17th of May Non -Maintenance Patch


  • New Awakened Character – Iron Knight Curian
  • New Character – Warden
  • New Substream – Iron Knight
  • Free 100 Recruits
  • Royal Support Punch in
  • Awakened Character Rerun – Replacer King
  • Character Rerun – Spira, Raphaela Juri and Choi Jihoon

★ 100th day of Global New Origin!★

The 100th day of Global New Origin Celebration begins after the maintenance on the 17th of May, 2023.

During the event, every CEO will be able to participate in various activities during the celebration.

100th day of Global New Origin Free 100 Recruits!

  • Every CEO will be able to pull 10 times a day for a total of 100 pulls in total. Every 10 free pulls will be recharged daily at 04:00 (UTC+9) or at 14:00 (UTC-5).
  • 100th day of Global New Origin Free 100 Recruits! Event Period:
    • 17th of May, 2023 14:10 ~ 7th of Jun, 2023 12:00(UTC+9)
    • 17th of May, 2023 00:10 ~ 6th of Jun, 2023 22:00(UTC-5)

New Character – Warden

Finally after years, a Sniper version of Administration Rifleman was released, which instantly makes them a monster in both PVE and PVP. Not only is their damage excellent, but the enhanced attack is also so powerful, that it can one-shot most unsuspecting Strikers.

Additionally, Warden can actually survive some attacks, as they can barrier themselves and shrug off an attack. Still, they have low defensive base stats, so any hit past the barrier is still going to make them explode.


  • PVE – A
  • PVP (SEA) – SS
  • PVP (GBL) – SS

New Awakened Character – Iron Knight Curian

Iron Man… ekhm. Curian is the third Awakened Sniper and the first Awakened Soldier in Counter Side. Compared to the other two Awakened Snipers, Amy and Queen, he specializes in summoning units and buffing them.

You will need 6 deployment resources to field him, but he appears together with a pair of elite Wardens by his side. Considering that Warden is also a separate employee that costs 2 deployment resources, Curian’s 6 cost doesn’t look that bad anymore. Keep in mind that the summoned Warden doesn’t inherit Curian’s gear.

For 6 deployment cost, his kit is very stacked. Curian’s passive gives Confusion immunity to ally Soldiers which counters their biggest nemesis – Harab. During the deployment passive, Curian gains nearly unlimited range and is able to outrange almost everyone in the game, along with the stealth detection. His special can inflict a wide area stun and damage, giving him control abilities, and the damage is no joke – able take down most strikers in 1 special skill + passive attack. He also triggers Warden’s enhanced attack on a separate cooldown, essentially buffing the Wardens’ DPS.

In PVE, he out-damages most DPS units on single target bosses (i.e. Raids or Guild Coop). There, his own damage is almost on par with Kestrel Xiao Lin, but the Wardens he summons deal around 30-40% of his damage on top of that. Still, Kestrel Xiao Lin is 2 deployment resources cheaper, but Curian can also hit Air employees so it evens out.


  • PVE – S
  • PVP (SEA) – SS
  • PVP (GBL) – SS
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