While the English stream got delayed, the CN one wasn’t. Here’s the summary!

New Characters

Three new characters will be added to the game in the 1.1 patch.

Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf is a 5-star Quantum character who follows the path of Nihility.

They also went over her skills in the stream (but they only showed some gameplay and described them a bit), but it seems that her kit remained similar to the one from the Final Beta and she still can:

  • Implant the enemy with 3 bugs, each giving different debuff (ATK, DEF, and Speed),
  • Implant a weakness on the enemy (based on the allies’ element),
  • Deal some decent damage herself.

Her banner will be the first in the 1.1 patch and it will look like that:

So the promoted 4-stars on her banner will be:

  • Dan Heng,
  • Asta,
  • Serval.

Also, here’s the Light Cone banner that will be available at the same time:


Luocha is a 5-star Imaginary character who follows the path of Abundance.

Similar to SW, they showcased his skills, and here’s a short summary:

  • He is a Healer who scales with ATK, so that’s a big difference from Bailu and Natasha,
  • He can heal allies without using Skill Points (as he has a way to trigger the heals attached to his Skill),
  • He can cleanse debuffs from allies,
  • His Ultimate can remove buffs from enemies,
  • His whole kit revolves around the Flower passive and basically it allows allies to heal themselves by attacking enemies.

His banner will be the second in the 1.1 patch and it will look like that:

So the promoted 4-stars on his banner will be:

  • Pela,
  • QQ,
  • Yukong.

And here’s the Light Cone banner:


Yukong is a 4-star Imaginary character who follows the path of Harmony.

Summary of her skills:

  • she can increase the ATK of all allies with her Skill,
  • she can increase the Crit Rate and Crit DMG of all allies with her Ultimate,
  • her kit revolves around keeping stacks to buff allies.

As you already noticed above, she will be available on the Luocha banner, but you will be able to obtain her for free from an event in the 1.2 patch.


A lot of new events will become available in the 1.1 patch.

Star Hunt Game

This will be a special Silver Wolf event that will reward you Stellar Jades and a free 4* Light Cone. In this event you will collect various graffitis and paint them all around the Herta Space Station.

This event will start with the 1.1 update and last till the 19th of June 2023.

Belobog Museum

The Belobog Museum will expand on the planet’s history and you will visit a Museum where you will need to help Pela recover lost artifacts. What’s especially important is that this event rewards the item needed to craft a 5* Relic with the main stats of your choice.

Similar to the Boxing event, this event will become permanent once it ends.

The event will start on 9th June 2023 and last till 26th June 2023.

Astral Curtain

This event looks similar to the Forgotten Hall/Boxing event as in you have to fight different combinations of enemies in stages and get rewards for killing them.

The event will start on 28th June 2023 and last till 10th July 2023.

Other events

On top of the 3 bigger events, there will be additional smaller events that will reward you with Stellar Jades and other materials. We will cover the smaller events later and add information about them to the post.

Other updates

  • A special double-drop event for Golden Calyx will be run,
    • From 10th July to 17th July,
  • Yanqing, Bailu, SW, and Luocha companion quests will become available in 1.1,
  • 10 pull Special Summon Pass login event,
  • Friend Chat functionality will be added,
  • You will be able to check where to find materials on the map (on random spawn enemies):

You can also find the summary of the events on a special infographic here.

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11 Comment

  1. Penguin

    No new main quests ? wtf man…

    1. Khebeln

      No surprise there. Genshin did not get any proper content for a long long time after release either.

    2. kuraba susumu

      tbh i’d rather they take their time writing a good story than rushing it only to make a mess known as the whole liyue and inazuma arc

      1. Soliss

        Seriously? Liyue was the best arc in the game in terms of both story and environment.

  2. Cyan

    No “real” content?.. that’s a bit yikes and does not bode well, this isn’t genshin, we don’t have a massive open world to spend hours on… This is just going to be a basic bitch gatcha game if they don’t add stuff

    1. Shared

      It is a basic bitch gacha game, if you haven’t realize from how you obtain characters and lightcones. Go play another game and come back when they do add Main story content.

      1. NOPE

        It’s a valid concern and a creditable criticism. People need to either make their voices loud and heard, or mass quit Gachas so the companies starve and are forced to bow to our demands because they can’t make money or keep players. Won’t happen, but we have to start somewhere.

  3. Aamir

    Genshin impact had a 1.1. Update with the story because the liyue story wasn’t fully done before release. Honkai Star Rail already had two story arcs completely done by launch. It’s speculated that there won’t be too much for this update for the game yet. Even though we don’t know how often story content will be released, it hopefully won’t take them too much time like Genshin. I will say it when the next story arc will be but I don’t want to spoil it

  4. shahRokh

    wish they up prob for 5* like hi3 rather than absurb 0,3%, or have 100 pity for event banner

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