Summer Event Part 1 – Wicked Vacation is coming!

  • Event Period: June 29 after maintenance—July 19 23:59 UTC
  • Summer Attendance Check (Part 1) will be effective during the event
    • Total rewards for 14 days: 2,400 Everstones and 20 Normal Summon Tickets 
  • Event stories will be available.
    • The stories will be followed by Summer Event Part 2 <Endless Summer> stories. 
    • You will receive rewards for watching the event stories (Total rewards: Normal Summon Ticket x7 + Lobby Background x2)
    • It is required to clear the event stories to participate in <+150% Summer Vacation Fun> and <Getting Back Summer Paradise>.

Event stage <+150% Summer Vacation Fun>

  • During the event, you can choose from two event stages, <Play with Petra!> and <Play with Ayame!!>.
  • Each stage consists of a total of 15 stages.
  • After using all the daily challenges, you can also consume Everstones to gain up to 5 additional tries. The costs for additional challenges vary depending on purchase times (50 / 75 / 100 / 125 /150).
  • Event Stages grant buffs for using Petra or Ayame depending on the type of stage.
  • Clear both stages up to Stage 10 and you will receive 2,600 Everstone as a first-time clear reward (One-time). 
  • 6,000 Mana Crystals will be given as a first-time clear reward for clearing levels 11-15 of both stages (One-time).
  • Each time you clear an event stage, you will receive an event item according to the stage. From Stage 10 onward, the amount of Event Items given remains the same, but with additional Golds.

Event Shop – Petra’s <Sunset Beach Market>

  • During the event, you can purchase various shop items using the event items obtained from the <+150% Summer Vacation Fun> event stage.
(Sea Glass Piece)
Purchase Limit
Grave Keeper’s Summer (Petra’s Swimsuit Costume)11,0001
Resort Cart
(Mana Dust loot +20/min)
Summar Partition105010
Summer Tent13001
Rattan Fruit Basket11003
Parasol Table13001
Canopy Bed13001
Soul’s Memory: Petra602,0001
2 Hours of Idle Mana Crystal15030
2 Hours of Idle Mana Dust13050
2 Hours of Idle Gold11050

(Sea Glass Piece)
Purchase Limit
Summer Demon
(Ayame’s Swimsuit Costume)
Swim Spa
(Gold loot +15/min)
Palm Street Lamp11003
Hammock Rocker11003
Soul’s Memory: Ayame603,2001
Expert Artifact Stone Chest110015
Advanced Artifact Stone37020
Artifact Stone54020
Sea Glass Piece23

Event Raid <Getting Back Summer Paradise>

  • During the event, you can participate in the event raid <Getting Back Summer Paradise>.
  • You can participate in the event raid 3 times per day and use Sweep feature after the first participation.
    • This is a rule change from “participate once per day, then Sweep feature is available”.
  • If you do not beat the existing highest record or if you clear the event raid with using the Sweep feature, you will be given rewards based on the currently highest record.
  • Max damage rewards are in total 3,000 Everstones (One-time).
Max Damage RewardQuantity
  • The event item Vivienne’s Prize Medal and currencies (Gold / Mana Dust / Mana Crystal) will be rewarded for every victory in the battle.
Participate in BattleVivienne’s Prize Medal x100
Damage 500,000Vivienne’s Prize Medal x20Gold x10,000Mana Dust x15,000Mana Crystal x15
Damage 500,000Vivienne’s Prize Medal x40Gold x10,000Mana Dust x15,000Mana Crystal x15
Damage 500,000Vivienne’s Prize Medal x60Gold x10,000Mana Dust x15,000Mana Crystal x15
Damage 500,000Vivienne’s Prize Medal x100Gold x10,000Mana Dust x15,000Mana Crystal x15
Every 1,000,000 DamageVivienne’s Prize Medal x1
  • The rewards will be stacked and given when conditions are satisfied.
    • Ex. Reach Damage 2,000,000 = Vivienne’s Prize Medal x222 + Gold x30,000 + Mana Dust x45,000 + Mana Crystal x45
  • The previous Max. Damage reward (2 Hour Idle Mana Crystals) and Accum. Damage rewards have been moved to Paradise Season Pass rewards.

Event Prize Exchange – Paradise Prize Exchange

  • You can participate in the Prize Event by using the event item Vivienna’s Prize Medals.
  • Prize : Turtle Pool (Buff Object) (Purchase Limit: 1), Soul’s Memory: Petra x60 (Purchase Limit: 2), Soul’s Memory: Vivienne x60 (Purchase Limit x2), Soul’s Memory (Epic) x60 (Purchase Limit: 1), Expert Artifact Stone Chest x8 (Purchase Limit: 1), Epic Soul Type Selection Chest x1 (No Purchase Limit), Artifact Summon Ticket x40 (No Purchase Limit)
  • You will receive Paradise Season Pass points for the Vivienne’s Prize Medals you redeem at the Paradise Prize Exchange.

Paradise Season Pass

  • The Paradise Season Pass will be available during the event period.
  • The Paradise Season Pass points are obtainable by participating in the Paradise Prize Exchange event.
  • A number of items such as Soul’s Memory: Vivienne, Vivienne’s Swimsuit Costume and so on are claimable by earning the Paradise Season Pass points.
  • If you do not have enough points to claim a reward, you can use Everstone to purchase the points (200 Everstones = 500 points).
  • You can unlock more rewards such as Floaty Rental (Town EXP +1000), Vivienne’s Cocktail Bar (Special Object) and so on by purchasing the Event Gold Ticket.

Normal Object – Floaty Rental

  • You can get <Floaty Rental> as an intermediate reward for the Event Gold Ticket.
  • Placing a <Floaty Rental> in your Town will give you 1,000 Town EXP points (no other special features included).

Landmark Object – Vivienne’s Cocktail Bar

  • You can get <Vivienne’s Cocktail Bar> as the final reward of the Event Gold Ticket
  • Placing <Vivienne’s Cocktail Bar> in your Town will give you 1,000 Town EXP points.
  • <Vivienne’s Cocktail Bar> has the same feature to place a Soul as the same type (residential) of Objects. 
    • However, only Vivienne can be placed on the Object and Vivienne’s Damage will be buffed by 10% when she is placed there.
    • This Object cannot be placed with the same type (residential) of objects at the same time.
  • If you place Vivienne in <Vivienne’s Cocktail Bar>, she will always be sitting at the cocktail bar drinking cocktails, unless she is working, taking a break, or visiting a commercial district.
    • The 3 Souls at the counter are part-time workers.
  • If you place <Vivienne’s Cocktail Bar> in your Town, you can perform a new part-time job <Making Cocktails>. 

The Summer Event Part 2: Endless Summer will begin on August 3. The event will feature Adrianne, Catherine, and Honglan and their Pick-ups will be followed.

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