Source: You can find the patch notes here.

New Character – Lambda

  • Type: Counter
  • Role: Ranger
  • Deployment cost: 4
  • Attack type: All-Attack
  • Movement type: Ground

*TL note: The [Sacrifice] mark is from Agnes’ Passive.

Basic Attack – 2 Valid Hits

  • Unleash energy from her sword to attack enemies. Deals 2 additional hits if the target is below 50% HP or if the target is marked by [Sacrifice]. The attack stops after 10s.

Passive: Beyond Remorse – 3 Valid Hits

  • She always plans her next move even in unfavorable situations. When her HP falls below 70%, she cancels excess DMG and then dodges backward to fire an enhanced attack that cancels enemies’ barriers. Upon death, casts an attack with knockback that cancels all barriers and nullifies barriers for 12s.
    • Lv2-4: CRIT +20%
    • Lv5: Activates passive backstep one more time at 40% HP without canceling excess DMG.

Special skill: Forced execution – 3 Valid Hits – 23s CD

  • Emits an ominous aura then explodes, dealing AoE DMG. Damaged enemies are stunned for 2s. The stun duration is increased to 4s for targets below 50% HP or targets marked with [Sacrifice].
    • Lv5: Resets Special skill CD upon passive activation

Ultimate: Instant displacement – 4 Valid Hits – 46s CD

  • Summons a huge guillotine that pulls enemies within range to the center and slows them down before launching an attack that cancels and nullifies barriers for 12s. She then drops her weapon to deal AoE DMG. Casts Sure Fire on Lambda for the duration of the skill
    • Lv5: The last attack instantly finishes off 1 enemy below 40% HP (Bosses, Awakened units excluded). Deals 200% additional DMG to 1 enemy with [Sacrifice] (In Gauntlet, Executes 1 enemy instead. Bosses, Awakened units excluded).

*TL note: It seems to be an unconditional execute on 1 marked target.

Here is what she looks like:

Skill cut-in:

Idle animation:

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  1. Kira

    idk who translated this, you missed some information of her kits. Prydwen staff probably stops caring about Counter Side at this point

    1. Anonymous

      If you are comparing with Bullet’s video, this skill info is from the new and modified version of the patch note.

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