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Equipment System Improvement

The regular maintenance on the 24th of May will have an equipment system update which a lot of our CEOs were uncomfortable with. 

First, every enhancement module acquired after the maintenance will now sort into the Storage rather than the Equipment section. Enhancement modules acquired before the update will still be treated as Equipment, but CEOs can continue to use modules from either Storage or Equipment to enhance the equipment just like before. As for Relic Gears, they will now show to the hundredth place while unlocking the latent potential of the equipment. Through this, CEOs will now be able to check the stats in more detail while comparing equipment.  Filter & gear dismantling will also have improvements. Before the update, selecting two options at the filtering would display only the equipment with both abilities 1 and 2. After the update, any equipment that has at least one of the selected abilities will be displayed. The filter settings will now remain unchanged even when entering the equipment dismantling UI.

Second, new features such as the option to select the ability stats in the equipment information section to view a list of options that CEOs can choose from gear tuning, and the feature to lock equipment during enhancement or tuning. The automatic disassembly selection option, which was previously only applied to employees, will now also be applied to equipment.

Game Play Improvement

Many CEOs wanted a feature where the opponent’s information would display before entering the stage.  In the upcoming updates, the following feature will be added to allow everyone to check the details of the opponents in stages. We are currently developing ways to effectively deliver the information concisely to the CEOs and are accepting opinions about the matter. We are also optimizing the in-game battles to deliver each employee’s charm. Right now, we are organizing the buff and status effect displays and also adjusting effects that are too bright relative to the surroundings which temporarily obscures the screen. The effect adjustments will be done sequentially as it requires us to check every resource in-game for each employee.  Furthermore, to aid the new CEOs who have not yet done a salary negotiation to clear mission stages, every stage that requires eternium for entry will now grant a small fixed amount of experience. Because stages grant a fixed amount of experience regardless of the amount of eternium spent, it would be more efficient for our existing CEOs to use the Performance Evaluation challenge. 

System Improvement

Previous automatic formation for the event deck was rather mechanical, requiring manual manipulation every time to include desired employees or specific arrangements of employees. As a result, we have made modifications so that when auto-arranging in the event deck, employees registered in the favorites menu will be prioritized for formation based on their operational abilities and level. Next on the list, is the tactical update. There is a difficulty when progressing for employees of SR rarity or below because tactical updates only allowed only one per attempt. To alleviate this fatigue, we have added a feature that allows selecting multiple duplicate employees at once during the tactical update process.

Scout System Improvement

Unit data acquired through substreams or task planet points are used to scout units at the CEO’s office.   However, regardless of how many unit data CEOs have, the scouting attempt was at a maximum of 1. To alleviate the fatigue, we have changed so that CEOs could scout multiple units at once. 

Operator Command Skill Changes

Operators of SR rarity or lower were not very much invested since leveling up command skills has a low probability of success. For example, SR rarity Mark Finley, despite being an operator with good efficiency in tackling high-difficulty content, it was difficult to readily invest in recruitment contracts and information in him. To alleviate these constraints, we have made changes so that SR-rarity or lower operators can achieve 100% success in leveling up their command skills, similar to SSR-grade operators, but limited to their command skills.

Profile Image Settings

CEOs can set any main employee and frames on the profile. Although it was difficult to determine the criteria by which the order was arranged, and it was not possible to identify which employee or which frame it was. To address these inconveniences, we have made changes to allow the sorting of main employees based on their ID and rarity, and frames can now be identified by their names and descriptions.

Dive Improvements

In the beginning, there were a lot of unsuccessful attempts when trying to clear dives. To lessen the burden a bit, we changed the point where the exploration permit is spent.  From now on, Dive Starts, abandoning attempts during the dive, and dive failure due to squad elimination will no longer consume exploration permits. These permits now only be spent when the CEOs have successfully cleared the Corrupted Object. We are also planning to add in opponent details before entering into combat in June.  Additionally, five new dive stages will be added with a more challenging and densely packed gameplay experience. In these new stages, CEOs will be able to get T6 enhancement modules, which we hope could alleviate some of the difficulties in equipment setup.

Danger Close

From this point on, the Danger Close will begin on the day of maintenance instead of the 1st day of each month. The gameplay period will be set the same as before, with 3 weeks of gameplay and 1 week for settlement. There will be no separate rest period, and the new Danger Close will start immediately on the settlement week of that day of maintenance.

Furthermore, starting in June, awakened employees will also receive effects from team-up buffs, and a retry feature will be added during gameplay. No entry count will be deducted when retrying.

Co-op Battle Improvement

 An option to end the practice mode in the co-op battle practice mode will be added. Previously, CEOs had to use up all the battle time, but from now on, CEOs will be able to select this option to end the practice mode at any time. 

Moreover, when the weekly purification operation comes to an end, we have made it so that the artifact objective settings are automatically reset, reducing the inconvenience that occurred during the reconfiguration process.

Gauntlet Skin Reward Changes

The Gauntlet-exclusive skin introduced in the previous 6.0 patch is a reward with a special acquisition path and status. As a result, many players have expressed their opinions regarding how duplicates should be handled, and there have been various opinions within the development team as well. In this developer’s note, we would like to address the policy regarding this matter.

  1. The Gauntlet-exclusive skin can be acquired through either the first or second half of the season. 
  2. The Gauntlet-exclusive skin will have a special rarity and can be acquired through the Gauntlet seasonal reward.
  3. Upon getting the duplicate Guantlet-exclusive skin, it will change to an exclusive frame instead. 

 Additionally, after the second half of the Courage season, the 2023 Courage season will come to a complete end and will bring two changes listed below. 

  1. The next gauntlet-exclusive skin for the next season will be Amy Firstwing. 
  2. In the 6.0 patch, the required points for ranking up in the Diamond 4 and higher-rank leagues in the Ranked Matches will be adjusted to be more lenient.

Custom Pickup Recruitment

The upcoming update includes the introduction of Custom Pickup Recruitment, where you can personally select the target employee to recruit. You can select the pickup target up to a maximum of three times during the recruitment period, and just like regular pickup, you can ensure the acquisition after 150 recruitments. Additionally, you will receive 10 Task Planet Points for each recruitment. Please note that the accumulated recruitment count will not carry over or reset when changing the pickup target or when the recruitment period ends. The Custom Pickup Recruitment being introduced for the first time will be the same employee pool as Recruit on Demand. As such, please make use of this opportunity to recruit the employees you have felt the need for.

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