[Evil Soul Subjugation: Witch who destroyed the world]

  • Subjugation Period: June 15 after maintenance—June 21 23:59 UTC.
  • The Witch who destroyed the World: Vivienne is a Fairy type.

Witch who destroyed the world: Vivienne’s Skill Info.

Skill TypeSkill NameLv.Details
MainDestructive StormBasicThe Witch who destroyed the world brings a violent storm, dealing 350% ATK damage to all of her enemies and knocking them back with enormous force.
Lv. 200Deals additional 175% ATK damage.
Lv. 300Causes the Laceration debuff which deals 75% ATK damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.
Lv. 400Enemies hit by “Destructive Storm” receive the “Imminent Destruction” debuff. “Imminent Destruction” can stack 3 times. Each stack has the following effects. 1 stack: Permanently decreases Magic Resistance by 30%. 2 stacks: Permanently decreases Speed by 20%. 3 stacks: Becomes incapacitated.
SubEmerald ForesightBasicThe Witch who destroyed the world gathers up a force of wind. She casts a debuff of wind pressure which explodes after 15 seconds, dealing 125% ATK damage to all her enemies.
Lv. 120Damage changes to 200% ATK.
Lv. 22030 seconds later, adds another debuff which causes an explosive wind.
Lv. 320The debuff that explodes after 30 seconds deals damage to all enemies 3m within the target.
SubTarnished WisdomBasic  The Witch who destroyed the world absorbs Mana nearby. She deals 400% damage to all of her enemies while she absorbs Mana, and also recovers 2000  Mana.
Lv. 140Mana restored changes to 3000.
Lv. 240Casts the “Corrupted Mana” debuff to all enemies for 12  seconds. The debuff deals 60% ATK damage every 2 seconds. The debuff is removed when the duration ends, or when Mana is depleted through using main skills.
Lv. 340Corrupted Mana changes into the “Polluted Ether” debuff if it stays for 12 seconds or longer. The debuff deals 150% ATK damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds and cannot be removed.
SubGust of DenialBasicThe Witch who destroyed the world casts a storm onto the furthest target for 12 seconds, dealing 150% ATK damage to enemies within 2.5m of the target and pushes them away.
Lv. 160The storm’s damage changes to 225%, and enemies affected by the storm are stunned for 4 seconds.
Lv. 260Gust of Denial target changes to the enemy with the highest Mana.
Lv. 360“Gust of Denial” targets receive the Gust Energy Cohesion debuff. If these targets receive the “Gust of Denial” during this state, “Piercing Winds” will be activated, dealing 500% ATK damage to all enemies around the target. Targets will also receive a debuff which permanently reduces their HP recovery by 50% and will be knocked back.
SubStorm of DoomBasicWhen the witch’s HP goes below 10%, her Groggy Gauge restores completely and she charges up every ounce of her remaining powers to bring upon a storm that destroys everything in its path. While the “Storm of Doom” is casting, all enemies receive damage that ignores invincibility effects after a certain period of time, and the storm becomes stronger and stronger. Doom awaits at the end of its duration.
Lv. 201Damage received decreases by 25% while “Storm of Doom” is being casted.
Lv. 280Casts the “Despair” debuff to all enemies every 2 seconds. The debuff decreases healing received by 5% and can stack.
Lv. 380When “Storm of Doom” begins casting, gets a barrier equal to 3% of max HP.

Tips for defeating the Witch who destroyed the world: Vivienne.

  • The boss falls into a groggy state when a stun hits.
    • Depending on the number of stuns hit, you can grant benefits to allies and debuffs to the boss.
      • Ex. full Mana recovery for allies, enemies are stunned for 12 seconds, etc.
    • Bosses are immune to certain effects.
      • Ex. stun, sleep, silence, etc. 

For more details and skin animation – Please check our previous blog here.

Upcoming Soul Pick-up

  • Jade’s Pick-Up Summon event is coming up. There’s a higher chance of getting Jade through the event.
    • Pick-up Period: June 22 01:00 UTC—July 5, 23:59 UTC
  • Claudia’s Pick-Up Summon event is coming up. There’s a higher chance of getting Claudia through the event.
    • Pick-up Period: June 29 01:00 UTC—July 12, 23:59 UTC

Part-time Job Double Rewards

  • Part-time Job Double Rewards
    • Event Period: June 14 00:00 UTC—June 27, 23:59 UTC
    • During the event period, you will obtain double the rewards for performing part-time jobs.


Evil Soul Subjugation

  • The previous clear time system will be removed and the information of a number of parties used and the battle time will be displayed instead.
  • Souls will be sorted by CP when forming a party.
  • A feature for loading a party from Practice Mode to Challenge Mode will be added.
  • An issue where some buffs are not applied in the Practice Mode will be fixed.
  • You can select “ThE WoR1D EnD”, the theme song of the Evil Soul Jacqueline, from the battle BGM.


  • The Attendance Check event will be revamped.
    • 7 Days → 28 Days
    • The existing ongoing Attendance Check event will switch to the revamped Attendance Check event after the 7th day reward is earned.
    • If you’re currently in the middle of the New Savior Attendance Check or the Returning Savior Attendance Check, the revamped  Attendance Check event will start after that Attendance Check ends.

Attendance Check Rewards

1Normal Summon Ticket3
26 Hours of Idle Gold1
36 Hours of Idle Mana Dust1
56 Hours of Idle Mana Crystal1
6Artifact Summon Ticket5
7Normal Summon Ticket10
8Soul’s Memory (Rare)120
96 Hours of Idle Gold1
106 Hours of Idle Mana Dust1
11Artifact Stone Set Chest3
1212h Resource Bundle1
13Type Summon Ticket5
14Soul’s Memory (Epic)60
15Soul’s Memory (Rare)120
166 Hours of Idle Gold1
176 Hours of Idle Mana Dust1
196 Hours of Idle Mana Crystal1
20Normal Summon Ticket5
22Soul’s Memory (Rare)120
236 Hours of Idle Gold1
246 Hours of Idle Mana Dust1
25Artifact Stone Set Chest3
2612h Resource Bundle1
27Erika’s Alchemy Ticket3
28Epic Soul Type Selection Chest1
  • Additional rewards will be given for consecutive attendance with no absences.

Consecutive Attendance Check Rewards

36h Resource Bundle1
612h Resource Bundle1
924h Resource Bundle1

 Dimensional Labyrinth

  • You will be able to reselect a stage when you retry Dungeon in District 1.
  • Monsters’ Keepsake, Artifact, and Ultimate Skill information will be displayed when selecting a stage. 


  • An issue where a Soul’s Energy was deducted when relocating buildings where the Soul was working a part-time job there will be fixed.
  • An issue where a multi-hit AoE skill does not apply additional targets around if the targeted monster was defeated by the skill will be fixed.


  • The battle stat screen will display numbers over 100 million to two decimal places.
  • Artifact Skill information for Soul will be displayed on the Skill Info tab when you pause a battle.
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