The server will enter maintenance from 10:00 [AM] through 12:00 [PM] on June 8th, 2023 (KST) for system optimizations and content updates. Please make note of the maintenance schedule; we recommend that you refrain from entering combat or making in-app purchases and close the application before maintenance begins so that no data is lost.

Refer to below for details about the update.

New Target Extraction

Technology Liberation Alliance Heathcliff and Rosepanner Workshop Gregor(Jun 8 12:00 ~ Jun 22 09:59 (KST)) Extraction rates increase for the following ID

  • 3 Star: Lobotomy E.G.O Sunshower Heathcliff
  • 2 Star: Rosepanner Workshop Fixer Gregor

Season 2 (Part 2) Changes and additions

Main Story Chapter 4 (Part 2) Added

  • Requirements: Clear 4-7

Season 2 Limbus Pass – Reminiscence (Part 2) unlocked

  • Pass rewards for Lv. 21 to LV. 40 will be unlocked. The pass level will be tracked normally regardless of gradual updates. When the rewards for higher levels are unlocked with subsequent updates, you can immediately claim them up to your current Pass level.

New Team Setup Function-Controlled slot addition to dashboard

  • Old: The Sinner to gain a skill slot on the dashboard is ‘randomly’ determined each turn
  • New: Skill Slots are added according to the order in which Sinner were selected on the deployment screen

Changed the name of Thread Shop

  • Old: Thread Shop
  • New: Shard::Thread Exchange

Downadjusted certain skills and skill slot quantity for enemies in Chapter 4 (Part 1).

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed and issue where the description for the E.G.O Roseate Desire for Ishamel’s passive “Pink Ribbons” did not match its actual function
  • Fixed the Uptie Tier 3 artwork for R Corp. 4th Pack Reindeer Ishamel being displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed Uptie Tier 3 artworks for wrong Identities being displayed on the details screen
  • Fixed tagline words and phrases not being added after obtaining the E.G.O Capote for Ishmael and Meursault
  • Fixed Chapter 4.5 appearing on the driverside as if it’s available after clearing chapter 2 of Main Story
  • Fixed the Coin recycle effect of Tingtang Boss Hong Lu’s skill 2 ‘Shank’ not activating
  • Adjusted the position of HP value numbers for abnormality parts
    • Old: The value is placed to the left of the HP bar
    • New: The value is placed to the right of the HP bar
  • Fixed the friend list not updating right after removing a friend
  • Fixed Rosepanner Workshop Rep Rodion’s voice lines not playing in certain situation
  • Fixed Rosepanner Workshop Fixer Meursault’s voice lines not playing in certain situation
  • Fixed an issue with the displayed damage values of Rosepanner Workshop Rep Rodion’s Skill 2
    ‘Vibration Compression’ on its second animation (The damage calculation itself had no issues.)
  • Fixed the missing sprites after the animation for the E.G.O Capote for Ishmael is played
  • Fixed the Abnormality ‘Brazen Bull – Tearful’ not counting toward ‘Suppress Abnormalities’ pass mission

Maintenance & Application Update Compensation

  • Content: Lunacy x300
  • Recipients: Every user whose game account was created before 09:59 June 15th, 2023 (KST)
  • Can be redeemed once per account. Mail Validity Period: 7 days.
  • Please update your game client to the newest version on the respective store (Google Play/App Store/Steam).
  • Forcibly shutting down the game while it is downloading resources may cause the download to fail, so please be careful not to close the application during the download.
  • You will not be able to play <Limbus Company> during maintenance. Please understand.
  • The maintenance schedule may suddenly change depending on the status of maintenance. If such a change occurs, we will let you know in a follow-up notice.
  • A resource download may be prompted after the build update. If you’re using a mobile device, it is recommended to proceed with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • If you’re playing with a guest account, we recommend that you link your account with other platforms to prevent possible account loss.
  • The maintenance compensation will be provided once per account. Please note that the distribution may be slow due to network delays or other causes.
  • The update gifts are valid to claim for 7 days. Please redeem them within this timeframe.
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