Rosanna – review and ratings!


This is an early review for Rosanna, so her rating can change in the future as we will able to do more testing.


  • Rarity: SSR
  • Burst: I
  • Weapon: Machine Gun
  • Class: Attacker
  • Element: Electric
  • Manufacturer: Tetra
  • Squad: Underworld Queen


Skill 1 – On the Lam

■ Activates after landing 120 normal attack(s). Affects self.

Concealment: Prevents self from being the target of single-target attacks for 10 sec. Loses effect when the caster takes damage.

Critical Damage ▲ 19.34% for 10 sec.

■ Activates after landing 10 normal attack(s). Affects 2 enemy units with the highest ATK.

Dispels 5 buffs. Activates 1 time per battle.

Rosanna’s Skill 1 is one of the skills that sounds great on paper but is terrible when you test it out in the game.

After landing 120 hits, Rosanna uses a Stealth mechanic to hide herself from enemy attacks – so she can’t be targeted by any single-target skills, but sadly AoE skills and even basic attacks that have splash ignore the mechanic and will cause her to get hit. Rocket Launchers are the biggest reason why it’s super hard to make use of it in PVP – in most cases, she will instantly lose the Stealth right after obtaining it.

The second part of the skill will Dispel 5 buffs from the two highest ATK targets nearly at the start of the battle. This will remove for example Jackal’s damage share, so in certain situations, Rosanna can act like a counter to the arena nightmare Jackal is, but similar to the first part of the skill – it looks only great on paper because it comes at a heavy cost to your own team. Mainly that the rest of Rosanna kit’s does nothing, that she’s an MG wielder and has a 40s cooldown on her Burst.

Also, Overload gear buffs aren’t affected by the Dispel.

As for PVE, the skill basically does nothing too.

Skill 2 – Capo dei Capi

■ Activates at the start of the battle. Affects self.

Concealment: Prevents self from being the target of single-target attacks for 5 sec. Loses effect when the caster takes damage.

■ Activates when a Nikke is out of action. Affects self.

Frenzy: ATK ▲ 22.61%, stacks up to 10 time(s) and lasts for 30 sec.

Fills Burst Gauge by 36.54%

Rosanna’s Skill 2 again gives her the Stealth mechanic, but this time it triggers it right at the start of the battle. This will also be stripped nearly instantly in PVP due to all the Rocket Launcher teams.

The second part of the skill gives Rosanna a massive ATK buff whenever a NIKKE dies – so this includes those on her and the enemy team, which means that if you keep her alive long enough, her ATK will skyrocket. The issue is that this rarely happens in reality.

We also tried to abuse the Burst Gauge fill bonus by putting a sacrificial lamb on our team (either a level 1 character or a stripped one) to get an advantage over the enemy team and Burst before them, but again – the on paper vs reality conflict took us by surprise. Not only the CP penalty is super harsh, but also the Burst Gauge you get when the sacrificial lamb dies isn’t enough to make it worth doing – you would get a similar amount if the character would stay alive and just keep shooting at the enemy.

So again, another nearly useless skill even in PVP – in PVE you can ignore it fully.

Burst – Vendetta

Cooldown – 40 seconds

■ Affects 2 Attacker enemy unit(s).

Deals 1310.4% of ATK as damage.

■ Affects the same target(s) when in Concealment status.

Deals 561.6% of ATK as additional damage.

Rosanna Burst has some great multipliers – good enough to assassinate 2 targets at once – but triggering the second part of the skill is really hard in PVP and you need to build the team around Rosanna to make use of it. Otherwise, she simply has too many issues staying in the Stealth mode to realistically make use of it.


Rosanna is a purely PVP character that sadly doesn’t even work there either due to how the current PVP meta looks like – Rocket Launchers simply make her Stealth mechanic obsolete. Also, she’s totally useless in PVE. Like really.

Other important pieces of information about her when it comes to PVP:

  • While Rosanna is designed to counter Jackal, she still provides her with insane burst regen because she herself is an MG. However, it does make Jackal personally take more damage since the damage share has been deactivated.
  • Against Jackal paired with Scarlet, Rosanna has a high chance of taking substantial damage and losing the initial Concealment because of Scarlet’s counterattack. This is because the Dispel only sets in after she fires 10 shots. She can get it back after 120 shots, nonetheless.
  • With a bad team structure, in which Rosanna is exposed to splash damage by Rocket Launchers or AoE skills (such as Privaty, Scarlet, or Dorothy even), Rosanna will easily lose Concealment buff she initially acquires or obtains through firing 120 shots. This leads to less damage during Burst. Therefore, it is somewhat important for her to Burst first.
  • She is MG, which means she has a below-average burst regen. While a faster burst does not always determine the outcome of the fight, in most cases faster bursts are better.
  • In Rosanna’s case, she compensates for this by charging Burst Gauge when someone dies (whether an enemy or ally). There are mainly two ways of utilizing this: kill an enemy or sacrifice an ally.
  • This can create an interesting strategy with Shotgun characters as they deal tons of damage even before Burst. Against an enemy with a bad team structure where it is easy to pick units off, Rosanna can shine, but for high-tier arenas, this is usually impossible (Makima, Biscuit, Jackal, Centi, Emma, etc).
  • Meanwhile, the sacrificial strategy might work if you put an attacker in P1 as they have low HP, which will die quickly anyways. Still, avoid using low-CP units as means to speed the death because if your CP is at least 15.4% lower, you will be disadvantaged. Additionally, XAnne can be a good pair with this sacrificial method, allowing your attacker in P1 to be revived back. A taunter can also help the team alive after the revival (such as Biscuit Ludmilla).
  • Since most buffs tied to increasing Attack are locked in Burst skills, Rosanna as B1 has to rely on her own stats. This means she needs A LOT of investments in skills and equipment.


  • Story – D
  • Bossing – D
  • PVP – A
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  1. GushaSenmetsu

    this question might not be in the right place
    but will please make a review and guide for the new Relic Quantum Cube?
    i recently got it but never see any guide nor video mentioned it

  2. MrNyx

    Is she really that bad on PVE? I use her on Tetra tower, aside from Noise, there isn’t really a good B1 unit to partner with her. Volume maybe but she doesn’t do offensive skill. I couldn’t clear some floors before being Aliceless and Bunnyless, but after getting her I was able to progress 12 floors with 40k+ power difference coz she can solo a boss herself even if almost everyone gets wipe out. Usually she and Noise are left, enemy side only boss remains, but that makes it so easy, boss force to target Noise while Rosanna just hitting them without any danger of being targetted and souped up by her dead teammates.

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