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It is expected that some balance adjustments will be made to Nikke in the update on May 18th, and some skills will be revised. Please refer below for detailed update.

Balance Adjustments

1. Added new effects to Miranda’s Skill 1 to increase the hit rate of Nikkes using SMG weapons.

2. Adjusted some Nikke’s normal ATK rate to the current 125% rate

Miranda, Soline, Crow, Epinel

3. Adjusted some Nikke’s skill properties


-Raised the increase rate of ATK of Skill 1: Acceleration (15.18% -> 18.52%)

-Raised the damage rate of Skill 2: Leak (200% -> 211.2%)

-Raised the basic damage rate (1237.5% -> 1440.00%) and additional damage rate (1237.5% -> 1440.00%) of Burst Skill: The AZX.


-Raised the hit rate of Skill 1: Health up! (5.37% -> 5.44%) and added a SMG hit rate increase option (3.79%)


Raised the Critical Rate (2.00% -> 21.62%) and Critical Damage (13.50% -> 62.27%) of Skill 2: Grow Up

4. Substantially reduced the cooldown time (waiting time) of the Nikke that uses the same step of Burst Skill after using Burst Skill

Rupee: Winter Shopper

Skill Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where T10 equipment’s property is not applying to Dorothy’s Burst Skill effects: Brand.

2. Fixed an issue where Vesti’s Burst Skill is not applying to attribute codes.

3. Fixed an issue where the buff that increases damage to parts is still in effect when non-parts are being attacked.

D’s Burst Skill: Chastisement

Dorothy’s Skill 1: Holy Fire

4. Fixed an issue where the buff that increases HP potency increases the given potency instead of the received potency.

Makima’s Burst Skill: Can You Be Quiet?

Anne: Miracle Fairy’s Burst Skill: Fairy’s Jest

Sin’s Skill 2: Hurry Up

Rapunzel’s Skill 2: Divine Blessing

Pepper’s Skill 1: Refresh Heart

Mary’s Skill 2: Nursing

Emma’s Skill 2: Temptation

Folkwang’s Skill 1: Starting Whistle

5. Fixed an issue where skills meant to activate at a certain HP threshold do not activate.

Milk’s Skill 2: Sugar Rush

Alice’s Skill 2: Healthy Carrot

Emma’s Skill 2: Temptation

Scarlet’s Skill 2: Zatoichi

Guillotine’s Skill 2: Shroud of Darkness

Anne: Miracle Fairy’s Skill 2: Fairy’s Jest

Soline’s Skill 2: Grow up!

Biscuit’s Skill 2: Tug of War

-Simulation Room’s buff: Quick Reload Sequence

-Simulation Room’s buff: Auto-Focus Oculus

-Simulation Room’s buff: Restart Supporter

6. Fixed an issue where skills that activate when hitting with N shot(s) are not counted as hits when attacking decoys.

Applies to: Nikkes with the “hitting with N shot(s)” condition

-Miranda’s Skill 1: Health up!

-Product 12’s Skill 1: Action: Increase ATK

-Signal’s Skill 1: Attack Signal

-Scarlet’s Skill 1: Blood for Blood

-Guillotine’s Skill 1: Residual Heat

-Guillotine’s Skill 2: Shroud of Darkness

-Brid’s Skill 1: Acceleration

-Poli’s Skill 1: Brave Call

-Diesel’s Skill 2: Sweet Strawberry Goodness

-Frima’s Skill 1: … I want to sleep

-Snow White’s Skill 1: Determination

-iDoll Sun’s Skill 1: Sunshine

-Novel’s Skill 2: Cornucopia

-Rupee’s Skill 1: Prize

-Rupee’s Skill 2: Mileage

-Anne: Miracle Fairy’s Skill 1: Fairy Dance

-Modernia’s Skill 1: High-Speed Evolution

-Modernia’s Skill 2: Giant Leap

Applies to: Nikkes using decoy



7. Fixed an issue in Arena where the buff that prevents self from being the target of single-target attacks does not take effect properly.

Viper’s Skill 2: Snake Scale

8. Fixed an issue where the effects of skills that activate at a certain HP threshold remain even when the caster immediately dies.

-Milk’s Skill 2: Sugar Rush

-Emma’s Skill 2: Temptation

-Anne: Miracle Fairy’s Skill 2: Fairy’s Jest

9. Fixed an issue where the increase allies’ ATK buff of Rupee’s Burst Skill: Single Payment is not calculated based on the allies’ ATK, but the caster’s ATK.

We’re committed to creating an excellent gaming experience, and we appreciate your valuable feedback. Thank you for your continued support of Nikke.

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  1. GushaSenmetsu

    Could u please make review about update/buffed Nikkes?
    also please update the Tier List and Commentary about each Nikkes
    i wanna know how much difference the buff made
    Brid looks a bit more competitive now

    1. Antillar

      We plan to do it, but it will take a few days to test the buffed characters!

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