CS SEA Patch Notes – Awakened Rosa and Ray

  • [Operation] New Episode: Main Stream EP.10 – [The Qliphoth Game Part 2] Unlocked!
  • [Rearmament] Gaeun Rearmament Unlocked!
  • [Challenge] New Challenge: ALT Squad, Assemble Unlocked!
  • [Recruit] New Classified Recruitment – Rosaria le Friede Probability UP!
  • [Recruit] Normal Recruitment – Dracasia, Lucrecia, Yen Xing & Gaeun Probability UP!
  • [Recruit] 50 Free Recruit Event Unlocked! 5 Free Recruits recharged daily. Up to 50 Free Recruits during the event!
  • [Recruit] Agnes Added to Recruit-on-Demand Banner.
  • [Counter Pass] New Counter Pass: Awakened Ray Available (June 13 – July 18)
  • [Shop] Awakened Employee Update Special Classified Recruitment Package I & II, Daily Recruitment Package & Daily Special Training Package 1/2/3 Added to Shop.
  • [Login Gift] Log in to the game on June 17 and 18 to claim rewards via mail:
    • June 17: Credit x300,000, Eternium x8000, [10 APT Cores] Coupon x10
    • June 18: Credit x300,000, Eternium x8000, [S-APT Cores] Coupon x10
  • [BUFF] Gear Crafting Credit Discount -20% (June 13 – June 19)

New Character – Awakened Rosaria le Friede

Awakened Rosaria is a 6-cost Sniper who can deal a lot of damage, though mostly single-target, while also occasionally nullifying enemies’ buffs. She can be used in PVE, especially in Raids and Coop battle where her absurd single-target damage justifies her cost. Her air priority is especially scary in PVP since she can outrange most air units, allowing her to snipe units like A.LSY or Evelyn. She also has a broken survivability passive that will prevent any assassins from one-shotting her since she becomes invincible until her animation has finished.


  • PVP (KR) – SSS
  • PVP (SEA) -SSS
  • PVE – SS

New Character – Awakened Ray

Awakened Ray is a defender focused on countering attacks to keep his team alive. Currently, all of his counterattacks are buggy and do not prevent attacks correctly – he seems to block the attack for 1 backline unit only, while others will still take damage. As a 6-cost frontliner his stats and defensive capabilities are rather weak – to make things worse he cannot solo tank as his kit only blocks 1 attack. His inability to detect units behind may also cause more harm than good. In the case of unlucky knockbacks/pulls, he will just walk past the enemy frontlines – except he cannot do anything in the backline.

Lastly, the ultimate is currently a joke. He is barely able to advance anywhere due to the slow movement speed and the low knockback distance.


  • PVP (KR) – A
  • PVP (SEA) -A
  • PVE – B

New Rearm – Volume Up! Gaeun

Gaeun’s rearm adds to her base form’s already great kit by allowing her to function as a dps, enemy debuffer, and team buffer (when set as leader) all at the same time. She also gets 20% more Crit DMG from the leader passive, further improving her already good damage output.

The biggest change to her kit is in her ultimate – It deals more damage and applies DMG Amp debuffs, but the cast time is also significantly increased.


  • PVP (GBL) – SSS
  • PVP (SEA) -SS
  • PVE – SS

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