Summer Events

Today, let us begin with something that suits the season.

From June to August, we will be holding a summer-themed event in GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE.

During the event, the Lobby will be transformed into a beach-themed background, and there will be two vacation island events. The first event will be launched soon, while the beach-themed Special Boss and Barbecue Tycoon mini game,  are being prepared urgently.

You will also find new backgrounds in the events’ stories and/or battles. This will be a refreshing and new theme in GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE, so please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

Production Progress of Modernia’s Costume

Next, I’d like to briefly share about the production progress and schedule regarding Modernia’s costume.

We’ve prepared three versions and invested considerable time and effort to figure out which is everyone’s favorite. However, considering that this is a gift for everyone, we did not include mechanical parts in all three versions. Each version has a different concept, and seeing how the preparations are ongoing, I’m anticipating it very much. I hope you will look forward to it as well.

Once the costume plans are completed at the end of June, we will conduct a vote and do our best to present it to everyone within the third quarter.

About Event Stories

After the half-anniversary event, we’ve received many requests about accessing the events again. As such, we’ve decided to open an events archive, allowing everyone to re-experience the events in the game. Aside from event stories, we also plan to include field and mini games. This way, you will be able to replay events such as White Memory and others. If you were unable to obtain the BGM and wallpapers that were exclusively available in events, we will provide an opportunity for you to get them. 

Also, although we only started making event wallpapers last February for Maid in Valentine, we plan to make wallpapers for the events before that as well. We hope you’ll show us lots of support for this.

I’d also like to reveal a little information about some of our arrangements related to the events. We plan to add another event that includes complete audio resources similar to OVER ZONE. When the time is right, we will be sharing the details through official channels.

Update of Bla Bla

Some of you might have noticed that we’ve added Blabla for the recent Bunny X 777 and Queen’s Order events. While the event-exclusive Blabla Messenger may be insignificant, we’re hopefully attempting to operate it continuously from now on.

Regarding the addition of Blabla Messenger which we’ve promised before, we expect it to be launched in July. Please look forward to it patiently.

Introduction of Champion Arena & Arena Revisions

We are currently developing Champion Arena, a place where top players from different groups in SP Arena challenge each other. To have a more stable experience, we are focusing on the launch.

While we were planning Champion Arena earlier this year, we discovered an issue in SP Arena and Rookie Arena. Around a month after launch, we noticed that a huge number of user accounts were created for other purposes.

I’ve done launching and provided gaming services many times before, so I have an expectation about the number of accounts that are usually created. I was confident that the creation of these accounts will not burden the server too much, but the number far exceeded our imagination and imposed a significant burden on the server and database. As the ensuing server issues will surely bring inconvenience to players, we’ve heavily limited these abnormal user account creation to suppress its exponential growth. However, the accounts that were already created are scattered in the Rookie Arena and SP Arena groups, resulting in issues such as groups being unable to gather enough players or groups having different numbers of participants arouse. In the worst cases, players cannot find an opponent to battle with.

Naturally, this issue also hindered Champion Arena from running properly.

As the director in charge of this game, I apologize for not taking precautions for such an issue. To fix the imbalance in existing arena groups and to revert everything to normal, we’d like to inform everyone in advance that we will be making the following adjustments to the Arena rules this June.

Adjustment to Arena Rules

Changes to Arena seasons

  • Changes Arena season reset
    • Currently, each season in both Rookie Arena and SP Arena consists of 14 days. The next season begins after the end of the current season, and rewards are then distributed. After the update, each season will still last for 14 days, but players can only participate in Arena activities in the first 13 days. The last day will be reserved for the season reset, where groups will be reformed and rewards will be distributed.
  • Changes to Rookie Arena rewards
    • Due to the season reset changes, there will be five fewer battle chances in Rookie Arena every season. As such, the season rewards will be increased by an amount equivalent to rewards earned for five victories.
      Moreover, since daily rewards will be reduced due to the season reset, season rewards will also be increased accordingly.
  • In SP Arena, as Muscat rewards will not be accumulated during the reward tabulation, hourly rewards will be increased to make up for the loss.

Changes in Mission

Some missions are unavailable for completion during the season reset period. Therefore, we added a new daily mission and made changes to the Liberation missions.

  • Daily Mission
  • Purchase items in Common Shop 1 time (New)
  • Liberation Mission
  • Win 1 battle in Rookie Arena → Claim Outpost Defense rewards 1 time (Changed)
  • Win 2 battles in Rookie Arena → Purchase items in Common Shop 2 times (Changed)
  • Win 3 battles in Rookie Arena → Recruit Nikkes 3 times (Changed)

Group Reassignment

  • Group members criteria
    • Rookie Arena: Maximum number of members per group remains at 100 → Ranking criteria will have a maximum limit of 100 people. 
    • SP Arena: The number is reduced in consideration of the average number of members per group. The maximum number of members per group is 5,000 → Ranking criteria will have a maximum limit of 200 people. In the case where member(s) return in the middle of the season, the number may exceed 200.
  • Accounts with no Arena activities
    • During group reassignment, accounts with no Arena activities will not be grouped.
    • Accounts that did not enter Arena-related pages during the season will not be included in Rookie Arena groups in the next season. Accounts that did not launch any attack or claim Muscat rewards will not be included in SP Arena groups in the next season.
    • Group reassignment will be done at the end of each season. Excluding accounts with the abovementioned circumstances, all other accounts will be grouped by the current convention, in the order of account creation time.
  • Adjustments to the number of SP Arena ranking tiers
    • Since the maximum number of group members in SP Arena will be changed, ranking tiers will also be reduced. Rewards will be adjusted accordingly to maintain a level similar to current rewards.
  • Application of rankings and points calculation method during group reassignment SP Arena: Players will be arranged in descending order according to rankings. In case of a tie in rankings, players will be arranged in descending order according to points. Unlike the time after the launch, players will not have to climb the ranks.
  • Rookie Arena: The sorting for players to be arranged in descending order according to points is unfitting since players can gain unlimited points. We believe some sort of moderation system is required in this case. At the end of a season, there will be a certain level of compression/reduction applied to the current Rookie Arena points based on an initial value of 1,000 points. 

Effective time of changes to season reset and group reassignment

The new season rules will be implemented in the upcoming update. Group reassignment will take place in the new seasons of SP Arena and Rookie Arena, which will begin on June 22 and June 29, respectively.

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