Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 Events details and Stellar Jades income!

As usual, the information found in this blog has been posted on the official CN community for Honkai: Star Rail here. Also, here’s the official English page for the 1.1 patch!

Event 1 – Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities

Event Duration: 2023/06/09 10:00 – 2023/06/26 03:59 (server time)

The Belobog History and Culture Museum has been fully renovated, and the Trailblazer will serve as the acting curator to lead the management and development of the museum, aiming to restore its popularity.


The top row of the rewards are limited rewards that will be available when the event first launches and the bottom ones are the permanent rewards that will be obtainable at any time – since the Museum map and event will stay in the game even after it ends.

The Self-Modeling Resin is an essential and valuable item as it allows you to craft a Relic with the main stat of your choosing!

Event 2 – Starhunt Game

Limited-Time Event Duration: After the version update – 2023/06/19 03:59 (server time). Shop Redemption Duration: Event Duration: After the version update – 2023/06/26 03:59 (server time)

The legendary hacker from Punklorde has launched a game on Herta Space Station…


Similar to the previous event, the top row features the limited rewards, and the bottom ones the permanent ones.

Here’s what the Light Cone does at S1:

Also, we will obtain enough dupes of the Light Cone to Superimpose it to level 5! So make sure to finish this event!

Additional information

Here’s a look at the graffiti you will be able to spray all over the Herta Space Station:

Event 3 – Lab Assistants In Position

Event Duration: 2023/06/19 10:00 – 2023/07/03 03:59 (server time)

Wen Shiling, a Department of Implement Arts Researcher from the Herta Space Station, is currently compiling the research reports needed for this quarter. However, the Antimatter Legion’s invasion created lots of extra work for her, and she was unable to collect the material required for her research in a timely manner. Therefore, she would like to hire a research assistant.


This event only has limited rewards – so you need to finish it during its duration!

Event 4 – Punk Spirit

Event Duration: From the release of the 1.1 version – permanent.


This event hardly can be considered as an event, as it’s basically a one-time thing you do once you reach a certain Trailblazer Level and get the rewards.


So the total amount of Stellar Jades we can get from the events above is 2790 Stellar Jades!

Other events

On top of the events mentioned above that reward Stellar Jades, there still be more things to do in the 1.1 patch!

Planar Fissure

Event Duration: 2023/06/23 04:00 – 2023/06/28 03:59 (server time)

During the event, Planar Ornaments obtained from the immersion device will be doubled when challenging the Simulated Universe. The number of daily double reward opportunities is limited and can be viewed on the Planar Fissure event page.

Garden of Plenty

Event Duration: 2023/07/10 04:00 – 2023/07/17 03:59 (server time)

During the event period, players can receive double rewards by challenging and completing Calyx (Golden) and Calyx (Crimson). The number of daily double reward opportunities is limited and can be viewed on the Garden of Plenty event page.

Gift of Odyssey

Event Duration: After the version update – 2023/07/18 03:59 (server time)

Trailblazers can receive daily rewards in the Travel Log each day after logging in to the game. Rewards will be unlocked in sequential order according to the accrued login days of the Trailblazer.

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