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Source: Patch Notes and Shop Update


  • New Rearm – Volume Up! Gaeun
  • LUCKY GAP – Decoration Trophies
  • New Event – Apocalypse Capital Point Event
  • Awakened Character Rerun – Six Wings Amy Firstwing and Integral Ministra
  • Character Rerun – Lumi and Gauen
  • New Challenge Stage – Now Live!
  • Company Reinforcement Punch-In

New Employee Recruitments – Volume Up Gaeun

Gaeun’s rearm adds to her base form’s already great kit by allowing her to function as a dps, enemy debuffer, and team buffer (when set as leader) all at the same time. She also gets 20% more Crit DMG from the leader passive, further improving her already good damage output.

The biggest change to her kit is in her ultimate – It deals more damage and applies DMG Amp debuffs, but the cast time is also significantly increased.


  • PVP (KR) – SS
  • PVP (GBL) – SSS
  • PVE – A

LUCKY GAP – Decoration Trophies

  • A new content “LUCKY GAP” will be added which can be used to decorate the lobby.
  • In this season, a total of 100 different decorative trophies can be acquired.
  • To make a draw, either 30 Quartz or 50 Lucky Gap coins are needed.
  • Dismissing acquired Lucky GAP trophies will refund a small amount of Lucky Gap coins.
  • LUCKY GAP Trophy Event Period: 31st of May, 2023 14:10 ~ 14th of Jun, 2023 12:00(UTC+9)

Apocalypse Capital Point Event

  • Apocalypse Convenience Store Capital Point Event Begins after the update.
  • After clearing the event missions, CEOs will automatically acquire Capital Points.
  • CEOs can access the Apocalypse Convenience Store Capital Points page through the lobby event banner.
  • CEOs can exchange Capital Points for various items on the Capital Points event page.
  • Apocalypse Capital Point Event Period: 31st of May, 2023 14:10 ~ 14th of Jun, 2023 12:00(UTC+9)

System Improvement and Changes

  • A background download feature is added when playing on a mobile device.
  • Co-op Battle – The colors of the medals in the Purification Status will be modified to provide clearer distinctions.

Bug fixes

  •  Fix issue where  the Dimension Trimming process appeared to result in the addition of Eternium. 
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