

While the Analytics page on our website hasn’t been updated yet as we’re switching to a 2-week cycle and will update it roughly 2-3 days before the current phase ends, you can already check the initial data for the 1.1.2 MoC in this Reddit thread.

Here’s one of the images you will find there:

What’s your Reaction?

5 Comment

  1. a

    shit list bailu is better

    1. a

      also to mention she pseudo-shields with her talent and gives 10% reduced damage taken, and she’s capable of solo healing high MoC without using her skill at all which makes her one of the most SP positive characters in the game iwthout having to go through any complicated hoops. she has the most flat healing, aoe and panic heal. all that witout a good relic set yet

      Her revive also finds use in MoC, saves you from losing a star to bad targeting rng and also ironically cleanses any disabling debuffs on the character that gets revived.

      1. B

        i mean sure, you can list all of a character’s good points and make them sound op. doesn’t mean she’s better than luocha.

    2. Juslin

      I have both Bailu and Luocha, Luocha beats her by a mile. He can not only heal better than Bailu, but he also has far more utility with his cleansing and buff stripping. This doesn’t mean that Bailu is bad, just that Luocha is really good.

  2. Someone Smarter than this Guy

    Luocha has more healing, more damage, and more utility by a mile.
    He absolutely outclasses bailu and it isn’t close.

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