New Soul Xiaolian

The delivery girl for a Chinese restaurant called <The Daesung Dumplings> in Arkenine☆ New Soul ‘Xiaolian’ is added.

  • Type: Beast
  • Class: Striker
  • Characteristics: STR
  • Role: Single
  • Artifact: Ruyi Jingu Bang

Xiaolian : Skill Info

Skill Info
UltimateClone Strike!!Charges at the enemy with the highest ATK together with her clones, dealing ATK damage.If she has the “Remove Prohibition” effect, she consumes the buff and receives the “Emperor of Heaven” special buff which increases her ATK.
Then the following two actions will use the enhanced “Consecutive Stabs!” and “Leg Sweep!” skills, after which the action order will reset.
MainRuyi Jingu Bang Strike!Strikes down the nearest enemy with Ruyi Jingu Bang, dealing ATK damage.
If she has the “Heavenly Dumplings” effect, she consumes the buff and receives the “Remove Prohibition” special buff .
SubConsecutive Stabs!Apply a quick consecutive attack to the nearest enemy with Ruyi Jingu Bang, dealing damage and pushing the enemy away.
SubTripping!Wield her Ruyi Jingu Bang aiming the nearest enemy’s legs, pushes the enemy down.
SubEating Dumplings!Eat a heavenly dumpling, which restores her HP, and generates the special <Heavenly Dumplings> buff that increases Physical/Magic Resistance.

New Soul (Pick-Up)

  • Have a high chance to get New Soul ‘Xiaolian’ at <Pick-Up Summon> during the event period.
  • Schedule: After maintenance on June 8, 2023 (Thu) ~ June 22 (Thu) 07:59 (UTC+8)

Battlefront Stage Area 21 Addition

Mountain where everything is frozen, Battlefront Area 21 [Candellero Mountains] is opened.
Schedule: After maintenance on June 8, 2023 (Thu)

Mini Game – Waving Forest of Monsters

  • [Mini Event – Waving Forest of Monsters」 is here for Souls and Helpers to prevent the invasion of monsters in the forest.
  • Schedule: After maintenance on June 8, 2023 (Thu) ~ June 15 (Thu) 07:59 (UTC+8)
  • Ranking Rewards Claimable Period: Before maintenance on June 22 (Thu)

How To Participate

  • Check out the Mini Event at [Event Banner on upper right corner of Main Screen > Waving Forest of Monsters].
  • Clear Battlefront 2-1 to play Mini Game.

Rules & Method of Play

  • Mini Game will last in 90 seconds.
  • You can only play Mini Game once per day, number of enter will be daily reset at 08:00 (UTC+8).
  • Use joystick to move, use attacks and tumble to quickly move in short distances or avoid the attacks from enemies.


  • Controlling Character will start Mini Game at Level 1.
  • By defeating monsters, you can gain EXP and level up to Level 10. (HP and ATK of controlling character will increase when level up.)


  • You can see monsters spawn in Town in Mini Game.
  • Monsters are randomly summoned from all areas of the map. As the game continues, more monsters and higher level monsters will be summoned.
  • Monsters are divided into Normal / Elite / Boss Monster. Increase EXP and Points you can obtain when defeating higher level monsters.

Soul Helper

  • You can summon the Soul Helper after defeating 30 Monsters.
  • The Soul Helper will attack monsters around controlling character.(Get EXP and increase the summon gauge if the Soul Helper defeat monsters.)
  • You can summon up to 20 Soul Helpers. (Area Damage occurs when a Helper is summoned. Area damage is affected by the ATK of the Soul Helpers.)
  • The stats of Soul Helper are affected by Bond Level of Soul Helper.(The higher the Bond Level and Affection, the higher the Soul Helper’s HP & ATK)
  • If the HP of the Helper turns 0, this Soul Helper will be removed. (You cannot re-summon the Helpers that have already been removed.)
  • Have low chance to summon Yuria when summoning a Soul Helper. (Yuria has higher stats than other Soul Helpers.)


  • When defeating Elite Monster, there is a fixed probability of getting item.
  • By destroying the object or defeating the Boss Monster, you can instantly get the item.
  • Only Controlling Character can obtain the items, Helper Soul cannot obtain the item.

Claimable Item at Waving Forest of Monsters

Item NameEffect
SwordATK deals double damage in a certain amount of time
ShieldInstantly recover all lost HP
MeatThe overall HP is recovered instantly
BombsCan deal damage to all the enemy as much as one’s ATK within range
ChestTrigger one random effect of capital letter Meat, Bomb, Sword, Shield


  • There are 2 gimmicks in Mini Game.
  • a. Buff Gimmick: The Fountain of Recovery
    • Every fixed hour after the game starts, a new area is created in the center of the helper soul. (The helper soul that has area created is random.)
    • The controlling character and the helper soul both recover small amount of HP every second in this area.
  • Debuff Gimmick: Swamp
    • Areas are randomly created around the map after some time after the game begins.
    • If you are in that area then controlling character, helper Soul’s moving speed and the roll’s speed is decreased by 70%.

Challenge Assignment

  • There 10 Challenge Assignment in the mini game, you will get additional points when you achieve a challenge assignment.
Challenge AssignmentAddtional Point
Clear mini game without fail10,000
Achieve the highest level10,000
Kill 100 monsters10,000
Kill 100 elite monster15,000
Kill 1 boss monster15,000
Clear mini game when HP is full30,000
Clear mini game without using helper Soul50,000
Clear mini game without using items75,000
Clear mini game without using rolls100,000
Clear mini game without receiving damge100,000

Mini Game Result & Reward

  • The mini game ends when the time limit is up or the controlling character’s HP becomes 0.
  • When mini game ends, the reward that you can get will be displayed on the reward window according to the points that you obtained.
  • You can get rewards based on the points that you have earned, or you can reset your score and play the mini game again.
  • The ranking order will be determinated based on the points that you obtained.

Event Rewards

Mini Game EndGold ×200,000Mana Dust ×300,000Mana Crystal ×300

Earn Point Reward

Mini Game Earn Point Reach 0~100,000Soul’s Memory (Rare) ×20
Mini Game Earn Point Reach 100,001 ~200,000Soul’s Memory (Rare) ×40
Mini Game Earn Point Reach 200,001 ~300,000Soul’s Memory (Rare) ×60
Mini Game Earn Point Reach 300,001 ~400,000Soul’s Memory (Rare) ×80
Mini Game Earn Point Reach 400,001 ~500,000Soul’s Memory (Rare) ×100
Mini Game Earn Point Reach 500,001 ~600,000Soul’s Memory (Rare) ×160
Mini Game Earn Point Reach 600,001 ~700,000Soul’s Memory (Rare) ×140
Mini Game Earn Point Reach 700,001 ~800,000Soul’s Memory (Rare) ×160
Mini Game Earn Point Reach 800,001 ~900,000Soul’s Memory (Rare) ×180
Mini Game Earn Point Reach 900,001 ~1,000,000Soul’s Memory (Rare) ×200

Cumulative Point Reward

Mini Game Cumulative Point Reach 1,000,000Normal Summon Ticket ×5
Mini Game Cumulative Point Reach 2,000,000Normal Summon Ticket ×5
Mini Game Cumulative Point Reach 3,000,000Normal Summon Ticket ×10
Mini Game Cumulative Point Reach 5,000,000Normal Summon Ticket ×10
Mini Game Cumulative Point Reach 7,000,000Normal Summon Ticket ×10

Ranking Reward

  • Ranking is limited based on the points earned in Mini Game. The rewards will be given to Saviors with high rank at 1, 2, 3.
  • Obtain the Ranking Reward by tapping the seperate claim button after the Mini Event ends.
Mini Game Earn Point Reach Rank 1Frame: Monster Slayer
Mini Game Earn Point Reach Rank 2Frame: Monster Subjugator
Mini Game Earn Point Reach Rank 3Frame: Monster Hunter
Mini Game Earn Point Reach Rank 4 ~ 100Frame: Monster Master
Mini Game Earn Point Reach Rank 101 ~ 300Frame: Monster Veteran
Mini Game Earn Point Reach Rank 301 ~ 1,000Frame: Monster Expert

Improvements & Bug Fixes


  • Some contents is added to the true ending stories of Honglan, Soonie, Jiho.(Epilogue is added after the ending video <True End> of Jiho is played.)
  • New Soul Link is added.
Aki + DoraHead to head fight
Violette + NiniI’ll teach you a curse
Lizelotte + PetraBizarre redezvous
  • The zoom in/ zoom out/ move function is provided while viewing the Soul’s 2D illustration.

Champs Arena

  • Champs Arena’s notification icon is now displayed when the ranking retention reward has accumulated more than 50% not when there are free challenge times left.


  • <Pit-a-Pat☆ Gift Capsule> which was given as a part-time reward will be changed to <Premium Gift Capsule>.
  • You have a low change to obtain <Eternity Flower> and <Lucky Bouquet> at <Premium Gift Capsule>. (previously received <Pit-a-Pat☆ Gift Capsule> does not change.)
  • Bond Point will be increased by 30 with Eternity Flower, 100 with Lucky Bouquet.
  • The Skip function has already been added to the expedition. When you proceed to Skip, you can get the expedition rewards without entering your friend’s Town.
  • However, only rewards for up to 10 monsters will be given, and if you have already killed some monsters, the rewards for the number of monsters have already killed will be excluded.
  • Even if there are more than 10 monsters left in your friend’s town ,you will not be able to kill any monsters in that town if you proceed to Skip the expedition.


  • When monsters use ultimate skills, the Soul who use the monster’s ultimate gauge and ultimate skill will be displayed.
  • You can check the artifact skill information of the Souls in the paused information bubble.


  • The Idle Gold product that can be purchased with Everstone has been added to the General Store.
  • If you acquire a costume with an illustration, you can use that illustration in your profile custom.
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