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The server will enter maintenance from 10:00 [AM] through 12:00 [PM] on June 15th, 2023 (KST) for system optimizations and content updates. Please make note of the maintenance schedule; we recommend that you refrain from entering combat or making in-app purchases and close the application before maintenance begins so that no data is lost.

Refer to below for details about the update. 

New Target Extraction

Technology Liberation Alliance Yi Sang and Ishmael(Jun 15 12:00 ~ Jun 29 09:59 (KST)

  • 3 Star: Effloresced E.G.O::Spicebush – Yi Sang
  • 2 Star: Lobotomy E.G.O::Sloshing – Ishmael

Here’s Effloresced E.G.O::Spicebush – Yi Sang’s kit:

And here’s Lobotomy E.G.O::Sloshing – Ishmael’s kit:

Identity Target Extraction: [Outis]

Extraction rates increase for the following ID and E.G.O:

  • E.G.O [TETH]: Ya Śūnyatā Tad Rūpam for Outis
  • 3 Star: Seven Association South Section 6 Director Outis
  • 2 Star: G Corp. Head Manager Outis
  • 2 Star: Blade Lineage Cutthroat Outis
  • 1 Star: LCB Sinner Outis

New Identities Added

The following are added to the list of extractable items:

  • 3 Star: Effloresced E.G.O::Spicebush – Yi Sang
  • 2 Star: Lobotomy E.G.O::Sloshing – Ishmael

Season 2 (Part 3) Changes and additions

  1. Main Story Chapter 4 (Part 3) Added
    • Requirements: Clear 4-48
  2. Season 2 Limbus Pass – Reminiscence (Part 3) unlocked
    • Pass rewards for Lv. 41 to LV. 60 will be unlocked. The pass level will be tracked normally regardless of gradual updates. When the rewards for higher levels are unlocked with subsequent updates, you can immediately claim them up to your current Pass level.
  3. Dispenser’s Permanently Available Tabs Segmented
    • As Identities and E.G.O that fall into the ‘Regular’ category cannot be put into the ‘Pass’ or ‘Events’ tavs, the following changes have been made to the tabs.
      • Old: Extraction
      • New: Identities / E.G.O
  4. Adjusted enemy stats in regular combat encounters for Chapter 4 Part 1 and 2
  5. In Mirror Dungeons and Story Dungeons, when a unit’s SP is at -45 at the end of a combat encounter, they undergo E.G.O corrosion and/or panic on the first turn of the next encounter.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an error with stage effects in 448
  • Fixed dialogue voices missing for 448 scenes
  • Fixed and issue where certain enemies stayed in panic in 448
  • Fixed an issue where the battle wouldn’t end if certain enemies were killed by status effects
  • Fixed Sanity values not being displayed on the info tab for certain enemies in 447
  • Removed Sanity display UI from regular stage enemies that have no sanity (e.g. K Corp. Drones)
  • Fixed the stage select screen moving so suddenly under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an error with the activation of The One Who Grips Faust’s support passive ‘Whispers’
  • Fixed the effect of Coin 3 on LCB Sinner Heathcliff’s Skill 3 not activating for unopposed attacks
  • Fixed the story stage help button not functioning
  • Fixed and issue with clash designation for certain regular stages in Chapter 4 (Part 2)
  • Fixed an issue with the story dungeon tutorial in the English version


  • Content: Lunacy x300
  • Recipients: Every user whose game account was created before 09:59 June 22th, 2023 (KST)
  • Can be redeemed once per account. Mail Validity Period: 7 days.
  • Please update your game client to the newest version on the respective store (Google Play/App Store/Steam).
  • Forcibly shutting down the game while it is downloading resources may cause the download to fail, so please be careful not to close the application during the download.
  • You will not be able to play <Limbus Company> during maintenance. Please understand.
  • The maintenance schedule may suddenly change depending on the status of maintenance. If such a change occurs, we will let you know in a follow-up notice.
  • A resource download may be prompted after the build update. If you’re using a mobile device, it is recommended to proceed with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • If you’re playing with a guest account, we recommend that you link your account with other platforms to prevent possible account loss.
  • The maintenance compensation will be provided once per account. Please note that the distribution may be slow due to network delays or other causes.
  • The update gifts are valid to claim for 7 days. Please redeem them within this timeframe.
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