[Upcoming Soul Pick-up]

  • Jade’s Pick-Up Summon event will start. There’s a higher chance of getting Jade through the event.
    • Pick-up Period: June 22 after maintenance—July 5, 23:59 UTC
  • Claudia’s Pick-Up Summon event is coming up. There’s a higher chance of getting Claudia through the event.
    • Pick-up Period: June 29 after maintenance—July 12, 23:59 UTC


[Eden’s Got Talent]

  • Vote for your favorite Soul during Eden’s Got Talent! The Soul voted in first place will be granted with a special idol costume and theme song.


  • Event Period: June 22 after maintenance—July 5 23:59 UTC.
  • You can reach the event at the Eden’s Got Talent event banner on the top right of the main screen.
  • The <Eden’s Got Talent> event will be available after clearing Battlefront Stages 5-10.

How to Participate 

  • You need Eden’s Got Talent Votes to participate in the event.

How to obtain <Eden’s Got Talent Votes>

 1) Daily Quests

  • You will receive 2 Eden’s Got Talent Votes when you earn 20/40/60/80/100 reward points from Daily Quests. (Maximum 10 per day)
  • Daily Quests are only available after clearing Battlefront 5-10. 

2) Fave Soul Cheering Event

  • You will receive a number of Eden’s Got Talent Vote depending on the amount of Everstones you use during the event period (300 total).
  • You can access the Fave Soul Cheering Event no matter which Battlefront stage you are currently in.
Used amount of EverstonesEden’s Got Talent Votes
  • You can vote for your favorite Soul among 48 Souls in total with Eden’s Got Talent Vote via [Event Page] > [Vote].

Vote Result Announcement

  • Interim results will be announced on June 30.
  • Voting will close on July 6, and the final results will be available in-game on July 13.
  • Unused Eden’s Got Talent Votes will be deleted after the event ends.
  • The Soul that wins first place in the voting will have its theme song and idol costume created and be given away for free.
    • The Soul’s theme song may not be sung by the Soul’s voice actor.

[Half Anniversary Eve Special Everstone Shop]

  • Shop Period: June 22 after maintenance—June 28 23:59 UTC.
  • Every day for a week, there will be a variety of items available for purchase with Everstone at a big discount.
  • There’s even a 99% off deal, so don’t miss out!

 [Upcoming Guild Raid]

  • Guild Raid with the Guild Raid boss Charite is coming up.
    • Guild Raid Period: June 22, after maintenance—June 28, 23:59 UTC
  • More Guild Raids Missions will be added.
    • Event Period:  June 22, after maintenance—June 28, 23:59 UTC
    • Claim Period: June 29, 00:00 UTC—July 5, 23:59 UTC
  • Additional Guild Raid Missions will be available each time a Guild Raid takes place after Charite.
  • Additional Guild Raid Missions comprise  [Solo Mission] and [Guild Mission].

Solo Mission

  • Solo Mission rewards can be claimable by participating in Guild Raid. 
  • Solo Mission Rewards can be claimed during and after the Guild Raid from the Another Guild Raid Mission Page.
Participate in Guild Raid x1 time6h Resource Bundle1
Participate in Guild Raid x2 time12h Resource Bundle1
Participate in Guild Raid x3 timeSoul’s Memory (Rare)180
Participate in Guild Raid x4 timeArtifact Summon Ticket5
Participate in Guild Raid x5 timeArtifact Summon Ticket10

Guild Mission

  • Rewards are claimable when the Guild Raid ends or when you receive Guild Raid Ranking Reward.
  • The Total Guild Damage is the damage displayed in the Guild Raid Ranking, not the Accum. Damage.
  • If you deregister your account during the Guild Raid, your damage point will be deducted from the Total Guild Damage.
    • The Total Guild Damage points will not be deducted if you deregister your account after the Guild Raid ends.
Total Guild Damage reaches 50,000,000Keepsake Enhance Stone100
Total Guild Damage reaches 75,000,000Artifact Stone Set Chest1
Total Guild Damage reaches 100,000,000Intermediate Keepsake Enhance Stone5
Total Guild Damage reaches 150,000,000Artifact Stone Set Chest3
Total Guild Damage reaches 200,000,000Normal Summon Ticket10
Total Guild Damage reaches 250,000,000Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone5
Total Guild Damage reaches 300,000,000Normal Summon Ticket5
Total Guild Damage reaches 400,000,000Artifact Stone Set Chest5
Total Guild Damage reaches 500,000,000Soul’s Memory (Epic)60

[Cash Shop]

  • The First Purchase benefit for Everstone products in Cash Shop will reset.
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