Since Manon was recently released, this review should be considered as an early review and things can change in the future for her with new characters joining the fray.


Manon is the 3rd and newest Fairy Caster since the game launched. As a bookkeeper, her kit revolves heavily around getting good RNG on Lucky Investment which is tied to her Crit Rate and DPS, and crowd control. In the best case scenario, she obtains her Lucky Coin stacks within 2 cycles of Lucky Investment, boosting her crit rate to 50%, additional 180% dmg multiplier on her Sub with a 2 second stun, and an additional 240% dmg multiplier on her Ult and a 3 second stun.

While on paper this kit seems extremely overloaded, players may face the issue of getting cursed with unlucky RNG, and not obtain a single stack of Lucky Coin during Lucky Investment (base highest chance at level 161 is 80%, not guaranteed). A lack of said buff will greatly hinder Manon’s utility and DPS for the team. While this can be mitigated by repeatedly retrying a stage in Story or Tower mode, this luxury is not there for contents with no retries allowed such as guild raid, PVP and event bosses.

Furthermore, her competition is extremely strong, with Vivianne and Naiah. Both of them are excellent Fairy Casters in their own right without a large reliance on RNG buffs, providing teamwide DPS and utility in the form of speed and sleep respectively (although Naiah is also slightly reliant on sleep RNG), resulting in a much more consistent performance in the team.

All that being said, she does have a higher ceiling in terms of DPS and utility than her counterparts, so she might see some usage in story and tower stages where retries are allowed. One can opt to grind for a stage repeatedly and hope for the best possible RNG outcome, allowing the player to clear hard story and tower stages that they usually are unable to clear.

We recommend building her with speed set to increase her consistency of obtaining Lucky Coin buffs.


  • Very Good Buffs
  • Great Damage Potential


  • Heavily RNG dependent kit


  • Early-game PVE: S
  • Mid-game PVE: S
  • Late-game PVE: A
  • End-game PVE: A
  • PVP: B
  • Bosses: ?
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  1. Rapi's Simp

    Maybe I’ll try to get a single copy if only to activate the link so that Jade (who I simp for and have built up a little) can benefit :>

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