This is an early review for Rei, so her rating can change in the future as we will able to do more testing.

About Rei

  • Rarity: SSR
  • Burst: I
  • Weapon: SMG
  • Class: Defender
  • Element: Water
  • Manufacturer: Tetra
  • Squad: School Circle

Skill review

Skill 1 – Senpai’s Support

■ Activates after 60 normal attack(s). Affects all allies.

Charges Burst Gauge by 2.47%

■ Affects decoy when decoy exists.

Restore HP equal to 2.1% of the caster’s Max HP.

Rei’s skill 1 is a nice supporting ability that charges the Burst Gauge of all allies every 60 shots she fires – considering that Rei’s weapon of choice is SMG, she will be able to trigger the skill every few seconds.

The second part of the skill will heal the Decoy that Rei spawns at the start of the battle with her Skill 2.

Skill 2 – Fighting Spirit

■ Activates at the start of the battle. Affects self.

Decoy: Avatar with 96% of caster’s Max HP for 240 sec.

Rei’s skill 2 does only one thing – summons the decoy mentioned in her skill 1 at the start of the battle. The Decoy looks like a penguin and it will sit in front of Rei and act as a secondary HP bar for her only. So any damage that would affect Rei, will affect the Decoy first.

The issue is that you can’t even see the Decoy’s Health Bar so you don’t know how close to death it is. And when it dies, you won’t be able to resummon it.

Burst Skill – Model Upperclassman

20 seconds cooldown.

■ Affects Self.

Attracts for 5 sec.

Damage Taken ▼ 14.4% for 10 sec.

■ Affects decoy when decoy exists.

Recovers 2.27% of caster’s Max HP every 1 sec for 10 sec.

Rei’s Burst skill will Taunt enemies for 5 seconds and takes less damage for 10 seconds. In both PVE and PVP this is rather underwhelming. In PVE there’s a lot of competition for the Burst I slot, so sacrificing the Burst I skill for a Taunt is hard to justify. In PVP the Taunt won’t take effect until you Burst, and by then often the battle is already decided.

As for the second part of the skill, it will also heal the Decoy, but as we mentioned in the previous skill ‘review’, you can’t even see its HP bar, so you don’t even know how much you’ve healed it for.


Rei is a pretty underwhelming character that is inferior to other tanks in PVE as her gimmick doesn’t help you much – other Taunters can Taunt better and they also have better self-buffs that allow them to survive for longer. With Rei, you basically get two HP Bars that are also a bit inconsistent, because the enemy won’t always target the Decoy.

Rei’s other issue is that she’s Burst I character so it’s very hard to slot her into your team – you will either have to sacrifice buffs (Liter/N102), more damage (Dorothy), or healing (Pepper/Rapunzel/Emma). Even in a 2-1-2 formation buffs+healing or buff+damage is a better combination than anything+tanking. Slotting her into a team for Union Raid is a bit easier (since you need to prepare 3 teams), but there are much better tanks out there than her. While you can use her Decoy to ‘cheese’ one-shot kill mechanics, it’s often better to bring a reviver against bosses like that because they will help the team more over the course of the battle.

In PVP, she has the potential to shine, as it will take enemies twice as long to kill her when you place her at the edges of your team, but sadly she’s bugged and we were not able to test her thoroughly. Once the bug is fixed, we will revisit her PVP rating.

Overall, investing in Rei isn’t worth it, even for F2P players and you should only use her to break the 160 wall as you can get enough copies of her to MLB her easily.


  • Story – C
  • Bosses – B
  • PVP – pending further review
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  1. Rapi's Simp

    Couldn’t care less if she’s meta or not, she’s totes adorbs 😭😭😭

    I think you’re a bit unfair towards her in pvp. Taunters are good there. She’s also a Defender so you can pair her with Biscuit and have a pretty good defense team.

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